Weekend Nuggets: NYE Clips

“Sand” 12.31.10 II – All videos by HarpusaFSB


“Ghost” 12.31.2010 II


“YEM > Manteca > YEM” 12.31.10 II

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  1. Aquaman Says:

    For it’s sheer swanakiness I think I’d like to hear more Brother in rotation. Feel the same way about Undermind. Plus, I’ve only seen one Wedge in my life, the Rosemont Horizon Ghost > Wedge form 1998 I believe.

    Given the level of discourse from Page 33 allow me to dumb it down a bit………

    I am excited since I have just finished the project of getting my Lenovo base hooked up with the LCD flatscreen. Holy Chost in 720p on 46″ is pretty damn sweet!

    Why didn’t I do this for NYEve?


  2. Aquaman Says:

    Holy Ghost, typing fail.

  3. sumodie Says:

    Count me also as a Maki hater who really dug it on 1/1

    Oy veh! Makisupa has been having a great run in 3.0. Loved the Gorge, MIA, and Manchester versions. SPAC was probably the only standard one I’ve seen in 3.0

    Wasn’t till 3.0 that I became such a fan of the tune

  4. willowed Says:

    I have to like Maki…..Great Woods was my home shed back in my youth and I feel every time they played Great Woods they dropped a Maki. It was like our tune if you lived in MA. or R.I.

    At least it felt like they played it at every GW show.

  5. joechip Says:

    Likewise, never have dug Makisupa but Night Nurse blew me away (and holds up really well on playback) and I was super psyched about the 1/1 version.

    Seems like a genuine love of heavy dub/roots is coming out in the versions, rather than a goof on the concept.

  6. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Kick kick kick kick

  7. willowed Says:

    drum drum drum

  8. Jtran Says:

    kick drum solo

    kick drum solo

  9. DukeOfLizards Says:


  10. Aquaman Says:

    How does one not jive on Maki?


    So I am running down HarpuaFSB’s HD vids and your funky chicken is everywhere. It’s like you’re in Chicago with me!


  11. DukeOfLizards Says:


    I know we’ve never met, so forgive me if this is weird. Which it almost definitely is.

    But based on the youtube clips I’ve seen, I would pay a serious amount of money to see a dance-off between you and your kid.

  12. butter Says:

    looks like Ravens vs Steelers at Heinz field

    and Jets vs Pats in Foxboro, these should be some great games

    next get to see who goes to Soldier Field, were the rested Bears host Philly if they win, or Seahawks if Greenbay wins

  13. joe Says:

    streak runs to 9 wins in a row gambling. going for the perfect 10 with eagles -2. could be epic!!!!

  14. joe Says:

    going home for the day. cue up the bottle and the bones and root for gdiddy’s eagles. peace all.

  15. sumodie Says:

    my money’s on the kid! he’s already creating 4.0 moves not seen anywhere but in the willowed home and on youtube

    Willowed’s funky chicken is soooo 2.0/3.0

  16. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Jets-Pats and Ravens-Steelers = dream AFC matchups.

    Iggles-Packers should be a great game.

    Anyone know if it’s Collinsworth/Michaels calling the game tonight? They are the only team that would trump another spin of 1/1/11.

  17. DukeOfLizards Says:


    But are those moves sustainable? I feel like the funky chicken is just a bellwether dance move – it’s not flashy, but it forces opponents into mistakes.

    Alright, I’m done talking about strangers.

  18. lastwaltzer Says:


    Night Nurse was A++ probably the best reggae they’ve played, no?


    I started the second mass show this a.m., really dug the americana opening sequence of kill,mind,alaska,katy. I really feel like as 3.0 progresses the way they play this type of material is going to reach out to a lot of people who didn’t take the band seriously the first go round.

  19. willwoed Says:

    wears…typo sorry

  20. willowed Says:

    @ duke. Not weird at all. My kid would kick my ass in a dance off.

    Is it weird that my son wears a flat brim and calls me a custy 😉

  21. willowed Says:

    Aqua…I know. I was in ther pefect spot. I just wish I didn’t look like a total douche

  22. Mr. Completely Says:

    hey now from extremely irie Maui

    “For it’s sheer swanakiness I think I’d like to hear more Brother in rotation. Feel the same way about Undermind. ”

    ^^^ word to both those. two of my favorite phish songs, only seen Brother once I think and no Undermind…and I love a good Wedge, too. been a little lucky to catch a good number in not too many shows

    “swanakiness” = swankiness + snakiness = I like it. Brother does sound like swanky snake charmer music.

    Catching up on NFL action. SEAHAWKS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    well ok then.

    Can’t beat the Ravens with a grip of turnovers. I agree obv. some great, classic looking games next week!!!!!

    Proud moment for a dad: 6 yr old son leads in our family playoff pick ’em pool so far.


  23. DukeOfLizards Says:


    I just got a quite a few looks at the grocery store for how hard I laughed at that.

    Although it’s pretty clear that CK was specifically highlighting you in a lot of those 1/1 videos – that must be worth enough hetty points to graduate from custy status, no?

  24. Lumpyhead Says:

    Wait, where is Willowed in the vids?

  25. joechip Says:

    lw- Yeah, the best I’ve heard. In the past I was never too into Phish reggae b/c it always seemed so tongue-in-cheek (not to say I’ve heard it all)… but not so the last 2 Makisupi. I mean, yeah, the blunt rolling/kick drum stuff on 1/1 is goofy, but from there on it’s deep shit.

    I love Gregory Isaacs and Night Nurse really hit me. There seems to be a determination and a focus on getting it right there.

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