TAB @ Pittsburgh

2.25.2011 Stage AE, Pittburgh, PA

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2.20.10 - Minneapolis (S.LaBrasca)

I: Backwards Down the Number Line, Gumbo, Farmhouse, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Talk, Driver, Theme From the Bottom, Down with Disease, Heavy Things*, Liquid Time*, Let Me Lie*, Show of Life**, Push On ‘Til the Day**

II: Night Speaks to a Woman, Valentine, Cayman Review, Alaska, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Gotta Jibboo, Goodbye Head, Mozambique, Clint Eastwood, Money, Love and Change, Magilla, Sand

E: First Tube

* w/ full band, ** w/ full band , electric

Source: Schoeps MK22 > VMS5U

Goodbye Head


Push On Til the Day

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356 Responses to “TAB @ Pittsburgh”

  1. cal Says:

    I get it now. Trey just wants to hear us sing his songs to him. Too loud up on that stage with all those electric instruments in the monitors. Okay.

  2. Robear Says:

    Reporting from Mt Shasta

    Along with ‘Valentine’, I would LOVE to hear Phish tackle ‘Drifting’ and ‘Ether Sunday’

    Glad to hear ‘TAB’ is heating up as they go. The world needs good music more thAn ever.

    AW is the Midwest BB host with the most tonight!

    Silly, that’s not funny 🙁

  3. sumodie Says:

    It’s so hard to keep up here this weekend, now there’s another newer blog post >> TAB@Columbus

  4. HarryHood Says:

    Everytime I hang out with BTB I end up hooked on another beer that I just can’t get around here…… Bells Two-Hearted, I think I love you.

  5. William M Says:

    i hadnt seen TAB since 2001 or 02, fishman on drums and john medeski on keys – sick show at darien lake. the other night in pittsburgh though was a real treat. nothing truly stand out among the acoustic tracks, i did really dig the silent though, trey used the back up vocals as lead which sounded great, and trey’s rambling about border patrol was a riot. i was never a fan of let me lie, though it was executed really well, same with show of life. the push on was fire, that was probably the highlight on the show, though the second set had some killer stuff in too. the cayman had some extra funky work on the keys, tight versions of burlap sack and pumps, jibboo, goodbye head, and mozambique. i dig the gorillaz cover, and the money love and change was pretty nasty too. magilla was a huge surprise and got the place hoping before droping a funky set closing sand. the 1st tube encore fit perfectly. great venue – no matter where you were you had a perfect view of the stage, tiny place, great sound. all in all it was a damn good show. a little disjointed at first, but once trey picked up the electric it was all business from there.
    my only other side note -> there are at least a dozen TAB songs id like to hear phish tackle before liquid time.the jamming has already become rather conscious, if TAB tunes were to make their way into phish sets, id like to see them push the boundaries a little more.
    check out the show. and if given a chance to catch trey this tour, do so.

  6. Guy Forget Says:

    If you can’t get Bell’s Two-Hearted you aren’t looking very hard – depending on what state you live in. That is one microbrew that Bell’s seems to send everywhere. I have never been to a Whole Foods and not seen it on the shelf.

    If you like IPA’s, grab a Modus Operandi. VERY hoppy.

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