Moments In a Box: The First Sets of Fall

The first sets of fall didn’t carry much improvisational weight, so when Phish unveiled a jam in the opening frame, it always drew enhanced attention. Providing musical respites from the composition and song-driven stanzas, these pieces often came as the first opportunity to really immerse oneself in all-out Phishiness. Most often sticking to contained exploration, the band rarely took chances during the first half of shows, reserving almost all musical risk for the second. Here, however, are four first-set pieces that did take off into creative wonderlands.


“46 Days” 11.18 I

"46 Days" (M.Christie)

"46 Days" (M.Christie)

Towards the end of a relatively generic tour-opening set, Phish sat into one of the thickest jams of tour. A song that varies between a vehicle for improvisation and a blues-rocker, the placement of this version had “blues rocker” written all over. But as the bombast came to a head, the band slipped into a very slow funk groove. Leaving the song’s structure in a wake of heavy organ swells, deep bass bombs, and a percussive rhythms, the band formed a gooey canvas that Trey painted with a retro funk line, circa 1997. Phish locked into a methodical and transportative groove that likened a mind-controlling soundtrack for an alien chain gang marching hopelessly to their death. With sonic effects gradually layered into the piece, the throwback groove morphed into a futuristic, ambient sound sculpture. Phish had jumped into the abyss out of nowhere, crafting one of fall tour’s enduring pieces in its opening frame. With a completely original lighting display by Kuroda, an indelible moment crystallized right away at Cobo Arena.



“Split Open and Melt” 11.21 I

11.21.09 (W.Rogell)

11.21.09 (W.Rogell)

Late in Cincinnati’s third set of the weekend, the opening beat to “Split” shot from stage like a sonic cannonball. While always an adventure, the band had already played some extremely psychedelic renditions during the summer, making the first indoor “Split” all the more intriguing. As the band embarked into the nether, they wandered through a sublime melodic plane on their way to an abstract mind-fuck. Harnessing the very essence of the song, Phish upped the levels of this version with a gradual climb into the darkest realms of sonic sorcery. Completely overtaking The Crown with their psychedelic textures, all members of the band equally contributed to the symphonic cacophony. Growing into a “jaw-on-the-floor” moment, one could hardly believe the coherency in which Phish plowed through such precise, demonic music. Moving far out into an amorphous ball of sound and fury, a mind-popping moment occurred as the band slammed back “Split’s” natural groove without missing a beat. A high point of Cincinnati’s two nights, no first set pieces approached the levels of awe and terror induced by this piece.



“Undermind” 11.29 I

Official Portland Poster (N.Duval)

Official Portland Poster (N.Duval)

In perhaps the most engaging first set of fall, Phish took “Undermind” off the shelf for the only time during fall tour. The song that lyrically fits the band’s current place in time so well always seems to provide a tasty nugget of rhythmic exploration. Dusted off in fine style, in the band’s highly-anticipated return to Cumberland County Civic Center, Phish took “Undermind” to new heights. Playing with increasingly effected tones throughout the piece, Mike and Trey engaged in a dynamic two-step, wrapping their melodies around each other like supple snakes. Page hopped on the clav, adding another layer of crunch to the jam, as Fishman held things together from down below. As their momentum built, Trey and Mike showcased their symbiotic chops in what quickly became a clear highlight to the night. Getting downright dirty, Mike, Trey, and Page formed a creative three-person aural brew that bubbled with all sorts of spicy, filtered effects. As the band climaxed the jam, splashing back into the chorus, the crowd responded with appreciative fervor at the virtuoso mini-experiment.



“Reba” 12.04 I

12.4.09 (W.Rogell)

12.4.09 (W.Rogell)

One of the band’s most complex pieces, “Reba” often features small mistakes by one band member or another. Whether a smudge in the song’s fugue or a massive flub a la Indio, more often than not, the compositional section hits a speed bump or two along the way. Because of its degree of difficulty, “Reba” always represents a signpost for the band’s precision playing. Consistently launching into one of Phish’s most blissful improvisational segments, a tightly wound beginning enhances the overall experience; and this first setter in Madison Square Garden’s final show had it all. Exploding through the composition with speed, confidence and a sense of musical drama, the band nailed the opening half with little trouble, carrying a gigantic head of steam into the jam. Taking off with a greater sense of musical determination than usual, the section of improv commenced immediately with a quicker tempo and zero time to settle. More akin to an older version, Trey came directly out of the gates flowing subconsciously, phrasing his melodies masterfully and pouring his heart into each measure. The band chugged right along with their leader, hitting a series of creative stops and changes along the upward path. A song that flourishes exponentially when the band is fully locked in, this Madison Square Garden outing levitated the mid-town arena with densely packed cascade of groove. One of the strongest versions of the year, sometimes the band can express more in less time with ultra-focused playing, and that is what this “Reba” is all about.



Jam of the Day:

Down With Disease > Twenty Years Later” 11.24 II


A psychedelic excursion that highlighted the second set in Philadelphia.



11.24.09 Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA < Megaupload

11.24.09 (B.Ferguson)

11.24.09 (B.Ferguson)

I: Chalk Dust Torture, Bathtub Gin, Cities > Camel Walk, The Curtain With, The Wedge, The Moma Dance, Reba, Golgi Apparatus, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan

II: Possum, Down with Disease > Twenty Years Later, Harry Hood, The Mango Song, Mike’s Song > Simple > Slave to the Traffic Light, Weekapaug Groove*

E: A Day in the Life

*1/2 time version

Source: Sennheiser MD441U > Edirol R4Pro @ 24/88.2

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  1. chefbradford Says:

    First one baby!

  2. chefbradford Says:

    Mr Miner, another wonderful review, as always

  3. stitchstash Says:

    I’m officially in the downloading buisness now.

  4. Bodi Says:

    beautiful 46 days at cobo. ok, not beautiful, nasty, stinky, dirty, but a nice broadside out of nowhere in the first set of the tour. it’s organic little bombs like that that keep my hope in greater things to come alive. with respect to any phish veterans out there (real war vets that is), it was kind of a like an IEMD, improvised explosive musical device, that just blew my morning commute off the road for a while… when they can drop a handful of those in a set or even a show, letting it grow as the dead (and clapton) used to say (play), we’ll know they’ve finally worked the bugs out of 3.0. i hope they rehearse like mad so miami is chock full of IEMDs…

  5. HarryHood Says:

    “Phish locked into a methodical and transportative groove that likened a mind-controlling soundtrack for an alien chain gang marching hopelessly to their death”

    ^ I’m speechless. Golf clap.

  6. marcoesq Says:

    ^Ron Burgundy. Gold clap

    Great bundle here Miner, these 5 snippets are a great representation of Fall tour

  7. Willowed Says:

    That funny hood, I was going to copy and paste that same line into this comment.

    Miner your such a smooth talker, you must get all the chicks!

  8. Willowed Says:

    I also like this one:

    “a creative three-person aural brew that bubbled with all sorts of spicy, filtered effects. “

  9. Mitch Says:

    Lol golf clap. How about golf clap > slow build clap.

    Way to go miner. These songs are soundtracking my train ride quite nicely this morning.

  10. Mitch Says:

    I’m with you both. If I weren’t on my phone while taming my coffee on a bouncy train ride, I’d have copied a few passages. Miner always describes the moods so well.

  11. oldskool Says:

    I would also add the Heavy Things that opened 12/04 as a smoking version and a ripping little jam for a 1st set.

  12. msbjivein Says:

    Thanks again Miner for everything. I’m rocking some MSG today!
    Is there no 12/04 Torrent??…

  13. msbjivein Says:

    Let me re phrase that….
    Is there a 12/4 torrent???

  14. msbjivein Says:

    BTW… Who needs two 12/29 sect 117 seats for Face or best offer?? They are Mail orders and are in transit to my house as we post!!
    msbjivein at yahoo dot com

  15. Mitch Says:

    did you check the archive? There was a 12.4 link last week sometime for torrenting.

    if you’re out there, have you seen the IT crowd? its on BBC and is hilarious for computer tech jokes. I prob wont read later today if you have or not but I’ll be on later tonight and we can talk about it if you haven’t. Well worth netflix streaming.

  16. Ziggymon Says:

    I had been chasing Undermind around since they came back. I am so glad to finally get it in Portland. It was well worth the wait. “Spicy and filtered effects” indeed.

  17. bhizzle Says:

    I, too, must add my love for the similie “an alien chain gang marching hopelessly to their death”.

    Do you write sci-fi too?

  18. Kenny Powers Says:

    don’t forget the Meat from Portland, which seems to get overshadowed by the Undermind. The last couple minutes of Meat get pretty adventurous.

  19. Ziggymon Says:

    @ KP. No doubt. Feels weird to say “best Meat ever”. I think the whole shows is a little overshadowed coming right before MSG. I know tht Neemor has been trying to keep the memory of this show alive.

  20. Ziggymon Says:

    Plus it was the introduction of “Prince”

  21. msbjivein Says:

    Thanks Mitch. I’ll check it out.

  22. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ msbjivein,

    if Miner doesn’t have a torrent link up for 12/4, check out of course you’ll have to choose among many sources, but it’s a start.

  23. marcoesq Says:

    So did the whole Prince/cactus thing from the Portland show stem from the Beras/Packers game earlier in the day where Prince was in attendance? I know they kept showing him on Fox during the game

  24. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ Ziggymon,

    agree totally. i was there and was totally exhausted from Albany, which made it somewhat harder to get into at the time, but listening back it was a great show.

  25. beepaphone Says:

    Phish locked into a methodical and transportative groove that likened a mind-controlling soundtrack for an alien chain gang marching hopelessly to their death.

    I think Miner is on to something here.

    Also, I posted this the day after Cobo, but if you haven’t seen what CK5 was doing when that 46 Days really got going, check this out. Only a bit above 30 seconds as a clip, but captures the essence well.

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