Ten Tunes For Friday

8.2.09 (G.Lucas)

With under a month left until Summer 2010, each Friday inches us ever closer to new Phish music. Until then, each week we can focus on the relics from the past with ten more tunes. Enjoy the music, and enjoy the weekend!


Auld Lang Syne > Disease Jam > Split” 12.31.93 III

Arguably the greatest splash into the new year that Phish has ever pulled off, debuting the cathartic “Disease” jam before anyone knew the song. “Down With Disease” would be unveiled in ’94’s first show in Burlington.



Reba” 4.9.94 II

A soaring version with a ferocious peak from Binghamton ’94.



Tweezer” 6.29.94 II

A heavy, imposing rendition that emerged deep in the second set at Walnut Creek ’94.



Antelope” 12.6.97 I

During Fall ’97, Phish looked through a lens of funk grooves, transposing their vision on any and every song. Here’s a dancy first set example from Auburn Hills.



Wolfman’s > Scents and Subtle Sounds” 7.7.03 II

In the first show of Summer ’03 in, Phish led off the second set with this one-two punch, debuting “Scents and Subtle Sounds” to the Phoenix audience.



Mike’s Song” 11.7.98 I

1998 was the last consistently great year for “Mike’s Songs,” and this dark-horse version that all-but opened UIC’s three-night stand, moves from militant rhythms into a blissful second jam to balance things out.



Yamar” 12.13.97 I

Kicking off the final show of Fall ’97 in Albany, Phish jumped onto the dance floor quickly with this funktastic take on “Yamar.”



YEM > Fast Enough For You” 4.29.94 II

This “YEM”oozes ’94 energy and creativity, veering from a vocal jam and melting into “Fast Enough For You.”



David Bowie” 4.30.94 II

A classic rendition from Orlando, with “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” intro.

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578 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday”

  1. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Palmer’s Summer ’10 wishlist

    1. Crosseyed ( never heard one, ever)

    2. Tube ( a real one though)

    3. Sally.

  2. ChefBradford Says:

    I’ll have what Marshall and Palmer are having

  3. Mitch Says:

    never heard crosseyed? you should check out 7.29.03 to get your feet wet. maybe wanna start with the talking heads version first. you can prob stream it on youtube.

  4. El Duderino Says:

    @ Palmer

    You have e-mail

  5. gratefulcub Says:

    As bad as 04 was, the Deer Creek Halley’s>Crosseyed>Slave was a treat. With an unexpectedly nice Gin in the first set. All in all, a great night by 04 standards.

  6. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Sorry- never seen a Crosseyed. Of course i’ve heard it sillyhead!

  7. Mitch Says:

    dont forget the tube, antelope, wedge, timber at DC 04. thats no slouch.

  8. Mitch Says:

    well I thought I was funny anyway. I should have included 😯

  9. gratefulcub Says:

    Scents was the top line of my wish list last year. I’m not going to mention it this year, and I am not even going to think about WOTC.

  10. Mitch Says:

    and i could talk about how you’ve never seen a crosseyed person, but i digress.

  11. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    I would also like a Waves. So, my wish list for ’10 is:


    If I get that I’ll be happy. Anything else is pure unadulterated bliss anyway.

  12. GOOCHY Says:

    I was pretty happy to have caught Waves at N1 Alpine last year. Lizards, too…

  13. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Never heard a wedge. Would like to hear a tight wedge.

  14. BTB Says:

    I need:

    Alumni Blues
    Buffalo Bill

  15. Guyute711 Says:

    Crosseyed follows me around. I have seen it 6 out of 12 times.

  16. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Better than having Sample follow you around. At least it’s guaranteed to produced dancing and glow-rings.

  17. GOOCHY Says:

    I have a similar bucket list to most of you guys. Buffalo Bill would be a great one for this summer. I’ve also never seen The Wedge live, which would be cool for a standard song. Also, let’s see a long-form Tube, for once, eh Phish? 🙂

  18. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    don’t ask why I did it, but I was just looking at the track listing for Yanni Live at the Acropolis and he has a song called Swept Away on there.

    Unfortunately, it is most definitely NOT the same song as the one we would want it to be.

  19. Kaveh Says:

    @Verno….I have those shows already! What are the chances!? 🙂

  20. gratefulcub Says:

    Just come to shows with me, and Buffalo Bill will follow. It will be my 4th. And I haven’t been to THAT many shows.

  21. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    I think what’s happening to me at this juncture is that the 2.0 material that is really good (as opposed to the shitty 2.0 material – Friday, Mexican Cousin) is really appealing to me as if I was a noob to the band.

    This involves two concepts that I’ve discussed before:

    1. Your entry point into a band often determines what you think their “best” material is. If you came in around Hoist, you think it’s the Rift-era material. If you came in around Farmhouse, you think it’s Story of the Ghost-era material. Same applies to other bands.

    2. I was on a personal Phish hiatus from 1999 through Reunion.

    So, combining concepts 1 and 2, the really good material from the time I was on hiatus now hits me as if I was brand new to the band. I already got my BOTT fix and a few others. But I need S&SS and Waves to be complete.

  22. BTB Says:

    I got Vultures last year – booyah!

  23. Mr.Palmer Says:

    @ Cub – as long as they don’t open with it, right?

  24. Kaveh Says:

    My Summer wish list – not in any order.

    1. The Sloth
    2. Fikus
    3. It’s Ice
    4. Tube
    5. BBFCFM
    6. Roses are Free

  25. GOOCHY Says:

    I did the same Marshall, and agree fully.

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