Ten Tunes For Friday: Fall ’97

7.31.09 (Graham Lucas)

Continuing our Friday focus on one era in particular, today we turn to Fall ’97. I tried to assemble a playlist without going for many of the big guns, but some slipped through the cracks. Happy Friday!


Stash” 11.13.97 II

The opener of the second set of tour in Las Vegas, and a piece that illustrates that Fall ’97 contained far more that funk grooves.



11.19.09 (J.Tortorice)

Antelope” 12.6.97 I

And then on the other hand, Phish could throw funk jams into just about any song at any time, as illustrated by this “Antelope” from Auburn Hills.



Twist > Slave” 11.14.97

This is the second half of Phish’s first four-song set of Fall.



6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

Tweezer” 12.12.97 I

The final “Tweezer” of tour from Albany, New York.



Bathtub Gin > Llama” 11.19.97 I

A dark-horse fall highlight from Champaign, Illinois.



2001” 11.19.97 II

6.27.10 (G.Lucas)

My personal favorite version from 1997.



Mike’s Song” 12.2.97 II

A monster version from that kicked of the second set at The Spectrum, (but still no second jam due to “Simple”.)



YEM” 11.28.97 I

12.30.19 (G.Lucas)

A classic, “Crosseyed”-laced version, that never gets old.

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624 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday: Fall ’97”

  1. butterflyeffect Says:

    @poop summer of ’89

  2. William H. Bonney Says:

    william the bunny 🙂 nice

    I take that as quite a compliment, being a Phish fan and all. Never bothers me when somebody doesn’t like what I do. Sorry to offend.

  3. poop goblin Says:

    Norman the Gambler
    Rides around in his Rambler
    With pretty girls in the back

    doesn’t get much better than that

  4. fat bastard Says:

    just checkin out FOTM from last night now. starts around 11 min into drums if ya wanna check it out. dont expect it to sound like 77 but its wsp 11 not bad

  5. voopa Says:


    You can also get from my share:

    Gregory Isaacs – Cool Ruler
    UPSETTERS – Eastwood Rides Again

  6. SillyWilly Says:

    im not ashamed to shake up my knots

  7. fat bastard Says:

    actually into does sound like 77 ha.

  8. poop goblin Says:

    Eastwood Rides Again is classic

    that JB’s funk style reggae. love that album.

  9. poop goblin Says:

    chowing the cookie leftovers from the Scofield show SW

  10. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Weird – I’m getting an error trying to extract a couple of those Max Romeo tunes.

    That happen to anyone else?

  11. poop goblin Says:

    it could be fucked up. those have been up there forever

    it seems like the culture album worked for KWL

    dont know

  12. SillyWilly Says:

    nice, poop

    only cookie i ever ate that made my ears ring

    Could have been round 2 on the mat for me. some serious cookies.

  13. SillyWilly Says:


    seeing Tortoise in chi tomorrow night

    quick trip. there and back.

  14. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Alright, I deleted some Coldplay tracks from my computer, now I can extract the files just fine.

    Just kidding.

  15. BTB Says:

    Silly – tosu wisco tomorrow. Can you screw us twice?

  16. SillyWilly Says:

    i don’t know BTB

    the Kohl center is a tough place to play, but i haven’t been following the college bball season like i should

    haven’t even seen the badgers play

    if the streak ends in the big 10 the Kohl center would be the logical place

  17. poop goblin Says:

    those files will work now

    had to verify my email or some shit

  18. Robear Says:

    For you cats interested in checking out ‘Greensky Bluegrass’ check the link.

    Robear’s Ten Videos For Friday:


    click ‘King of the Hill’ on the right, to check out the track with Kimock. But check them all if you get a minute.

  19. poop goblin Says:

    I’ve had the account set up to a canceled email and they somehow figured it out

    should be going fine

    I pay 9 bucks a month for that account and they are always fucking with me

  20. poop goblin Says:

    I’m going SW

    getting drunk

  21. DukeOfLizards Says:

    No poop, I pulled the zip files just fine. Just can’t extract one of the files for some reason. Gotta be something with my computer.

  22. SillyWilly Says:

    im going to the 10 pm set, poop

    is that the one youll be at?

  23. poop goblin Says:

    yeah I beileve so

  24. Robear Says:

    hey KP, I keep getting an error trying to download the second set of leaked sbd. tracks.

  25. SillyWilly Says:

    word. im not sure how close we might be cutting it to show time, but ill hit ya up on the way

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