Five Reasons…

… why Festival 8 will be one of the greatest Phish experiences of all-time.


1. Holiday + Festival = Huge Phish

AJ Masthay Festival 8 Print (Unofficial)

AJ Mathsay Festival 8 Print

Combining one of the high-holy days of the Phish calendar, with their unparalleled festival tradition, the band has created an unparalleled atmosphere around Indio. The only other holiday festival was Big Cypress, and we all know how that turned out. The merging of two of Phish’s greatest rites has everyone on the edge of their seat, awaiting to see how the Halloween theme is infused throughout the vast playground of dreams. Phish festivals are among the greatest memories of all of our lives, and now, in 2009, we are about to create another weekend that will live with us eternally. No travelling or driving around necessary, no hassle or concern; all Phish, all the time, amidst a gargantuan psychedelic carnival. And the music – festival-sized Phish jams growling from speaker towers built to blow us away – all while having as much space as we’ve ever dreamt of for all of our friends to throw down; forget about it. There’s not a feeling in the world like it. And its about to happen again.


2. Three Days

festival8-caNever has a Phish event lasted so long; not Big Cypress, not The Clifford Ball, and not Amy’s Farm. Three days and eight sets equals an unprecedented event in the band’s history. Whereas every festival but Big Cypress has occurred within a tour, Phish and their organization have had months to prepare, rehearse, and conceive of every imaginable detail for this week’s stand-alone event. Each Phish weekend of lore seemed like a flash – a psychedelic dream that ended too soon. But this time, tack on another day – then add the day before the music where everyone sets up camp – and we’ve got ourselves a four-day Phish freak scene! The ability to be in one place with your crew and relax all together, instead of jumping in separate cars and chasing highways all night long is priceless. This laid-back scenario will certainly create endless sessions of carefree chillage, where the only concern will be when the next set starts. For four days we will live a dream.


3. The Weather

sunshineAnd for those four days, the weather will be divine. While every other festival took place in the unpredictable weather of the northeastern summer, southern California in October couldn’t be more opposite. With day after day of cloudless sunshine, the Palm Springs area is the place people go to guarantee themselves a sunny vacation. This blissful detail cannot be underestimated when reflecting on the camp-wrecking downpour at The Great Went and the 100-degree temperatures at Oswego. With temperatures predicted to range between 90 and 50, and no foreseeable precipitation, both the days and nights in the desert will be delectable.


4. The Album Mystery

Huey Lewis Is Dead - Or Is He?The band has hyped their Halloween mystery more than ever before, making everyone a musical detective over the past month with their own theories and reasoning. The mystery has drawn in the entire community, creating unparalleled excitement and anticipation, and a huge set-up for a prank if you ask me. Campground names have leaked, albums continue to be killed, and everyone is wrapped up in a guessing game – just how Phish wanted it. Known for toying with their fans in more ways than one, this time they have everyone, hook, line and sinker. It will be intriguing to discover how the answer unfolds; and to see if the band uses their first show as a platform for musical allusion and illusion. Instead of “Trick or Treat,” what ever happens in Indio will certainly be a “Trick and a Treat.” And I can’t freakin’ wait to get there!


5. The Acoustic Set

phish_hdrBreakfast with Phish; glazed eight-shaped donuts, coffee and a fresh California harvest will make this early affair one to remember. Whether up all night or arising for a morning serenade, Phish’s Sunday morning greeting promises to hold more than a few surprises. They have been working on and rehearsing the acoustic set, according to their own website, thus one can believe it will be more than a string of bluegrass songs. Having never done this before, this “full-length” acoustic set will represent new musical ground for the band. An intimate set on a grand scale; the juxtaposition should be interesting. If Phish is ever going to break out the Gamehendge saga again, this could be the time to do it.


Jam of the Day: Festival Week

Wolfman’s > Simple” 8.16.97 II


A classic segment from The Great Went.



12.5.97 CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland, OH < Torrent

12.5.97 CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland, OH < Megaup.

phish-power-95While crafting the upcoming audio archive, I found this to be the only show from Fall ’97 not posted on this site. A tremendous first set and an out of the ordinary second set kicked off a memorable midwestern run during the second half of tour. Highlights include “Ghost,” “Jim > My Friend,” Stash,” “Julius,” and “Slave.”

I: Ghost > Wilson, Funky Bitch, Black-Eyed Katy, Sparkle, Runaway Jim > My Friend, My Friend, Ginseng Sullivan, Limb By Limb, Character Zero

II: Stash, Bouncing Around the Room, Julius*> Slave to the Traffic Light* > The Lizards, Loving Cup, Chalk Dust Torture

E: Bold As Love


Source: Schoeps cmc621 > Sonosax > sv255

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456 Responses to “Five Reasons…”

  1. Mdawg Says:

    I am psyched!!! Party Time!


  2. ThePigSong Says:

    re: Sirius, I couldn’t make it out to Coventry so I hatched a genius plan: Purchase an XM boom box and activate it for a month, cancel at the end of the weekend and return the boom box. Well after toting that thing around partying all weekend through the woods, houses, backyards and bars its no surprise that I lost the remote. I obviously couldn’t return it and got stuck with a $199 ‘boombox’ . So much for not making it to VT to ‘save money’.

  3. Mr.Miner Says:

    pretty much freakin out at this point…. Need to get on the road…..and the Yankees! My oh my what a week ahead!

  4. Mugician Says:

    Go Phillies!

    I’m glad I’m working for the fest, this way I get to get on the road a LOT sooner. I can barely contain myself.

  5. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    Whipping up some butter tonight, then caramels for Fest 8 tomorrow night. Mmmm, a trick and a treat.

  6. Selector J Says:

    “96kHz, doesn’t refer to how high up the spectrum the audio goes. It refers to the number of samples per second the digital audio is produced in.”
    Ah yes… true. But this is way the hell more samples than necessary, imo. You only need to sample at twice the highest waveform frequency to model the analog. So basically, this 96 kHz business is saying the info @ 48 kHz is important/useful. (Big up, Nyquist!)

    @AW: That Prince Far I- Psalms album is the ultimate Babylon repellent. You’ll be fine.

    BTW I’m gonna be an a-hole and plug the radio program tonight. Halloween-themed reggae. It works surprisingly well.

  7. Uncle Ebeneezer Says:

    just got my 8 ticket from FedEx. WOOOOOOO!!!!!

  8. fat bastard Says:

    albert walker found his writing style again. always liked the “first puff” thoughts AW

  9. Mr. Completely Says:

    last time I tried the stream didn’t work for me selector, I will try again tonight tho

  10. albert walker Says:

    work entitled me to quit the A.M. thing about 3 years ago
    amazing how much more you respect the first puff when it is at 6:00 PM and not 6:00 AM like back in the day

    on the weekends I need a nap by noon. Just not used to the rise and shine thing anymore

  11. Kenny Powers Says:

    AW’s “first puff” comments make me miss the days of weed on the reg. Living/family situation doesn’t allow for it, really. Good thing “first drink” still works.

  12. albert walker Says:


    funny shit is I actually have an English degree.
    my teachers would cringe at my new found style.

  13. fat bastard Says:

    meeting my college roomates from 96-99 in indio. they are picking me up at palm springs airport thursday, haven’t seen em in 4 years. Saw phish with them as much as we could back then, mostly Deer Creek, Ohio, and Alpine Valley. Last show together was Big Cyrpess, then off to life, families, Babylon.

    making a playlist from the stuff we used to listen to then that I know they haven’t heard or thought about in 10 years. Some good and some bad, wayclef Jean=not so good, Galactic=OK, robert Bradley’s Blackwater surprise=still gold

  14. Selector J Says:

    Mr. C: We may have been maxed out with web listeners. it happens on occasion.

    Man, freaking F8. The donuts. The FOAM. The acoustic set. The Halloween! The freaking everything else. Stupid Phish and their stupid awesomeness.

  15. bl68300 Says:

    “doin coke on the reg, gettin pussy on the reg, ya know all that shit!” love that show! or (reaches into his pocket) “man, what the hel lis this? mushrooms? dude i wanted steroids!”

  16. fat bastard Says:

    first drink of the day. “here we go again.”

  17. Selector J Says:

    CTA’s card just got pulled. That map is definitely the real deal.

  18. Mr. Completely Says:

    in honor of albert I will hereby post my “first puff of the day” thoughts

    ok here we go



    i got nothin’

    harder than it looks

  19. Mr. Completely Says:

    oh, wait, I know!

    no, wait


  20. fat bastard Says:

    anyone out there who’s never listen to robert bradley’s blackswater surprise should give it a spin. He’s got an amazing voice. The lyrics to the second track, “California” come off as being written for Indio. maybe i’m just freakin…

  21. Robear Says:

    Nice work, ya’ll. Pulled a bunch of lurkers into their first post! Welcome! I too felt intimidated by the eloquent, intelligent posters at first. Now, I just ramble on.

    My house is in shambles with gear packed, not quite packed, and “am I bringing this or not” piles.

    Mr. C, I got the shirt 4 Colonel Joy.

  22. joe Says:

    @ she, Jam On said they would be broadcasting the sets and having a call in program prior to the costume set. No bunny late night weirdo freak out programming, sadly.

  23. fat bastard Says:

    nice robear. im flying and i’m going with the “whatever fits in the backpack” policy. not too many options

  24. Robear Says:

    that’s the simple way fat b.

    stop by early and often. I’m bringing many of those things that don’t fit well into backpacks 🙂

  25. albert walker Says:

    I love California shows

    there are a lot of things I would not want to be flying with I’d have to bring if the shows were in Florida or Philly or something

    enough heady flow of all needed treats, easily brought down by my local California contingency

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