A Leg Two Preview

The Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

After exactly one month off, Phish will return for their late-summer run at the improbable Berkeley, California locale, The Greek Theatre. One of the most beautifully set amphitheatres in the land will host Phish for a three-night party on August 5-7, kicking off the most anticipated week of the Summer 2010. On a hilltop at the University of California, the famous Bay Area icon holds only 8,500 people per night, making it the first truly tough ticket of the summer. With only these three shows on the west coast until the fall, fans will be coming from far and wide to see Phish’s return to The Greek. With a GA policy and limited floor space, you can bet on a Red-Rocks-esque scene of early arrivals rolling out tarps and staking claim on their crew’s space for the night.If two things are for sure, Berkeley will be a scene, and these shows will be something special.

Downtown Telluride, CO

After only one day off, Phish will fulfill the rumor of the winter by playing Town Park in Telluride, CO. On August 9 and 10, the Phish community will descend upon this mountain hamlet for the most anticipated shows of the summer. Returning to Telluride for the first time since 1991, these two days will have a throwback vibe, as the band plays at the base of the Rockies. Expect a festive atmosphere in town all weekend, as Phish unveils their mountain music inspired by the gorgeous environs. With tickets exclusively sold in two-day passes, only 9,000 people, total, will get in to what looks to be the most enchanted Phish experience of the summer. In the span of six days, Phish will play five shows of under 10,000 people, something that hasn’t happened since Japan 2000. Pretty…pretty…pretty…pretty cool.

6.19.09 Deer Creek (T.Caine)

Following the opening week of August, the scene will shift to the Midwest for one of the most classic combos of summer venues, Deer Creek and Alpine Valley. 2010 will make it nine consecutive summer tours, dating back to 1996, that the band will combine these two Midwestern jewels. With shows that, historically, almost never disappoint, this run is a no-brainer for standout Phish. With two shows in the cornfields and two in cheese country, the overnight route between the two venues is perhaps the most classic summer Phish drive that exists in the land. Maybe this year someone can figure out why the highways in Wisconsin are named with letters instead of numbers.

Jones Beach '09 (W.Rogell)

And to close the tour – for now – the band will return to the east coast for two shows at Jones Beach in Wantagh, New York. This summer, Long Island will host the end of tour as opposed to 2009’s three-night stand at the onset of June.  On the original set of dates that circulated before the announcement, everything matched up exactly, but there were also two Radio City shows tacked onto the end. The absence of these dates on the official announcement either means that they fell through at the last minute, or they are still hammering out the details. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something else added the end of tour, as bringing the circus to the east coast for only two shows seems a bit odd. Time will tell.

Alpine Valley - East Troy, WI

Looking over the entirety of Phish’s 29-show summer, the clear concentration of shows lies in the northeastern corridor, garnering grumblings from the peanut gallery out west. Lest we forget, Phish, at their roots, is an east coast band, and after a five-year break, that is more true than ever. With their fans, friends, and families concentrated in the east, and a diminished desire to grow their fanbase nationally, Phish has no true incentive to come out west except to visit sublime venues. And that is exactly what they have been doing. Between Red Rocks, The Gorge, Indio, The Greek Theatre, and Telluride, you have the five most engaging runs of Phish 3.0, all, by modern standards, “out west.” Maybe we’ll see a west coast swing come fall, but somehow I wonder.

Regardless, Phish is locked and loaded for what hopes to be a ground-breaking summer. In all likelihood, the band will begin to carve a new direction for their music, and within these venues of August, the cream of the crop will rise to the top, as the Phish’s playing traditionally peaks on the back half of tours. With everything back in place, this will be the first tour we can truly take at face value, as an indication of what is to come. With the building blocks of 2009 out of the way, things couldn’t be more exciting.


Jam of the Day:

Bathtub Gin” 7.21.97 I

A standout piece of Summer ’97’s US opener.




6.29.94 Walnut Creek Amp, Raleigh, NC < Torrent

6.29.94 Walnut Creek Amp, Raleigh, NC < Megaupload

Walnut Creek - Raleigh, NC

Phish’s first of many visits to this Raleigh tour stop came amidst a smoking run of June ’94.

I: The Curtain, Sample in a Jar, Reba, Mound, Julius, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Catapult > David Bowie, I Didn’t Know, Golgi Apparatus

II:  The Landlady, Poor Heart, Tweezer, It’s Ice, Lifeboy, The Divided Sky, Suzy Greenberg, Cavern

E: Ya Mar, Tweezer Reprise

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828 Responses to “A Leg Two Preview”

  1. c0wfunk Says:

    yeah despite my above comments I’m actually pretty psyched for a good ole fashioned hot as hell summer shed forth of july tour – that’s the shit I was raised on!

  2. ma Says:

    florida boy, can relate very well..atlanta poses to be a tough ticket as well with the downsize.

  3. c0wfunk Says:

    oh yeah? How much smaller is the place than lakeHood?

  4. ma Says:

    12,000 compared to what, about 20?

  5. c0wfunk Says:

    ah and w/ the 4th of july / end of tour it’ll be a destination.. gotta stay on the ball here

  6. c0wfunk Says:

    you know come to think of it last summer merriweather was my only outside show – with asheville and knoxville being the other summers. And that was such a strangely received show. Interesting for them to head back for 2 after that. I imagine one of those nights will be some serious kickdown..

  7. ma Says:

    enjoy the day…look forward to the possible meet-up.

  8. ma Says:

    i did the same shows exactly…my wife and i loved mpp….good pavillion seats on the aisle….didn’t get the full blown tweezer, but it was a rippin 2nd set..

  9. Amazin1986 Says:

    Wouldn’t the rumored dates at Pocono Raceway fall nicely after Jones Beach? I seem too recall that 8/20 and 8/21 were being mentioned?

  10. ma Says:

    i’ve said it befoe, the fact that it was so hot and humid that day and that trey was sporting a jacket, didn’t make sense

  11. c0wfunk Says:

    if anyone here is in the western nc area – this saturday I am fortunate enough to be an artist in a really cool local event called the “rehappening” – a celebration of Black Mountain College in the spirit of their old crazy happenings. It will be a multimedia extravaganza w/ music, art, sculptures. We are playing the closing set w/ synth, theremin, and some sampled loops. Plans to turn into a funky dance party by the end. $15 bucks gets you the evening (after 8:30) and free drinks. (the earlier dinner portion is sold out)

    remove the spaces from the link below for more info
    main.nc.us / calendar / events / 1268241441.shtml

  12. c0wfunk Says:

    ma I’ve gone on and on about it here already and I won’t rehash too much but I loved merriwether and listen to it often – a unique grouping of songs, all very well performed, and the 46 days is possibly the jam of the summer. I am also a TTE fan so add that in…

  13. marcoesq Says:

    Morning all, cant wait to get out there on the road to see the boys

    Hopefully our friends out west will be able to make some good arrangements, while The Greek and Telluride, DC and Alpine are all pretty spaced out, I’d much rather be hitting those shows than the old Great Woods, Camden>MPP of (many) years past

  14. ma Says:


    i’m right there with you..it’s all good to me, makes goin to shows that much more enjoyable.

    gotta boogie..time to work.
    good day to all

  15. BTB Says:

    I’m working on planning the 1st annual BTB Fest for the Cuyahoga Falls, OH show June 12 (saturday). I’ve got a 6 acre ranch in Nelson, OH (Amish country – rolling hills – wooded property) which is 30 miles east from Blossom Music Center. A perfect stop for those of you who may be coming from I-90 into Cleveland.

    Details to follow if I can make this work.What could be provided for those looking to burn some time in Ohio on a Saturday afternoon:

    Located 1 mile from Nelson Ledges Quarry Park (www.nlqp.com)

    Located on wooded property adjoining Nelson Race Track

    4 Wheeling

    A Keg of Great Lakes Beer

    Free Camping

    Huge Fire Pit

    Pond (for kids to swim in – I have a big inflatable bouncy toy – lol)

    Just an idea at this point, but I’ll create some type of formal event. Regardless, I have free camping for those who want it.

  16. marcoesq Says:

    Wow btb, that almost makes me want to make the trek out there! Looks like a lot of fun, I only wish cuyahoga was closer and not in such bad timing with the other shows

  17. BTB Says:

    Marco, you can make it anywhere to a Saturday show!

  18. Luther Justice Says:

    Right on BTB! I already told everyone last night they could crash at your place in Cleveland (You wouldn’t have minded. Right?) This is even better. Count me in sir.

  19. lastwaltzer Says:

    @BTB what a generous offer now you’ve got me debating ohio, I have a good freind in Akron I’ve been meaning to visit for a while.

  20. SillyWilly Says:

    Morning, all! struggling over here after St. Patrick’s day celebrations.


    thats a great idea.

  21. SillyWilly Says:

    oh yes and happy round 1 of the ncaa tourney!

  22. c0wfunk Says:

    btb that’s great man I wish I could make it up there..

  23. BTB Says:

    Also, Nelson OH is located near the turnpike for those heading to Hershey, PA to catch that show (me included). So it’s on the way to Hershey…

  24. marcoesq Says:

    Oh, it’s a saturday show thats right! I’m supposed to be in Herhshey the next day but I really hate that place and am not pressed at all to make it

    Only reason I might want to go to hershey is because its on a sunday and I never try to miss a sunday show 🙂

  25. Luther Justice Says:

    I’ll be coming up on Fri. My friend, my friend, that’s going to the show with me lives right near you on the east side.

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