Opening Day?

Wrigley's Iconic Sign

After kicking off Summer ’09 at Fenway Park, rumors swirl about Phish taking on another national baseball shrine this summer in Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Potentially starting an opening day tradition of their own, Phish may play Wrigley before Deer Creek’s rumored tour-opening stand of summer. With a capacity of 41,118, around the same as Fenway, Wrigley would provide a larger than life start to Phish 2010. Distinctly understated with an intimate, old-school vibe, more likening a minor league park than more modern superstructures, Wrigley would be a fabulous place to throw out summer’s opening pitch.

The only drawback of these stadium spectacles is the urgency of a field ticket. Designed for watching home runs and double-plays, not listening to music, the actual stands don’t necessarily provide the concert experience one might be looking for. At Fenway last May, many fans complained that between the distance and the wind, the music couldn’t truly be enjoyed from many spots in the park. Yet, on the field, the sound boomed far louder and dance space was easy to cop in front of the Green Monster. At Wrigley, the iconic brick and ivy would provide a historic backdrop for an sure-to-be entertaining show.

The Ivy of Wrigley Field

As Phish continues to consider unique stages for their tour docket, fans continue to enjoy the variety of venues. Despite some of the sound issues at Fenway, one would be hard pressed to find anybody who didn’t have a great time in Boston, and the situation would no doubt repeat itself at the little ballpark on Addison. If the band adopts the home field of the Cubs, perhaps Phish could infuse some of greatness into the the 2010 season for the north sides lovable losers. (Though that didn’t work out so well for the Red Sox last year.)

Before too long, pitchers and catchers will report for spring training, kicking off the 2010 season. And with baseball comes summer, and with summer, comes Phish tour; two of Americas indelible institutions. And with the band moving forward again, these two summer pastimes will run parallel for yet another summer this year. And its all only five short months away!

Wrigley Field


Jam of the Day:

AC/DC Bag > Ghost” 11.7.98 II


Perhaps the most outstanding improv of a steallar three-night UIC stand.



9.22.00 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL < Torrent

9.22.00 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL < Megaupload

This reader request fits with today’s Chicago theme, and goes out to Brien K! This one is a great two-set affair from the Fall of 2000 – Enjoy!

I: Down with Disease, Meat* > Poor Heart,Wilson, Slave to the Traffic Light, Dogs Stole Things, Bathtub Gin, Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself

II: Tube, Reba, Ghost > The Wedge, When the Circus Comes, Meatstick, Run Like an Antelope

E: Bold As Love


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688 Responses to “Opening Day?”

  1. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    old foundation + melting snow/ice + rain + saturated, frozen ground = long night for Type III. Learned something about our new old house yesterday, something I know now to make sure doesn’t happen again.

    Well, at least I’ll get to spend today listening to Phish while I dry out the basement. Enjoy your day, everyone. Mine will be spent tossing out sopping wet belongings that I probably didn’t need anyway…

  2. SillyWilly Says:

    Sorry about that, TypeIII….but snow days are always phishdays.

    It looks like the snow passed right over us without coming down.

  3. marcoesq Says:

    Good luck, TIII

    At least you aren’t renting 🙂

  4. A_Glide Says:

    I live a mile south of wrigley and they’ve done concerts there well in the past. Billy Joel and Elton John had a two night stand there last year, and Petty the year before and there were no complaints about shoddy sound.

    I’m with Wilson on this one, I will do very bad things to be up close and personal for this show.

  5. marcoesq Says:

    For the amount of time, money and efforts that go into these gimmick shows, they could be putting on a 4-night stand at Deer Creek or somewhere instead

  6. SillyWilly Says:

    Thats true, marcoesq and I agree that would be awesome or even better.

    But, Maybe theyre a little bored with that? Maybe playing in a place like that feels as unique to them as it does to us?

  7. Lycanthropist Says:


    that is a pretty good arguement

    or if they are gonna play stadiums at least come south and play Turner field.


  8. SillyWilly Says:

    i mean playing in a place like wrigley feels unique to them

  9. wilson8or Says:

    The Winter Classic went off without a hitch at Wrigs. Also, reports of the police concert that was there a few years ago were positive. While the sound won’t be the greatest, you can’t find a more suitable group of people to accommodate the phans. There are at least 30-40 bars you can practically trip on when you leave wrigley, as well as a Taco Hell and McD’s, and Bacci Pizza for all those midnight cravings!

  10. fat bastard Says:

    bartman to play the vaccum at wrigley?

  11. WHAT!WHAT! Says:

    Heres an Idea. Phish can team up with some High-tech wi-fi ear bud or headphone company, hand out said earphones to ticket holders who waltz into the show at Wrigley, and or every venue for that matter. Or figure out a way to play it through FM waves and hand out recievers to folks. That way, you’re seeing phish play, but getting iPod quality right to your noggin. Everyone has the same quality. Voila!!!!!!!

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Gotta look at it from the bands perspective. These guys are truly happy to be back together and realize how lucky they are that this ddin’t turn into a “Behind the Music” episode. Its a second lease on life and their careers. These are once in a lifetime opportunities the play Fenway and Wrigley, why the hell not.
    These guys have played Deer creek and Alpine Valley 50 times. Who knows maybe int 2011 they’ll play Yankee Stadium, i say go for it. For the record, the sound at Fenway did suck, but my memories do not.

  13. Brimley Says:

    Dr. Pronoia- Quad Cities… How knice would it be to stumble out of Wrigley and walk a few blocks to A: Goose Island Brewery B: The Wild Hare (a fantastic reggae only bar with wicked jungle juice) or C: Exodus (another great reggae bar)…

  14. marcoesq Says:

    Or, is it a huge financial draw for them seeing as how they are following in the footsteps of the Police, Elton, Petty, etc

    Hell, when they played Fenway it was the day after Dave Matthews finished their 2-night stand there

  15. WHAT!WHAT! Says:

    Heck, Phish can just stay in the Barn in vermont, send Chris out on the road. Have everyone buy these awesome Phish ear bud recievers, patent pending by Whu Whu of course, and have everyone show up to these venues without them there. Just Chris and the phans. Touring America while phish is at home baking cookies, knitting blankets, jamming in their underwear, doing homework with the kids, whatever.

  16. marcoesq Says:

    I agree, Palmer

    I’m just saying, given the opportunity, I personally would not attend another ballpark show and you would have to hope that matters

  17. WHAT!WHAT! Says:

    Marco, if you got a field ticket, you should go. Sound was great down there.

  18. serpent deflector Says:

    all this speculation is fun but when do you guys think we are going to get the full tour schedule? im about to go crazy

  19. Brimley Says:

    This just in…”Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger gets Justice Department’s approval
    But to ensure price competition, the music-industry goliath would have to create a pair of rivals.

  20. marcoesq Says:

    It was, you’re right. Any maybe if they did Camden Yards, I’d go 🙂

    I had to choose between Fenway and Camden last year due to work obligations

    I knew Camden would be a better show, and it was. But the memories from Fenway will last so I guess I’m in the minority

    I’d probably go

  21. marcoesq Says:

    I would go see phish anywhere, so I guess that includes ballparks

  22. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Me too Marco, unless it was in my backyard. They will sell these out regardless though. Boston, Chicago…there are not gonna be empty seats in these cities. Not sure i agree that its a money grab though, maybe i’m wrong.
    Plus, not quite ready to group them with those acts.

    BTW- the DOTD is sweet! thanks Miner

  23. marcoesq Says:

    I remember driving up to Boston that Sunday morning from Philly and seeing the headline on the front of the Boston Globe


    “Dave Matthews and the band, Phish finish up their 3 night stand at hazy Fenway park”


  24. marcoesq Says:

    Just scored 4 free tix to the Maryland/Miami Mens B Ball game tonight down in College Park!

  25. Neemor Says:

    This would be Trey’s second official visit to Wrigley:

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