New Years Run Together

12.31.02 (J.E.Remy)

Happy Holidays to all! As we approach Phish’s first New Year’s Run in six years, I have compiled some choice selections from New Year’s Runs past to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Totaling over five hours of music, these tunes should take you through Christmas and on down to Miami! Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday.

(Stay tuned for part III of the Miami ’03 retrospective after Christmas)


New Years Run Together < Torrent

New Years Run Together < Megaupload

1-3. “2001 > Auld Lang Syne > Disease” 12.31.96 III

4,5. “Ghost > Ha Ha Ha” 12.31.98 I

6. “Reba” 12.31.93 I

7,8. “Split > Catapult” 12.31.99 I

9,10. “Tweezer > Cities” 12.31.98 II

11,12. “Mike’s > Piper” 12.31.97 II

13-15. ” Bathtub Gin > The Real Me > Bathtub Gin” 12.29.95 II

16. “You Enjoy Myself” 12.29.98 II

17. “Tube” 12.29.97 II

18. “Harry Hood” 12.30.95 II

19-22. “Carini > Katy > Sally > Frankenstein” 12.30.97 E

23,24. “Twist > Caspian” 12.31.99 II

25,26. “Drowned > After Midnight Reprise” 12.31.99 II

27. “Roses Are Free” 12.31.99 II


Jam of the Holidays:

Sand > Quadrophonic Toppling” 12.31.99 II


The depths ofย  Big Cypress – soundboard style.


"Soon Enough..." - 12.31.03 (Unknown)

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511 Responses to “New Years Run Together”

  1. halcyon Says:

    good, heading into the home stretch of a 7 day work week…2 more nights left

  2. halcyon Says:

    RIP Vic Chesnutt

  3. Lycanthropist Says:

    word @haly

    thanks again for the review.. very helpful

  4. jay Says:

  5. flarrdogg Says:

    cool artcle, jay. hope everyone had a swell holiday. safe travels to those heading south- you lucky bastards!

  6. flarrdogg Says:

    ^and sadly- RIP Vic Chesnutt. Met him a couple of times- a really sweet guy, but you could tell he had some really dark and unhappy stuff swirling around in-between his ears.

  7. Leo Weaver Says:

    Morning guys…just slipped out for a quick walk in the woods with the dogs to get one half of the speedball right, now onto another cup of joe

    “Hard to do that place justice in a picture or movie.”
    ^yep…I think everyone should experience that place at least once. I”ve never been to RR, but can’t imagine it being any more stunning or magnificent. What a place to combine nature and phish.

    @lycan…Athens, Ga for NYE? If so, have fun…step into the Georgia Bar for a few drinks, I spent MANY nights on stools there, great little joint.

  8. Lycanthropist Says:



    and if anyone is gonna be in the area let me know!

  9. Leo Weaver Says:

    wish I were lycan…still got a few friends there working in bar/restaurant industry, so I seem to get in trouble every time I go back.

  10. Leo Weaver Says:

    BTW, lots of good small venues that might be good matches for you guys…

  11. BTB Says:

    I was just thinking the other day that the boys have done very few interviews this year. They probably documented some stuff for the festi DVD though.

    Also, I probably go to the mall maybe once/twice a year, apparently there is a store called “PH8” which is some kind of teenage girl fashion chain. The festi lives on!

  12. Lycanthropist Says:


    yeah i am bringing some discs..

    any suggestions?

  13. jay Says:

    sad to hear about vic chestnut ๐Ÿ™

  14. c0wfunk Says:

    @chef “whoa, who shit the bed with the Suzy? Crap, whole thingโ€™s screwed”

    in that wooster 97 suzie, towards the end fish screams “I thought you said golgi!”

    which explains the f-ed up beginning..

  15. c0wfunk Says:

    and good morning all ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. whole tour! Says:

  17. Leo Weaver Says:

    @lycan…10 years ago, I could tell you for sure, but things change a lot in that time so I checked with a friend. Here are a few…

    Melting Point (new, I’ve never been)
    New Earth Music Hall (new, I’ve never been)
    Nowhere Bar
    Rye Bar
    Tasty World (I think this is more punk/indie now)
    Boar’s Head (if they still have music)
    Roadhouse (was another of my haunts with 3 nights of music/week…now unfortunately pretty ‘frat-tastic I think)
    Georgia Bar (used to do some small groups a la TSU)
    Flanagan’s (this was a frat bar but had pretty good bands come through)

    I’ll let you know if I think of any more. Pick up a Flagpole when you get there…it’s the local weekly publication for all things entertainment, lifestyle, etc…should be able to find info about all the venues in there.

  18. Leo Weaver Says:

    @lycan…also go have a high-brow beer in the Globe…it’s a great winter bar with lots of literary types (be sure to write something in the book assuming it’s still there)…used to see the REM guys in there a lot

  19. Leo Weaver Says:

    @lycan…one (well two) more…in atlanta, check out the Brandyhouse (Roswell Road) and Smith’s Olde Bar (by Piedmont Park). I saw Col Bruce almost weekly at Brandyhouse several years ago.

  20. c0wfunk Says:

    great little article there in the herald. Cool that phish has such high connex w/ the heat – explains the lax security there in 2003 and hopefully again this year!

  21. Lycanthropist Says:

    thanks for all the suggestions @Leo!

  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    The beach is calling…

  23. c0wfunk Says:

    so now the epic is back open and we’re in walking distance after all. what a clusterpluck circle? All’s well that ends…. hopefully the place is clean as ever now.

  24. Robear Says:

    gtf outta’ here, Miner. you in Miami already?

    Lycan, save 10/27/95 for yourself. One in the Scary Good section of the catalog.

    a dub, Selector, I’m at a friends house with a ton of reggae. What should I grab? Lots of Lee Scratch, King Tubby, Barrington, lots of stuff.

  25. joe Says:

    sending Miner the virtual middle finger from the middle of a 16 hour work shift in the cold, grey northeast. Too early for a-hole day? ok then. Enjoy it all who are basking in the Florida sunshine. only a little jealous is all.

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