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6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

With the wild-goose chase Phish’s created around their musical costume for Halloween, and the buzz around Sunday’s acoustic set, we continue to forget that the heart of Indio’s throwdown will be six sets of full-on, festival-sized Phish. We left the band at a point of massive creativity, evolving through the second leg of summer tour. The most significant mystery of the upcoming Holiday weekend may not, in fact, be what album the band chooses to cover for Halloween, but what direction the other six sets will take – where will Phish’s music move next?

6.16.09 (B. Kisida)

6.16.09 (B. Kisida)

After a concise and straight-forward June, Phish opened up their music significantly during their second leg of summer. Over the course of August, Phish rediscovered themselves and their improvisational chops, crafting music that evoked memories of their finest days. Their creativity returned, taking their jams in many more directions than June’s predominately structured improv. The excitement returned; no one knew what would happen next, bringing the unknown back into play. Using organic jamming, Phish found themselves arriving at stunning musical planes, instead of forcing themselves into mediocrity – in short – their flow returned. The Red Rocks and The Gorge jams sound just as fresh as they did two months ago – music with staying power – the hallmark of quality. The east coast jams still shine as well, though with less of a majesty. But don’t tell that to Darien’s “Drowned,” Merriweather’s “46 Days,” or the “Number Lines” from SPAC and Chicago – you might have a fight on your hands. But what’s next? Where are we headed now?

The Gorge (G.Lucas)

The Gorge (G.Lucas)

While Phish jams came to life this summer, no distinct musical direction developed – it was still too early. But as we move into Indio, and then Fall Tour, the band’s comfort level will only increase and we are sure to see new sonic elements and directions emerge. Looking for clues in the band’s new material, both “Number Line” and “Light” have proven to be legitimate springboards for diverse jamming. With “Number Line” taking the torch from “Disease” as 3.0’s feel-good anthem that can go anywhere, some of the most exploratory jams of the fall will ironically stem from the “Joy’s” first radio single. Played much less frequently this summer, the versions of “Light” at Bonnaroo and, especially, The Gorge illustrated the song’s propensity for open-ended, original destinations. Boasting one of the moments of the summer with its calypso jam at The Gorge, we have only begun to see where “Light” will take us.

The Gorge (W.Rogell)

The Gorge (W.Rogell)

And now that it is Fall, it’s time to open up “Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan.” Whether it happens at Indio or, more likely, indoors, this song will blow up. Its searing blues-rock psychedelia has been begging to be stretched since its debut at Jones Beach. The fact that Phish has left this one alone for so long makes me think its jam will explode somewhere along the course of Fall Tour – time will tell. While “Ocelot” has been a source of structured improv, it could easily break its mold into playful funk with uncharted courses at any time. I continue to await the 20-minute “Ocelot” second-set opener. The “Kill Devil Falls” jam has proven worthy – entering both upbeat and abstract realms at Bonnaroo and Red Rocks, a pattern that will likely continue. The other song off Joy that could meander into ambient spaces is “Twenty Years Later.” Played only once on each leg of summer, its future still remains hazy. With a few unknowns on Party Time, as well as the funk-laden title track, we could be in for some treats.

Merriweather (K.Pusey)

Merriweather (K.Pusey)

Another potential source of a musical influence is the album they have chosen to cover. We all know how Remain In Light influenced the band, and their current choice could have a style that is genuinely new to Phish. Such costumes include Hitler’s nightmare, MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular, Radiohead’s Kid A, or The Clash’s London Calling. But assuming Phish sticks to the classic rock genre, which most believe they will, it’s doubtful that they will pave their path of 2010 during their Halloween set. More illustrative of their potential direction will be the other six sets that contain far more unknowns than any other part of the weekend.

My gut tells me the band will progress to some form of patient, layered jamming with an undertone of groove; moving with a purpose through music we’ve never heard. With their skills and experience, if the band stays happy and healthy, I see no reason why this era won’t develop into one of the most engaging in the band’s history. If August was any indication, we are well on our way, as the band combined a mid-’90s determination with an evolved skill set, resulting in sublime jams. And we were just getting started. With Indio fast approaching, and Fall piggy-backing off Festival 8, we are about to enter a serious age of musical discovery and development. Hop on for the ride!

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

The Curtain > Stash” 6.17.95 I

The punctuating statement on the first set in Gainesville, VA, and, in my opinion, the highlight of the entire show.




6.13.95 Riverport Amp, Maryland Heights, MO < Torrent

6.13.95 Riverport Amp, Maryland Heights, MO < Megaupload

1995-06-13gnA stop along Phish’s space camp of Summer ’95, this show in St. Louis boasted a second set that centered on the colossal “Bowie” opener. “Hood,” “Reba,” and “Stash” also standout in this lesser-known Summer ’95 gem.

I: Runaway Jim, Foam, Bouncing Around the Room, Stash, Strange Design, Taste, Reba, Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up, Sparkle, Chalk Dust Torture

II: David Bowie, The Lizards, Axilla (Part II) > Theme From the Bottom, Acoustic Army, Harry Hood, Golgi Apparatus

E: Sweet Adeline, Julius

Source : Unknown

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  14. Marshall Says:

    my comment was to the one about “love watching Phish videos” which I guess is on the previous page now – I forgot to refresh a stale page.

  15. Marshall Says:

    It was Mugician who wrote:
    I love watching Phish videos. Anybody ever wonder about the people in the crowd shots? I love seeing flashes of people in green, red, blue, yellow – dancing with a huge smile on their face. I always wonder where those people are now and what they’re doing with their life. So cool and weird to think about.

  16. gus Says:

    yeah I love seeing funny crowd shots. Like, not sure what video this was, but in one that I saw recently, this guy is jumping as high as he can for like a minute straight. hilarious. and I think about, this happened over 10 years ago, I wonder if they’re even still into phish? and just seeing the very often cloud of smoke get lit up. you can see it happen about every 5 seconds.

  17. snigglebeach Says:


    I think that guy must have been in front of me in worcester back in the day (about 10 years ago).

    Except i was 2nd row balcony. Entire second set, this idiot won’t stop jumping up and down, leaning over he rail, jumping and leaning over the rail. He literally almost fell of a dozen times, and when i finally advise him he should step back a bit, he gets pissed and wants to fight.

    After that i tried not to pay attention, while silently wishing he would just fall and be out of my space. (back then i rolled with too big a crew to just pick up and move)

  18. Chalkdustin Says:

    @fromthetub Represent!

  19. joe Says:

    I think that guy from Worcester is still into the band and I saw him at Fenway. He’s still up to the same tricks too, it was fascinating watching this guy not fall over the railing of the balcony from afar.

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    aren’t there 8 sets????

    i have not read any previous entries

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    Not even sure what this Lot T means, but its vintage Arnie Palmer


  22. Ocelot42 Says:

    Huh. I just turned on the World Series of Poker on ESPN and one of the final 28 players is wearing a Summer Tour Leg 1 T-shirt. Nice.

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    Aha, this guy: http://wickedchopspoker.com/jeff-shulman-renounce-wsop-main-event-bracelet/

  24. BTB Says:

    ^ Classic Picture O42

  25. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    okay, this ended up being later than I anticipated but you know how it goes. Your setlist for today…

    Holds (Hoping)
    Random Story

    Marshalling (Solo)>
    The Oasis>
    Space Camp^
    Psyching Up^^>
    Harvest Time
    Archive (Lycan)^^^^>
    Making Plans
    Evil Spy^^^^^

    E: Eve

    1st set had several JOTD teases. 2nd set contained numerous t-shirt call outs
    * June Jam
    ** Noblesville Jam
    *** Avatars tease
    ^ Joy Box tease
    ^^ Euro Tour Jam
    ^^^ This was basically a collection of interspersed references to previous themes
    ^^^^ Stringtown Jam
    ^^^^^ Crowd Shots tease

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