Why Not Simulcast?

Hampton (S.Mailer)

Hampton (Unk)

Following yesterday’s ticket discussion, I wanted to address one suggestion that was brought up- simulcasts.  With the ticket situation as bad as it is, and fans being shut out of shows across the country, why would Phish not offer live streaming versions of all their shows- audio and/or video?  While certainly not a substitute for being at the show, this would draw in far more of the community to each concert and provide legitimate Phish experiences for thousands upon thousands of people.  They did it for Brooklyn, they did it for Coventry- why not do it for every show from here on out?

With management’s focus seemingly on the dollar this time around, the idea of paid streaming simulcasts would be another huge revenue stream of virtually 100% profit.  The overhead needed to film the shows would be minimal, depending on how advanced they wanted to get.  A simple one-angle frame of the band would work just fine; one camera on a tripod at the soundboard- something they have done for most of their career.  The organization could then broadcast an audio and/or video feed over the internet-  $5 for streaming audio, $10 for streaming video- and the problem of pissed off and left out fans would be greatly reduced.  Then people would click right over and buy the downloads- cha-ching.  Even if there were no ticket issues, this should be an available service.

"Harry Hood" 3.6.09 (S.Mailer)

"Harry Hood" 3.6.09 (Unk)

It was shocking that Phish didn’t run some sort of simulcast for the comeback show in Hampton- the most anticipated show in Phish history.  And with the current economic climate, this idea would allow many more fans to join in the fun of Phish each and every night.  This will not solve the ticket issue per se, but it would soothe the burn of being shut out, and could be a permanent fixture of 3.0.

This all points back to the question, does Phi$h Inc. care about the fans at all?  If so, something should have been put into action already.  With Live Nation, Music Today, Ticketmaster, and Red Light all in bed with each other, there seems to be a huge music business monopoly forming; one that favors their big clients- and now that includes Phish.  So I stick by my question, is the plight of Phish fans a concern for Red Light Management?  Is it even in their top ten lists of concerns?  I don’t know.

Hampton (S.Mailer)

Hampton (Unk)

This much I do know.  If people were able to have an HD tour package, where they could watch the show unfold in real time every night, there would be a lot less bitterness in the community.  In no way am I suggesting this would be a replacement for the show experience, but it would be a real-time version of “No Spoilers”- everyone would freak out simultaneously.  In addition, providing a substitute for the tour experience for an older and less mobile fan base, this would allow many more people to stay in the loop.  You could order show by show or in a package- just like the LivePhish downloads.  It’s a cash cow staring the organization in the face, and I sincerely wonder why they aren’t addressing it.

Hampton (S.Mailer)

Hampton (Unk)

To refute one possible counter argument, any simulcasting would have zero effect on ticket sales- this much should be obvious.  With such absurdly high demand, tickets would still sell out in minutes, and then Phish could start adding to the stack by selling streaming versions of their shows.  It sure seems like a no-brainer to me.  People could then congregate, party, and dance together- even if it’s not in the pavilion or the lawn.  Hearing the magic unfold defines the Phish experience, and this set-up would allow so many more fans to do just that.  Sure, we know the organization has been pared down to a minimalist structure for the sustainability of the band,  but what about the sustainability of the fans?

Perhaps this is all in the works and we just don’t know it yet.  But if so, why not?  Throw us a bone; why must we live in a vacuum?  The band that had grown so renowned for their intimate fan relations has now outsourced the job to a corporate entity seriously lacking communication skills.  Hell, they only announced that Hampton downloads would be available three days in advance!  The band’s website remains largely stagnant and could be a renewed place of interaction.  A post or two from a band member, even some gibberish from Mike, would go miles in helping things out.  Without the Schvice, and removed from any “formal” interaction with the band, we no longer get a glimpse into their quirky, Phishy world.  I guess we will wait and see.

Hampton (S.Mailer)

Hampton – Photo: Jeff Volckhausen



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12.31.93 The Centrum, Worcetser, MA < LINK

12.31.93 The Centrum, Worcetser, MA < TORRENT LINK

New Years Run 1993

New Years Run 1993

Today we have one of the classic New Year’s Eve shows in the band’s history.  Coming to you by a reader request, be sure you don’t miss out in this FMSBD copy of this evening.  This show features one of the most genius moves in Phish history- segueing out of “Auld Lang Syne” into the debut of the “Down With Disease Jam” before the song had ever been played!  Man, I wish I had been there for this one!

I: Llama, Guelah Papyrus, Stash, Ginseng Sullivan, Reba > Peaches en Regalia, I Didn’t Know, Run Like an Antelope*

II: Tweezer, Halley’s Comet > Poor Heart, It’s Ice, Fee, Possum, Lawn Boy, You Enjoy Myself

III: Auld Lang Syne > Down With Disease Jam#, Split Open and Melt, Lizards, Sparkle, Suzy Greenberg, HYHU > Cracklin’ Rosie > HYHU, Harry Hood, Tweezer Reprise

E: Golgi Apparatus, Amazing Grace

*With Tom Marshall on vocals. #Debut of “Down With Disease” jam; the song was not played. 04-04-94 Burlington

Source: FMSBD

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295 Responses to “Why Not Simulcast?”

  1. guyforget Says:

    although i’v been lucky enough to be at all the movie theatre broadcasts actual shows, i do have to admit that i’m intrigued by what goes down in these theatres. i went and saw bittersweet motel at a tiny little theatre in the village (NYC) and that was sweet. everyone was puffing grass and cigs inside, plus i was hammered.

  2. Bandnana Says:

    @Mr Completely I’m with you. At IT I climbed a tree and sat in a tree for the entire waves, which was insane. With the whole band and crowd and everything laid out below me, it was awesome. Maybe not for everyone, but that was one of my “moments” from IT, and I was as far away as anybody. Its just about being there.

  3. Mitch Says:

    Anyone know if red rocks really went ok sale today or just more horseshit from pt?

  4. Davey Says:

    More shit from PT.

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    fucking Waves, dude – that song kicks me right up out of my body and straight into space – love it

  6. Bandnana Says:

    I have since relistened to that waves from IT and it is out there. But, nothing compares to being there. Every time I listen to that track, I have to transport myself.

  7. devo Says:

    Phish will announce tomorrow they are playing at Fenway as everybody suspects. Everyone will be so excited and falling all over themselves that they will fail to see that it is an April Fools joke. Just a thought.

    As far as simulcast goes….I say no. I know, what fan could possibly be against it. But from a business standpoint I could see why they wouldn’t want to do it. I think it dilutes the “Phish” brand. They need to keep a little mystique.

  8. PhishTaboot Says:

    Simulcasts won’t likely happen due to the fact that putting shows onto DVD for later sale is more profitable. Think about it, the simulcasts would sell to people that couldn’t make it to the show. The dvds would sell for a higher price to the said non-attendees AS WELL AS (and especially) the people that went to the show. DVD=higher price+more items sold….sad but true folks.

  9. snigglebeach Says:

    Phish Taboot, that was my thought as well as to why the Hampton shows were not simulcast.

    Would be the same for a Fenway show. But maybe the rest of the tour, they could do it. They can’t sell every show on DVD.

    I guess for full tour i am fine with delayed no spoilers. But if its cheap enough, I’ll freak out my neighbors, and push the limits of my home theatre system.

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    More shit from PT.

    ^^not true. There was a real re-release of tickets from canceled orders etc…a friend on the east coast pulled two 4 days. Straight up.

  11. Bandnana Says:

    you also have to take into account all past video releases. There is often a problem when it comes to video of covers, I don’t know if that changes the dynamic of offering video for sale.

  12. urbanmeyer Says:


    most of your points are rock solid. however, i wouldn’t scold red light for making a late announcement on the free hampton downloads. i’m nearly positive that phish must pay a pre-established royalty for each copy of a cover song they “distribute”. my strong hunch is the setlist was finalized only a couple days before (as it should be) and that they then made the decision that it wouldn’t be cost-prohibitive to distribute these shows (including the few covers) for free.

  13. Cactus Says:

    I’m not sure about the royalty thing there Urbanmeyer. I don’t think Phish pays anything to anybody when it comes to that. It’s their interpretation of the artist song. It’s not their song, but their interpretation. That’s the key.

  14. cottle Says:

    I don’t think simulcasts and DVD releases have to be mutually exclusive. I watched the Vegas Simulcast…and I bought the DVD when it came out through dry goods. Phish could actually get paid three times for the same performance….once for the ticket sales, once more for the simulcast, and a third time for the possible DVD release. Hell, 4 if you count the livephish downloads of the same show. I really can’t see a reason not to do it.

  15. Mugician Says:

    DotD is pretty kickin’ Miner! Thanks!

  16. Mugician Says:

    Wow! DotD is REALLY kickin’!

  17. Mr.Miner Says:

    urbanis right- they DEF pay royalties to release those songs- hence the labeling of jams like “Burgettstown Jam” or “Fukuoka Jam” or “Alpine Valley Jam” as soon as the composed cover ends…they pay by time of song, so they label the jam as soon as they can

  18. Tadcaster Says:

    Great stuff Miner.

    Simulcast has a leg up on Webcast for me due to the exclusion of distraction and total concentration on the show. At home I would lose my concentration on the show too quickly.

    The Brooklyn simulcast was very show-like for me. No talking during the show, I was standing\noodling, lost completely in the music…great sound and large screen video. It was great and I’d love to see Red Rocks offered.

    Phish rocks.

  19. Mugician Says:


    Halley’s Comet > Poor Heart – RIPPIN’.

  20. Mugician Says:

    So about this simulcast… Would they be doing it IN other venues? I know simulcasts played at the Fox here in Boulder would be REALLY kickin’…

    I just love their fucking sound. Man, a Phish simulcast there would be such a party.

  21. Mitch Says:

    Anyone know how to use check4change? That’s how some dude on ptour found out about red rocks. I found out how to select text but none of the text would change since they already let you select the ticket options? What on the page should I chose for it to check?

  22. whole tour! Says:

    12-31-1993 = the heat….period! one of the best shows ever! it was one of the first tapes i ever got, had excellent sound quality, killer performance taboot. One of those tapes that i know note for note, but it never gets old. The Stuff Trey Does in Reba gives me chills just thinking about it. The show is just a pure energy ball. If i had to give someone a tape and say “this is phish – beware!”, 12-31-1993 would be it. Worked for me and that was 15 years ago! It still holds up to this day as perhaps my all time favorite set of phish tapes. I say tapes because back in the day people didn’t have instant downloads, so when you got a gem like the 12-31-1993 fmsbd, it really stood out! Just the sound of the fm broadcast is really unique. It’s a superb matrix with just enough audience to give it that “your in the building” sound. At one point you can hear some chick say “it sounds much better over here!”…like you are in the crowd!

    I musy have listened to that show at least 15,000 times, and IT NEVER GETS OLD! I’m in awe of anyone who was at that show. Just a stellar show from start to finish.

  23. whole tour! Says:

    ever wonder just what causes those flashback like chills when you listen to good music?


    those are moments i cherish, when the hairs stand on end and you feel the music run up and down your spine! Phish does it to me more than any other band…besides that other wildly popular psychedelic jam band from the west coast and those english chaps from granchester meadows, or that rastafarian fellow named bob….lol

  24. Mugician Says:

    Whole Tour!: Pink Floyd is the only other band that has done that for me, and it wasn’t anywhere NEAR as often as when I listen to Phish. Thanks for posting that.

    As for chills and what not, Page is on fire on the DotD, I mean, raging!

  25. Mugician Says:

    And The Dead never got me all tingly – that was Grisman/Garcia, also, Bob is just feel good for me. I guess being a musician I’m hard to please.

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