Ten Tunes For Friday: Fall ’97

7.31.09 (Graham Lucas)

Continuing our Friday focus on one era in particular, today we turn to Fall ’97. I tried to assemble a playlist without going for many of the big guns, but some slipped through the cracks. Happy Friday!


Stash” 11.13.97 II

The opener of the second set of tour in Las Vegas, and a piece that illustrates that Fall ’97 contained far more that funk grooves.



11.19.09 (J.Tortorice)

Antelope” 12.6.97 I

And then on the other hand, Phish could throw funk jams into just about any song at any time, as illustrated by this “Antelope” from Auburn Hills.



Twist > Slave” 11.14.97

This is the second half of Phish’s first four-song set of Fall.



6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

Tweezer” 12.12.97 I

The final “Tweezer” of tour from Albany, New York.



Bathtub Gin > Llama” 11.19.97 I

A dark-horse fall highlight from Champaign, Illinois.



2001” 11.19.97 II

6.27.10 (G.Lucas)

My personal favorite version from 1997.



Mike’s Song” 12.2.97 II

A monster version from that kicked of the second set at The Spectrum, (but still no second jam due to “Simple”.)



YEM” 11.28.97 I

12.30.19 (G.Lucas)

A classic, “Crosseyed”-laced version, that never gets old.

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624 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday: Fall ’97”

  1. Mr. Palmer Says:

    i’m lost with this strain jargon. Looks good, smells good, tastes good = I’m happy ( and high)..

  2. butter Says:

    well i just tested some

    ya @aqua – the indica comes thru on the high or stone really hard. but its def a cross. sd has a good sativa mix, and its one of its parents…that being said it seems to be indica dominiant, with just enough sativa to keep it interesting

  3. butter Says:

    Palmer, the Chiesel is the shit 🙂

  4. Aquaman Says:


    Money shot! Exercise. Big, huge, mega help. I got into multi-sport on a dare and discovered…….”Hey, after al long bike ride I feel buzzed.” Because I do! Helps big time with the physical side and the reflection during exercise helps with your mental state.

    Wall said, back at ya!

  5. poop goblin Says:

    yep Joe always has to listen to us rap about good herbs and he’s dry

    dont think I know anyone in Boston anymore

  6. butter Says:

    i know, want to kick joe a duby thru the interweb

  7. Aquaman Says:

    Nice Butter.

    FAV: Get up and go daytime strain – Blue Hen. Major creativity and energy for the day. Say, riding bikes from A-Dam to Haarlem.

    FAV: Chill out end of day to watch some Simpsons, strain – Legends Ultimate Indica. Hit’s hard to the center of the chest right to the back of the couch.

    OK, ‘nuf strain talk. Off to get the sprat at daycare. Besides, it’s gonna 4:20 somewhere, soon.

    Pea shout, -Aqua-

  8. phoammhead Says:

    i’m feelin’ old – i don’t puff hardly ever anymore

    certainly not holding any of the goods

    going to see asheville horns at highland brewery, then YMSB at orange peel

    good little nite of music

  9. phoammhead Says:

    okay ^ old has nothin to do with it

  10. BingosBrother Says:

    Hey joe, whats yer #? I’ll fax u some acid.

    This is top notch. GDiddy rewind.


  11. Selector J Says:

    @phoam Have you ever heard of a piano/drums duo called Speedsquare in Asheville?

  12. Lycanthropist Says:


    Come on and kick with me down here in da burg, dollar pabsts all night long. 🙂

    I’ll get you nice and banned

  13. phoammhead Says:

    no, selecta

    sorry to cut short, but bek and i are out for the evenin’

    have a good one boyz

  14. phoammhead Says:

    thanks for that offer lycan!

  15. Selector J Says:

    No worries. I don’t even know if they’re still a band. (I was hoping you could tell me. :mrgreen: ) Piano player is a friend from high school. I saw them on their cross country busking tour. Not your typical sidewalk musicians with drums and upright piano.

    I’m about out of here, too.

  16. Chuck sweD Says:

    “free time > get high > watch TV/ play vids”

    its a tough life we live… someone’s got to do it.

  17. Selector J Says:

    In case anyone’s interested in what a piano & drums cross country busking tour looks like. Here’s this.

  18. Selector J Says:

    link fail.

  19. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Currently setting off bombs (of both the Phil and Mike variety) in my living room. Nothin better than getting bassed after a long work week. I love it.

    My neighbors? Eh.

  20. Gavinsdad Says:

    Chiesel stole my baby

  21. KWL Says:

    hey kids… long day, need something to spin, loud. suggestions?

  22. butter Says:

    she likes to play rough

  23. DukeOfLizards Says:



    Spanish Moon -> Skin It Back -> Bathtub

    My go-to “hey idiot, it’s Friday night” sequence

  24. DukeOfLizards Says:

    ^ not that you’re an idiot, but I often am

  25. mitch Says:

    Hear the words of the Rastaman say:
    “Babylon, you throne gone down, gone down;
    Babylon, you throne gone down.”


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