Introducing…Phish Thoughts: The Book

The Gorge '09 (Graham Lucas)

As many of you have likely noticed, I’ve been posting far less frequently during this off-season, and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you in on why. I am not losing interest in Phish or Phish Thoughts, but rather have been working on creating a book: an anthology of my writing. Currently, I am spending most of my waking hours working with my editor, getting the book dialed in to perfection. This leaves me very little time at night to create the original and thought-provoking blogs you’ve come accustomed to reading over the past few years. So in the interest of letting everyone in what I’ve been up to, here’s a little bit about the book.

The anthology chronicles 2009, Phish’s comeback year—beginning with the Hampton reunion all the way through New Year’s in Miami—from the perspective of a loyal and passionate fan who was there to witness the band’s rebirth, their return to prominence, and everything in between. As Phish came back into our lives, a certain vibrancy and magic returned along with them. This book is also the story of what it felt like, as a fan, to recapture a dream deferred for five years—one we thought had been taken away forever.

Red Rocks '09 (Graham Lucas)

Anyone who remembers Phish’s first night back at The Gorge, has listened to Albany’s “Seven Below > Ghost,” or was down south for Miami’s Holiday Run can attest to the magic that laced Phish’s first year back together. This book recounts one of the most important years in the band’s career, and puts it in the context of all that came before it, through anticipatory pieces, enhanced show reviews and musings on all things Phishy.

The anthology will be split into two halves: the first following the band’s comeback year and the second serving as historical context for the first, looking at different facets of Phish’s illustrious history and touching on everything from legendary eras and memorable shows to classic jams and the vibrant culture surrounding the band. By no means attempting to comprehensively cover a 20-plus year career, this part of the book will, nonetheless, allow fans reminisce on moments they’ve enjoyed and give new fans a glimpse into the band’s storied past.

Indio '09 (G.Lucas)

To make this project come to life, I am working with BAJ Design, an independent publisher and design firm based in Philadelphia, and we are collectively committed to create a book that will delight the eyes and properly represent Phish’s awesome legacy. Shooting for a release by the holiday season, this book will make an excellent gift for all the Phish fans in your life! In the coming weeks check back for details on a new website dedicated exclusively to the book.

This is a very exciting time for me and this book represents a long-time dream that is very much in motion. While Phish Thoughts is the perfect place to get your daily fix, the book will provide a permanent and visually-stunning documentation of Phish’s golden age. As I continue to move through this process, I will do my very best to get articles posted more frequently in the coming weeks, and obviously as tour approaches. Please know that it is not that I am leaving Phish Thoughts hanging, but working hard on a long-term project that you will be able to have in hand before the year is up.

Thank for your patience and ongoing support!

– Miner


Jam of the Day:

Seven Below > Ghost” 11.28.09 II

In the spirit of remembering the comeback year, here is one of its undeniable peaks.




8.9.1993 Concert Hall, Toronto, Ontario SBD

FLAC Torrent (via etree), Mp3 Torrent, Megaupload < Links

Pollock - 1993

Here’s a soundboard throwback to August 1993, north of the border in Toronto. An interesting show through and through contains a personal favorite segment in the first set “Split -> Glide.”

Set I: Chalk Dust Torture -> Who Knows Jam -> Chalk Dust Torture, Mound, Fee, Split Open and Melt -> Glide, Nellie Kane, The Divided Sky, Memories, The Squirming Coil

Set II: Dinner and a Movie > Tweezer > Tela* > My Friend, My Friend**, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, You Enjoy Myself -> Contact > Crimes of the Mind^

E: Rocky Top

*Trey on acoustic for ending, **Trey on acoustic for beginning, ^w/ Dude of Life on vocals

Sources: SBD > Cassette / FLAC: AKG 460b/ck63


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  1. voopa Says:

    lol @ hizz

  2. kenny powers Says:

    wow jason sobel just seeded a new source for 12/29/94 (Bowie)

  3. kenny powers Says:

  4. Robear Says:

    phish 1994-11-22.76361.flac16

    Recorded: Realistic PZM (12V) > Marantz PMD430 > MCAS (no NR) from OTS

    ^ I have that source on a hard drive. how can I help seed it?

  5. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Robear

    You either have to make a new seed or point your files to the old dead one that already up at bt.etree.

    both of these things I have no idea how to do

  6. EL Duderino Says:

    @ KP

    Isn’t that a livephish release?

  7. voopa Says:

    It’s super easy. Call me Rob

  8. voopa Says:

    er, Rob, call me.

  9. albert walker Says:

    anyone got a dark horse fall 94 not from the midwest I may have not heard

    want another one after that shit

  10. tela'smuff Says:

    anyone having issues pulling that 8-14-96? i sear, i’ve never had such a time snagging a show that i spent such a long time dismissing. it’s like i’m not meant to hear this again.

  11. EL Duderino Says:

    with very few seeders it’ll take awhile Tela’s

    should be done when you wake up tomorrow

  12. tela'smuff Says:

    @AW – i’m sure you’ve heard 10-18-94, it’s Southern, but it was first show and still think it holds up pretty well.

  13. tela'smuff Says:

    thx duder.

    whatever this mgb song is right now, it’s terrible.

  14. voopa Says:

    tela’s- seeding fine. Maybe reboot, or restart your router?

    MGB stream is nice.

  15. halcyon Says:

    The show from the Patriot Center in VA 10/94 (don’t remember the date now) was a good show too. 1994 was smokin hot. The summer was the heat, and especially the fall that year.

  16. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Palmer

    So… St. John’s best player is hurt?

    not good for the bracket

  17. tela'smuff Says:

    that seems to have done the trick voop.

  18. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    Go Zags! Jk, more of a a UW husky guy. But got to balance up the E coast/ big east bias.

    And Few’s from my hometown. Need some bracket love.

  19. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    Off for a pint with summer98. Seattle BB represent. Just missing zzxy. And Bandito.

  20. ThePigSong Says:

    Mike is two blocks from my house on Saturday night, should I go?

  21. oneshowatatime Says:

    Godspeed Miner, can’t wait for the book!

  22. ThePigSong Says:

    Scotts singing is ‘makin me a little freaked out’ – crazy fast version of cities

  23. joe Says:

    Not looking forward to driving home from work in an hour. Too many drunks and cops on the road (irrational fear of the boys in blue in my rearview mirror even when I’m not doing anything wrong)

  24. Robear Says:

    kids, now seeding this source for 11/22/94:

  25. Robear Says:

    halcy, 10/8/94 I was at that one.

    that’s crazy joe. b’careful. at least you can ponder why we don’t get more big jams like the JOTD on the ride 😛

    I can probably seed that hershey show, too. give me a sec.

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