Will the Greyhound Rise?

8.7.08 -  Williamsburg (Unk.)

8.7.08 - Williamsburg (unk.)

This summer, several of Trey’s solo songs jumped over to his bigger band. Included in these transplants were, “Light,” “Let Me Lie,” “Backwards Down the Number Line,” “Alaska,” and Time Turns Elastic.” But one of the songs that seemed like a shoo-in for Phish has yet to emerge. The engaging multi-part composition, “Greyhound Rising”- played only twice on his own- has gone missing.

After Trey’s comeback show in Brooklyn last August, three songs struck me as clearly destined for Phish- “Backwards Down the Number Line,” “Light,” and “Greyhound Rising.” Two are firmly ingrained in the band’s current catalog, while one hasn’t seen the light of day. Seemingly destined for their new album, the song has yet to surface in any form. Trey only unshelved it once again- in Philadelphia- another sure sign that Phish would usurp the destiny of the future epic.  But they haven’t, and I wonder if they will.


Classic TAB Tour '08 (unk.)

The song whispers out of the gate with lyrical poetry complemented by somber guitar and piano melodies.  The piece at first seems wistful, longing for something or someone lost, and Trey conveys this emotion in a beautifully phrased solo that stands out in the opening section. Moving into a more Phishy texture, the melodic verse that comes in over the oceanic music is much more upbeat and sounds like it could have been pulled right from a Phish song. The groove takes the song into a bluesier jam where Red unleashes a gnarling solo. When hearing the layered composition the two times with his Classic TAB band, my imgination ran wild thinking of how much Phish could enhance the song, taking it from its raw form into one of those bigger pieces that are at least 10 to 15 minutes every time out. With plenty of composition and ample room for improv, it seems like the perfect song for Phish 3.0. Why else would it have been written after all?

The blues jam turns into a heavier build- this is where the jam would be- and finally uses collective hits to splash into the ending, a slowed down, dramatic reprise of the introduction; a Phish song no doubt. And to end it, a cathartic solo over a delicate beat. It would be awesome, and Trey knows it. It will come at some point; who knows when- but at somepoint. It’s one of his most interesting new pieces.  Heck, since “Alaska” made it to Phish, “Greyhound Rising” is destined to crossover to balance things out.  One can hope.

Greyhound Rising” 10.24.08 – The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA


Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Twist > Caspian” 1.1.00 Cypress


Sticking with the Big Cypress vibe of yesterday, here is a gorgeous segment from early in the set that often goes overlooked with all the music of the night. With an enchanting ambient groove, this “Twist” carried an introspective feel as we stepped out of the 1900’s forever.



5.6.1992 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI < Torrent

5.6.1992 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI < Megaupload

4.17.1992 - The Warfield

Spring 1992 - The Warfield

With Fall Tour rumored to start at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, this nugget from Spring ’92 recounts a former visit to The Motor City, proper.  Coming at you via reader request, this show was one of the last in the Midwest before heading east to conclude their tour. Featuring the bust-out of “Shaggy Dog” for the first time since 1988 (451 shows), this show boasts a quintessential old-school setlist.  This fileset feature an entire AUD recording and a Set I SBD , taboot.  Detroit- here we come.

I: Llama, Foam, Reba, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, Maze, Tela, Brother, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Famous Mockingbird, Sparkle, Cavern

II: My Sweet One, Stash, The Squirming Coil, You Enjoy Myself > Shaggy Dog, All Things Reconsidered, Bouncing Around the Room, Uncle Pen, Chalk Dust Torture, HYHU > Terrapin > HYHU, Take the A-Train, Golgi Apparatus

E: Carolina, Good Times Bad Times

Source: DAUD/FOB (~30 ft. from stage, DFC) Neumann RSM191A-S > Neumann MTX191S > Panasonic SV-255@48k Master (on SV-255 listed above) & SET 1 SBD

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308 Responses to “Will the Greyhound Rise?”

  1. Robear Says:

    Thx, Mr. C! I still see my CK5 picture. Strange, I did the ‘cache’ wipe and all dat on ‘Firefox’. That shot is the Salmon River in nor Cal. One of two un-dammed rivers left in California.

  2. Robear Says:

    I had to poke around, with all this Cobo talk. (funny, Mr. C, but true)

    I found a website that claims Cobo Arena will not be demolished as part of the Cobo Hall renovation. The ‘Arena’ is where the shows are held.

    Does sound unsettling, though. Wikepedia says that construction should start on October 1st.

  3. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    considering other bands have already begun announcing NYE plans (UM announced today) do we really think a Fall Tour is going to happen?


  4. Danny B Says:

    I heard the announcement is comming tomorrow, but who knows!!!

  5. Aquaman Says:


    OK, let me try for a two-fer.

    Sometime in the next few days you should post the Twist from Alpine 2003 as a jam of the day. I think it would be a nice comparison showing two sides of Twist, (The intro totally different from the Cypress version) Both of them having ambient greatness.


    Here it is: 07/18/03 – Alpine Valley Music Theater – East Troy, Wisconsin

    Again, my humble $0.02.


  6. Mr. Completely Says:

    Greyhound Rising has potential. I feel like the melody is a little buried in the kinda primitive TAB arrangement. I do think a clearer and more melodic Phish arrangement would help the first 5 minutes. The slower solo at the end is already nice and the middle section would take off on its own…

    way to work in an Alaska burn at the end there Miner, I like how you did that

  7. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Gravatar check.

    I just estimated my rv for the festival and the total was $888 pretty cool.

    For the PDX team: Have you seen this? Señor C is that you?


    My cactus was abloom last night.

    I have always like the initial Twist intro.

  8. Wilson Says:

    Greyhound Rising: Another new phish tune that’s WAY too wordy at times. Trey needs to ease off the lyric assault. Think “Slave.”

  9. Pence Says:

    That first picture of Trey above is frickin scary….go bears

  10. Jay Says:

    Sorry, can’t help it. Love Alaska. Love it’s quirkyness. Love it’s blusyness. Love it’s potential to rage at the end. Has a kinda fun Tenn. Jed or Stagger Lee feel. Always welcome to me.

  11. voopa Says:


  12. Pence Says:

    omg it went back to that…I think there may be a conspiracy with this whole avatar thing. I wonder if they are storing our posts in some DB and they will used against us someday.

  13. Jay Says:

    I can see Warren Zevon as the costume. Way past cool.

  14. voopa Says:

    Phil on tramps – 10 years ago today!

  15. Pence Says:

    This DeerCreek 09′ SIHTOS is pretty scary too.

  16. fromthetub Says:

    El Dude – In Safari you can just go to the menu under Safari>Empty Cache. I also cleared the History by going to History>Clear History, then refreshed the page. That worked for me (Safari on a Mac). Just in case — sounds like you’ve already got it going…

  17. Neemor Says:

    I went back last night and checked out old posts.
    Your story about the Bohemian Rhapsody Incident is one of the most amazing Phishincidents I have ever heard. What a post. Some of the stuff about Japan, the You Tube inclusion, all that stuff.
    If any of you haven’t gone back and checked out some of the early posts from this site and have some time on your hands….great way to really dive into some Phishyness.
    Check it out.
    Have a great day, all.

  18. HarryHood Says:

    Current requests:

    Future JOTD: Twist 07/18/03
    Future DOTD: Worchester, MA 2/26/03

    Looks like people are in a post-hiatus ’03 mood today……..

  19. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I would LOVE for WZ to be the costume. But would Phish purposely avoid a song that the Grateful Dead used to do on Halloween (Werewolves of London)? I have a feeling they would.

    Gee, I’m coming off as very cycnical today.

  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    Great bike. Very portland. Hopworks is a cool place.

    Nice Halloween site. I think some of the otherwise good choices might get ruled out as being too dark or cynical for the band’s current mood. Also doubt anything with too much focus on vocals (Stevie W, Bowie etc).

    Zevon rules. I’ve pimped it before but check out Transverse City for the incredible sit-ins (Garcia, Gilmour, etc). Everything he did was dark.

    Countdown to Ecstasy, great stuff. Cynical more than dark.

    The Dire Straits album he shows is a masterpiece – the Best Of album actually linked for download, less so. Spun that recently and was reminded how amazing it is.

    I’ve always felt like I should love the Kinks more than I do, but I like them, and that’d be a great pick.

    Low Spark…so brilliant…a stoned immaculate image of its hazy time and place…the opening track is a nature hippie anthem for the ages

    I suspect the time for Eno or MBV has passed…would love either one though.

  21. sumodie Says:

    dgreen posted this interesting article (pg1 today) about a new recording set-up used at RR. Think it might have slipped by most folks -worth a glance. Anyone see this set-up at RR?

    “Just found this on the web. Would love to hear this source from Red Rocks. Anyone else hear about this:”


  22. Mr. Completely Says:

    “But would Phish purposely avoid a song that the Grateful Dead used to do on Halloween (Werewolves of London)? I have a feeling they would.”

    ^^^ that seems like overthinking it to me. They’re past the whole avoiding-the-dead thing I think. I don’t expect them to do a Dead album either, but it seems like they’re kinda past that whole hangup.

    Gee, how could thinking about Zevon get you in a cynical mood?

    “The Vast Indifference of Heaven” – maybe the greatest depressing song of all time – so many gems from the Zevon catalog

  23. Mr. Completely Says:

    If they made a recording using Sennheisers that has bass in it, it’ll be the first time in history…with no download link, who knows?

    Sennheiser headphones, yes. Mikes, not so much.

    But maybe they’ve finally caught up with the times

  24. RER Says:

    I’m not really seeing Phish doing “Greyhound Rising”. I think it suffers from lack of melody and structure. Songs like “Alaska” have a much bouncier groovier feeling to them and translate on-stage as fun and danceable. “Greyhound Rising” would likely become a bathroom break song, too slow for my tastes.

  25. ThePigSong Says:

    Hey Robear, Thanks for the input on my mix for some noobster friends. I went with your idea of songs from ’09 and so far its been a hit. good lookin’ dude!

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