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  1. famousmockingbird tim Says:

    dude, you guys need to slow down- widmore is not in cahoots with MIB.

    widmore had the losties placed in that cage, which was supposed to be surrounded by the pylons to protect the candidates from the MIB. the fact that it didn’t go down that way isn’t an indictment of wid et al- they didn’t know how close smokey actually was.

    however, i will admit, there’s a significant piece of the puzzle missing in terms of why widmore was once banished, and why he’s now back (or why, knowing what we know, he’d even want to be). i mean, it’s not like he wants to be the successor to the MIB- nobody wants that.

  2. famousmockingbird tim Says:

    last season, i though illana was working for widmore (before we knew about her connection with jacob).

    when i heard widmore say that he had to protect those on the list it harkened back to this idea. widmore is somehow working for jacob’s side i suspect, although his banishment is the truly suspicious part.

    a lot of mystery still surrounds widmore, and we are eventually going to see widmore and ben tet a tet one more time i guarantee

  3. GatsbyGatsbyGreatDog Says:

    I thought they had said that Widmore was banished because he went and had a child and family outside of the island and that was forbidden?? I seem to remember a scene on the dock with the sub with Ben kicking Widdy off the island and saying that… obviously it was Ben just trying to take over, but I think that was the reasoning, and thats why Widmore is pissed and trying to get back (although, Widmore def. doesn’t want to use the island as Jacob would probably intend). If anyone else thinks that Bernard and Rose are the skeletons in the cave (‘adam and eve’) when they first get on the island and find water then let me know if I’m crazy or not!

  4. Hojo Says:

    Can someone fill me in on the back-story for Bernard and Rose. They wanted to stay on the island, build a little hut and whatnot, correct? What time line was that in? The original/ present timeline or the 70’s?

    I did find it interesting that Bernard had been Lockes surgeon in the alt. timeline. I didn’t remember him being a doctor or surgeon before.

  5. kts Says:

    Bernard and Rose (& Victor) were last seen in 1977 on the same day that Jack was trying to detonate the bomb at the Swan Station site. Bernard was a dentist in the original timeline.

    Since all the other 815 survivors jumped to 2007 right at the time of the “Incident,” I think its possible that Bernard and Rose also jumped, and we will see them again in the original timeline.

  6. kts Says:

    I meant Vincent, not Victor, of course.

  7. GatsbyGatsbyGreatDog Says:

    Man…. two comments about Rose and Bernard AFTER I left my theory about what happens to them and nobody responds to it??? Is it that bad? I think Rose and Bernard may be the skeletons in the cave from the beginning of the series. they got left behind in 1977 and died and stayed in the cave??? maybe? I don’t know… but yea, Bernard is always a dentist, and he did some dental reconstruction for Flocke in the alt time line, not a surgeon. can’t wait for this week…

  8. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ I think this is right.

  9. GatsbyGatsbyGreatDog Says:

    Thanks Mr. Miner!! big fan of the site and just posted recently because of the LOST discussions. I had a moment of dread the other day, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my Tuesdays after this is all over, but then I remembered that just a few Tuesdays later I’ll be in Portsmouth for the start of my shows this summer…. God/Jacob (????) never closes a door without opening a window… Amen and down with the MiB! p.s. I’ve been on board with the ‘backgammon’ theory for awhile now (the island as a ‘game’ with Jacob and MiB taking ‘pieces’ or people from eachother in the effort to ‘win’.) I’m starting to like this more and more obviously, but have been starting to evolve it a bit… any ideas or theories on this before the new episode??….looks like this episode might center on this subject so thought I’d as ahead of time to see if anyone wants to look like a badass!

  10. GatsbyGatsbyGreatDog Says:

    ^ ‘ask’ ahead of time

  11. famousmockingbird tim Says:

    rose and bernard my ass!

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