Opening Day?

Wrigley's Iconic Sign

After kicking off Summer ’09 at Fenway Park, rumors swirl about Phish taking on another national baseball shrine this summer in Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Potentially starting an opening day tradition of their own, Phish may play Wrigley before Deer Creek’s rumored tour-opening stand of summer. With a capacity of 41,118, around the same as Fenway, Wrigley would provide a larger than life start to Phish 2010. Distinctly understated with an intimate, old-school vibe, more likening a minor league park than more modern superstructures, Wrigley would be a fabulous place to throw out summer’s opening pitch.

The only drawback of these stadium spectacles is the urgency of a field ticket. Designed for watching home runs and double-plays, not listening to music, the actual stands don’t necessarily provide the concert experience one might be looking for. At Fenway last May, many fans complained that between the distance and the wind, the music couldn’t truly be enjoyed from many spots in the park. Yet, on the field, the sound boomed far louder and dance space was easy to cop in front of the Green Monster. At Wrigley, the iconic brick and ivy would provide a historic backdrop for an sure-to-be entertaining show.

The Ivy of Wrigley Field

As Phish continues to consider unique stages for their tour docket, fans continue to enjoy the variety of venues. Despite some of the sound issues at Fenway, one would be hard pressed to find anybody who didn’t have a great time in Boston, and the situation would no doubt repeat itself at the little ballpark on Addison. If the band adopts the home field of the Cubs, perhaps Phish could infuse some of greatness into the the 2010 season for the north sides lovable losers. (Though that didn’t work out so well for the Red Sox last year.)

Before too long, pitchers and catchers will report for spring training, kicking off the 2010 season. And with baseball comes summer, and with summer, comes Phish tour; two of Americas indelible institutions. And with the band moving forward again, these two summer pastimes will run parallel for yet another summer this year. And its all only five short months away!

Wrigley Field


Jam of the Day:

AC/DC Bag > Ghost” 11.7.98 II


Perhaps the most outstanding improv of a steallar three-night UIC stand.



9.22.00 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL < Torrent

9.22.00 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL < Megaupload

This reader request fits with today’s Chicago theme, and goes out to Brien K! This one is a great two-set affair from the Fall of 2000 – Enjoy!

I: Down with Disease, Meat* > Poor Heart,Wilson, Slave to the Traffic Light, Dogs Stole Things, Bathtub Gin, Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself

II: Tube, Reba, Ghost > The Wedge, When the Circus Comes, Meatstick, Run Like an Antelope

E: Bold As Love


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688 Responses to “Opening Day?”

  1. voopa Says:

    aah wormtown

    “I’ve always heard that the Rich are out to screw the rest of us”
    Damn Big Bank! *continues fist shaking*

    Miami Piper just made me spinnin’

  2. joe Says:

    what I’m cranking right now and inspired me to write that last comment Mr. P

  3. sumodie Says:

    Terrapin is about all I remember from that show -feeling/seeing the tidal wave of recognition and awe spread through the crowd is something I’ll never forget. My heart felt like it was going to explode from joy.

  4. joe Says:

    you think we’ll get another dead cover anytime soon?

  5. sumodie Says:

    Filling the pods with fresh old phish for these ears. Can’t wait.

    And picked up a used copy of Phish in Vegas DVD. Haven’t ever relistened to that two-fer. Seems my phish dvd habit is expanding outward. I blame it on the Clifford Ball box set 8)

  6. Mr. Completely Says:

    filler on that dvd pwns the vegas show imo

  7. sumodie Says:

    I’m not holding my breath for another Dead cover. Thought for sure we’d get one with Billy this summer (kinda cool that they just jammed on phish though). Never say never of course.

  8. voopa Says:

    Yeah Mr C that Phoenix Piper>Forget is the goods. Very sad story behind me not attending that one…for some other time.

  9. KWL Says:

    on deck for slammage: 7-6-2000… one of the finest Reba’s after 94-5 no doubt, and opener taboot. Also one of my favorite pipers, and taste & lxl as they should be played. A favorite of ’00, just a slight notch below the likes of 6-14

  10. Mr. Completely Says:

    why should such a thing as “nude pictures of Greg Oden” exist?

    hasn’t Portland suffered enough?

    That’s just not right.

    Not cool, God. I don’t even believe in you and I’m still pissed.

  11. Mr. Completely Says:

    I blame the Rich.

  12. sumodie Says:

    @mrC: yeah, those Vegas shows were great fun but not mindbending. I misread the DVD label and thought the filler was from the first night. Cool to hear it’ll be for the night after (& with your rec taboot).

    Think I’ll soon be out of official DVD releases to watch. Been dreading developing YET ANOTHER phish habit: dling bootleg dvds…..

    Fav Phish DVDs that I own:

    IT, Ball, Walnut Creek -all must owns, imo, in that order. I know, the IT Trey interviews are disturbing, and some of Page’s answers are dopey, but the musical footage is SUPERB (and also more professional than the Ball’s video efforts).

    Bittersweet Motel – complete failure from a musical standpoint. But tour footage is cool, esp. the nude shoot with Tunick, which I participated in. Worth watching for first timers, or, if you’re like me, if you forgot/didn’t realize how bad it was the first time. In my defense, though, when it was first released it was amazing just to be able to see a phish flick at the theater.

    What other official DVD releases did I miss?
    ::checks out drygoods::

  13. sumodie Says:

    Looks like I’m missing the Brooklyn and Vegas 96 DVDs….now I’m regretting not including them when I got those CDs. Wont make that mistake again!

  14. ChefBradford Says:

    I’d like to see Tracking on DVD, maybe as filler or something, part of a compilation, maybe

  15. ChefBradford Says:

    I didn’t realize Vegas 96 was out on DVD, thought it was CD/DL only

  16. Henry Says:

    Neemor, I hate to break it to you, but Rich was 10 in 1998. He graduated from my high school in ’07.

  17. sumodie Says:

    That’s right, I’ve got Tracking, but no VHS hooked up 🙁 Guess it’s my mystery box.

    I should take with me to a March Mike show to see if he’ll sign it!

  18. BTB Says:

    Brooklyn is probably the weakest DVD, although, the quality is better than vegas.

    I blame the Rich!!

  19. voopa Says:

    A Tracking DVD would be very cool!

  20. sumodie Says:

    @chef: Was just at drygoods -Vegas 96 is only available as a special extra when you buy the fancier CD/DVD/booklet package (which I didn’t). It’s not the entire show (did I read 40 minutes?).

  21. ChefBradford Says:

    I don’t know, I haven’t seen the Brooklyn DVD, but musically, compared to Vegas, I’d def take Brooklyn. There are some flubs, but, for instance, that Moma Dance is excellent, and second set has some definite highlights. Plus the well-received debut of Song I Heard…

  22. ChefBradford Says:

    sumodie- I’m guessing that’s the encore or something, then. Hmm.

    I enjoyed Tracking, and while it wouldn’t be worth it to be a stand-alone DVD, I think it would be great thrown in with something else.

    I’ll be fine if I never see the DWD video again


  23. halcyon Says:

    @ Gavinsdad…..Thanks for the history lesson. GSW was a great fun band. I had a few tapes back in the day that were in rotation when Phish, Grateful Dead, and MMW were not. G

  24. sumodie Says:

    “Mr miner’s most ridiculous quotes” (green board of course!)

    It’s not a hate thread. Def some positive support, or I wouldn’t post the link here.

  25. voopa Says:

    “He sounds like he is the court scribe from Medieval times writing about a king under threat of death. ”


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