Ten Tunes For Friday

12.31.09 (W.Rogell)

Welcome back to Friday, and these ten tunes focus, specifically, on summer tours past. With a couple months separating us from Summer 2010, I figured we’d take a trip down memory lane. Please choose to either download the selections OR stream them to minimize bandwidth cost. Thanks, and have a great weekend!


Reba” 8.2.03 I

A brilliant highlight from IT’s first set. There’s nothing like an afternoon, festival-sized “Reba” jam.



Tweezer” 7.25.98 II

A Summer ’98 classic featuring larger-than-life, bulbous dance grooves.



Drowned > Chalkdust Reprise” 7.11.00 I

Flooding over from yesterday’s “Drowned” post, here we have “the Phish from Vermont” indulging in musical-comedy, best blending this jam into the old-school, anthemic, “Chalkdust Reprise.”



Split Open and Melt” 6.11.94 II

A concise, power-packed version from Red Rocks ’94. A perfect example of musical density.



Stash” 7.22.93 I

An old-school shred-fest for Big Red under a deluge at Stowe, VT during Summer ’93. On stage Trey remarked that the stage crew was talking about canceling the show due to possible electrocution. His response? “I told ’em Fuck that. Put the plug up my ass and count out Llama!”



Disease > Free” 6.26.95 II

A personal favorite, and a deep dive into Summer ’95 psychedelia.



Scent of a Mule” 8.17.97 III

Oh no, the quintessential set-killer! Think again, this is Limestone, Maine, and in final set of The Great Went, “Scent of a Mule” became an ethereal launchpad. Out of the usual “Mule Duel” segment, the band decided to play as the spirit moved, drifting into an beautiful and experimental segment of music. The band delicately passed through the “Mind Left Body” theme and a digital delay jam before awkwardly crashing back into Gordon’s speedgrass.



Demand > Antelope” 6.24.94 II

This smoking experimental “Antelope” hails from the intimate confines of The Murat Theatre, circa ’94; a magnificent, multi-faceted piece of music.




7.16.98 The Gorge, George, WA < Torrent

7.16.98 The Gorge, George, WA < Megaupload

The Gorge '09 (W.Rogell)

The first night of The Gorge ’98, a two-set beast in its own right, even though it has always lived in the shadows of 7.17’s peak performance.

I: The Squirming Coil, NICU, Stash, Reba, Fast Enough for You > When the Circus Comes, Run Like an Antelope

II: Julius, The Moma Dance,  Piper, Axilla, David Bowie, Tube, Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Sample in a Jar

Source: Unknown


565 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday”

  1. Robear Says:

    @ willowed, yeah what song is that, anyway? def. missed the opener that night.

  2. willowed Says:

    Nice little Lope too!

  3. willowed Says:

    I litened to that song (spices) today. I am not sure I ever heard it before.
    It’s like a cross between Waves and TTE (that’s why it was so weird that they opened with Spices into Waves).
    Very weird little jam.
    Fun though.

  4. willowed Says:

    I heart Trey loops

  5. Mitch Says:

    all this time i thought you were pimping the gorge when talking about 7.9.03. whats funny is i have the live phish of it but still havent listened after all your pimping. i’ll put it on my iphone tonight and listen this weekend.

  6. Mitch Says:

    was already planning on raq with you and whoever else. tix at the door?

  7. Robear Says:

    unreal, at the Mango!

    that’s the ‘Scents’ that you, frankie and I were listening to on the way out the door to MSG3. Frankie dug it up off the hard-drive 🙂

  8. Mr. Palmer Says:

    cool mitch. i may grab them earlier, not sure if it will sell out though.

  9. willowed Says:

    I am listening to the 7/16/98 Gorge right now but reminiscing on my 7/10/2003 spin from this a.m.
    I highly recommend both!!

  10. willowed Says:

    I think I have to put Tube in my top 5 favorite jams!

  11. nonoyolker Says:

    I’ve told mrs. yolker already – if we ever have children, I want the first thing they hear on this earth to be Reba jam from IT. Mother’s voice is 2nd. ::not kidding:: Jam is perfection.

    Dude’s hitting Raq at the Bowery, I scooped my tix and booked my hotel in NYC. Booking flights next week. Rolling with some family, but would be interested in meeting up if you doods want.

  12. HarryHood Says:


  13. Leo Weaver Says:

    Good to see you @HH…right on time!

    @willowed…check out the 9.28.99 Oak Mtn version…it’s nice and spacefunky…you’ll dig

  14. HarryHood Says:

    guys? guys it’s dark in here….. Come back

  15. Leo Weaver Says:

    It has lots of loops taboot 🙂

  16. HarryHood Says:

    @ Leo

    Good to see you too my friend. I’ve been off and on the board lately and I haven’t caught up with you in a bit. How’s things? You gonna make it up to SPAC this summer?

  17. willowed Says:

    Loops are my friend when I am lost and lonely and full of mind ending substances
    I will check that out asap!

  18. willowed Says:

    Mind bending not mind ending substances.
    That sounds bad!

  19. willowed Says:

    I never want to take a mind ending substance. The outcome I assume would not be good!

  20. kenny powers Says:

    re: Tube – I really like the 12.31.99 afternoon set opener. Gets overshadowed by, oh, hours worth of music later on but it’s a pretty nice version!

  21. nonoyolker Says:

    Awful day at the ballpark: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=5098407

  22. kenny powers Says:

    I am not one of the people who thought Trey got carried away w/ loops in the late ’90s. I cannot get enough loops. Especially when they really mesh with the playing that’s happening on top of them.

    I’ve been hooked like crack on the 7/4/00 Jibboo the past few days and the loops and jamming right around 8:00 is freaking orgasmic.

  23. Mr. Palmer Says:

    philly fans at their finest! Never fails.

  24. Leo Weaver Says:

    @HH…doing alright down here. Mrs. Weaver has had a tough couple of days dealing with some family issues…long dramatic saga that rears its ugly head a couple of times a year. But good BB vibes have helped her (and me) get through it this time…but it continues Monday, hopefully with a positive outcome. Otherwise, things are pretty peachy. Work is still slow, but I’m making the most of it. So yeah, things aren’t bad and I won’t complain. Been playing tennis again after a 12 year hiatus…trying to stay away from birds in the attic though 😉 (hope you’re making a speedy recovery BTW). Won’t be at SPAC unfortunately. But I will be in Hartford with cub and the CT fellas…you should try to make it down for at least Friday night.

  25. Leo Weaver Says:

    I’m with you @KP…I heart loops. And as you say, when they’re in sync with the music…buttah!

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