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  1. beepaphone Says:

    I never knew Jin could throw a bow like that. pwnage.

  2. The Light Between Says:

    Things are starting to come together.

  3. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    the thick plottens…

  4. ohhphee Says:

    i wonder if being called “the Package” is the same as being dubbed “the Big Unit”. Does this mean that when Whidmore is finished with Desmond he’ll have him hung?

  5. bhizzle Says:

    desmond needs to be on the island so FLocke cannot leave.

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    so when Widmore told Jim that if Flocke gets off the island everything and everyone they know will “cease to be”, do we think he means in a sense of armaggedon (like dogs and cats living together and that type of stuff) or that everything/one will be different and thus will cease to be as they know it?

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    *Jin (not Jim)

  8. cwc Says:

    Think Jin and Sun will become adam and eve in the caves with one white stone and one black stone? Can’t say for sure which is which yet. More christian symbolism with Sun being in the garden and evil leaving behind the tomato (apple)

    BTW, what ever happened to Rose and Bernard? Why doesn’t MIB mess with them. Because they aren’t candidates?

  9. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    something that annoyed me that I have to mention. I really did not like ABC’s stupid countdown to the lizard-alien-show-that-was-probably-better-when-beastmaster-was-in-it-when-I-was-a-kid-but-I-wouldn’t-know-because-I-don’t-care-to-watch-it (and the big red ‘V’) being there for the entire episode. I understand they are pimping this show hard right now, but that was distracting.

    another weird thing that maybe only I noticed. Ladies, forgive me here for a second. When Sun was flirting with Jin and unbuttoning her sweater, did anyone else look at the cut shot they showed of her bosom and think “those aren’t her breasts”? She’s a very pretty woman but I think they used a stand-in for the “money shot”. Am I the only one who had this thought? Okay then…

  10. Tsac77 Says:

    The “V” bug annoyed the hell out of me too.

    Overall, an okay episode. More set-up than pay-off.

  11. lycanthropist Says:

    i thought it was a good episode. it was nice to see sun actually do something other than lament over her husband.

    gotta say im not really into widmore bein a “good guy”. And there is some inconsistencies with his behavior. He claims to not want to let the mib have his way, yet he himself sent a crew of killers to the island to wipe out all existence on the island..

    not really sure what we are supposed to think about widmore.

    nice that des is back in the picture. And how spooky is sayid now? jesus!

    there was a lot of set up, but some key things went down.

    – locke essentially okayed claire to kill kate once kate served her purpose
    – the battle lines were drawn
    – jack is ok with people leaving?
    – ilana is extremely convicted in her faith
    – keamy is evil no matter what reality
    – kate was once on the list but isnt now
    – hhurley is extremely important it seems
    – and i think john bon smokey doesnt really have any intention of using the plane to get off. My bet is that he wants to get all the people in one place so he can kill em in one fail swoop

  12. sanchothehutt Says:

    Is anyone else getting frustrated by the amount of time they’re spending on the “flash-sideways” stories? I mean, they’re interesting, but unless they somehow tie back in to what is going on on the island, don’t they seem like so much filler material?

    Also, I know I’m a week behind here, but did anyone else think of John the Baptist when Jacob was dunking Richard into the ocean? I thought that was pretty obvious, but poignant at the same time.

    Hope ya’ll got what you wanted in the lottery.

  13. Lycanthropist Says:

    Yeah the V was making me angry too… and I don’t mind the show itself that much, but ABC is so terrible about their over-hyping and their misplaced advertising

  14. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    – kate was once on the list but isnt now

    is that accurate or is that just what Flocke told Claire to get her to stay motivated to help him? (not disagreeing, just unsure myself)

  15. cwc Says:

    I actually watch V Its not too bad but they took too long of a break and now they are trying to over market it. The countdown was the most annoying.

    Everybody sure thinks getting that plane up and running is going to be some peace of cake.

    Saw this on another site but had to share. Pretty Good

    Jacob = Obi Wan Kenobi – he’s dead but talks to Hurley and gives him advice and guidance. That would make Hurley = Large Luke Skywalker. He uses the Force to talk to dead people and he’s obviously on the light side.
    Sawyer = Han Solo – an easy one
    Kate = Leia – actually she’s a combination of Leia and Han Solo
    Sayid = an emo version of Boba Fett, the assassin
    MIB/Flocke = evil Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. MIB is evil Anakin before he’s burned, and Flocke is the bald Darth Vader post-burning
    Ben = a less efficient, not nearly as powerful version of Emperor Palpatine
    Michael = Lando Calrissian – they both betrayed their friends to save themselves
    Richard = C3PO – he started out with Anakin (MIB), then switched to Obi Wan (Jacob). He’s an advisor, speaks many languages (spanish, english, egyptian) and neither of them can die
    Miles = Yoda – they’re both short? Okay, that’s a stretch, but I had to fit Yoda in there somewhere
    Widmore = Count Dooku – evil, but ultimately unsuccessful (so far) in any of his evil plans
    Jack & Claire = another Luke/Leia storyline – brother and sister but didn’t know it
    Jack, Kate & Sawyer = Luke, Leia & Han Solo love triangle

  16. Lycanthropist Says:


    i guess everything that the MiB says is questionable…

    but at some point I got to start taking somethings at face value.

    I think one of the things that makes the MiB such a good manipulator is that he uses the truth as much as possible to carry his lies.

    I wonder which 3 MiB wants Kate to convince to leave..

    Jack definitely.
    Sawyer? I dunno, it seems to me that Locke feels that hes already got Sawyer, or at least has convinced him already to leave.
    Sayid? Sayid is already doing whatever Locke tells him to do
    Hurley? I dunno, not sure Kate has enough emotional sway

    So Kwon? probably

    So is there another?

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    it’s a little late in the game for slow-paced setup episodes, but as such eps go, this was a good one.

  18. Lycanthropist Says:

    I didnt feel that it was that slow paced

    It just touched on all the storylines going on, so no one storyline moved forward that much, but the story as a whole moved forward.

    I gotta say, that I wasn’t looking forward to this one too much because it was a Sun/Jin episodes and those episodes tend to drag and such. Yet this episode, including the FS, was entertaining to watch from start to finish.

    It lacked the big mythological answers that last weeks episode delivered, but it made up for it with the on island story.

    Desmond being back in play is very big. I think he is probably key in connecting the two universes…

  19. TJC12TJC Says:

    If you and I sat down right now to play backgammon what color would you pick? Black or White? If we played another game would you pick the same color? We know there is a light side, a dark side and the game must be played. I’m starting to think there is just two sides. Not necessarily a Light side and a dark side.

    Juliette (Elizabeth Mitchell) is now the star of V. ABC is just trying to Snag us Juliette fans into watching their answer to BSG.

  20. greezey Says:

    Agreed last night was a set up episode….I dont care how much it sets up there are only 6 eps left and way too many questions to be answered for these kind of eps. It wanst horrible but I was just thinking about how this story totally has nothing to do with the first couple seasons and this is the only thing they could come up with because their story is so fucking out there. Well see

  21. Billy88 Says:

    Is it possible that Widmore does not want people on the island because they represent possibilities for MiB to manipulate and find loopholes. I think he knows about MiB and wants him contained, but still has some desires that the island can provide. So he’s probably not a good guy. Is there a Sun’s father/Widmore connection? Keamy worked for both or is that a FS coincident.

  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    people dog on episodes unless 30 people get killed. That was a great one – lots of stuff happened.

  23. Lycanthropist Says:

    ^agreed miner

    this was a very relevant episode if you ask me.

    i think looking back after its all said and done we will see that there were major clues and developments regarding the reconciliation of the two time lines

  24. southbound Says:

    question: why does Mikhail get his eye shot out by Jin (they that has a patch on it when we are first introduced to him), and why does Keamy say to Jin while he tapes him to the chair, “I am going to strap you in here just in case you figure out what’s about to happen to the island.”

  25. TJC12TJC Says:

    Keamy says “I am going to strap you in here just in case you figure out what’s about to happen to you.” not the island.

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