Until Monday…

I’m on a long weekend with my family and will be back Monday with my regularly scheduled breakdown of summer’s second leg.

8.7.10 - The Greek (Wendy Rogell)


Jam of the Day:

Rock and Roll” 8.6.10 II

This underrated jam from The Greek followed up the opening night’s “Disease” as the second example of Phish’s newest jamming style. Look for Fishman’s dynamic rhythms that frame the band’s melodic interplay in the second half of the jam.




8.10.10 Town Park, Telluride, CO < Torrent

8.10.10 Town Park, Tellride, CO < Megaupload

Official Telluride Poster (Stout)

A solid, straight-forward rock show in the mountains. “Carini” and “YEM” highlighted the second set, and “Mikes > Crosseyed” ain’t too shabby of a combo either.

I: The Squirming Coil, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, Ya Mar, Timber Ho, Let Me Lie, The Divided Sky, Walk Away, Roses Are Free, Limb By Limb, Bouncing Around the Room, Run Like an Antelope

II: Party Time, Mike’s Song > Crosseyed and Painless > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Destiny Unbound, Carini > Free > Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself

E: Shine a Light

Source: Schoeps mk22> KC5> CMC6xt> Aeta PSP-3 + Schoeps mk4v> KC5> M222> NT222> EAA PSP-2> SD 744t (@24bit/48kHz)

1,917 Responses to “Until Monday…”

  1. Uncle Jam Says:

    Electric Spanking of War Babies!!!

  2. Guyute711 Says:

    Jose Gonzalez keeps popping on pandora for me. Laid back for sure but pretty good stuff.

  3. fatbastard Says:

    Light is good to run to

  4. Oldskool Says:

    @Robear, good luck buddy. Hopefully nothing to keep it from being an easy move. Short timetables can be very stressful at times

  5. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:


  6. BeantownBoy Says:

    Happy Friday, all.

    @ Guyute711

    An ex gf turned me onto Jose Gonzales.

    While I can no longer bare to hear his voice as it reminds me of the craziness rollercoast of that relationship with her, the music video to this song of his is one of the better that I’ve ever seen.


  7. BeantownBoy Says:

    a link to the video would help


  8. Guyute711 Says:

    Have a good weekend folks

  9. neemor Says:

    I like Light.
    That is all.

  10. Jtran Says:

    Island Tour Birds > 2001 > Haircut for me this afternoon.

  11. voopa Says:

    Yo, I just discovered that the old phish.net reviews are still archived on the site. Use this url:


    (where x-xx-xx = date of show)

  12. Phamily Berzerker Says:


    boo hiss, I got a spare bedroom that at least you slf will fit on.

    You’ll be fine as you may already know.

    Keep us posted.

  13. Jtran Says:


    Jam reviews are still on there too.

  14. bigjig Says:

    @robear noma looking good no? Come down and join the club!!

  15. Aquaman Says:

    Good luck Robear.

    How ya doin’, Neemor?

    Light good……

  16. Mr.Palmer Says:

    obstacles are stepping stones…..

  17. voopa Says:

    Wow, that sucks Robear! Why do bad things happen to good high people?

  18. Whycanthropist Says:

    I see the Light.

  19. El Duderino Says:

    @ robear

    bummer man…

    You gonna stay behind the Redwood curtain???

  20. Whycanthropist Says:


    sorry to hear that my man.

    You are welcome to stay down here 😉

  21. halcyon Says:

    ::good vibes headed Robear’s way::

    Things will bounce back quickly for you. IT has to.

  22. Whycanthropist Says:

    I really love how we have adopted the full caps for the word IT here. We have basically redefined the meaning of the word.

  23. voopa Says:

    I recently reread an interview with Jerry and Phil from this book, and they talk about IT quite a bit (no caps tho).

  24. snowbank Says:

    I love alt text. hilarious.

    The intro:
    “I’m always on the lookout for the latest edge-defining interactive trends, so when I read a blog post that pointed to a tweet referring to a Facebook group that referred to a thing called a “get together,” I was intrigued. Apparently this “get together” — pretty klugey name, they should call it a “tog” for short — takes place at a physical site called a “brewpub.”

    Read More http://www.wired.com/underwire/2010/08/alt-text-social-networking/#ixzz0xqVKcXrT

  25. Whycanthropist Says:

    man this place just dies come friday evenin..

    well fellas guess we gotta hold it down strong!

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