TTFF: March Madness Mix

The Madness

With the NCAA Basketball Tournament moving through the prime-time rounds of sixteen and eight today and tomorrow, here is another form of March Madness that can accompany the games: March Phish! With the exception of one selection this week, all tracks are pulled from the month of March in Phish history, focusing primarily on the years of 1992 and 1993. (And most are in SBD form.) Enjoy the music and the hoops, and have a great weekend!


The Landlady > David Bowie” 4.5.92 II

The only pick of the week that pops into April, but at this point, so does the Final Four. Check out this top-shelf combo from Boulder’s Fox Theatre to kick start your day.



10.30.10 (D. Lavery)

Reba” 3.22.93 I

A first set gem from the Crest Theatre’s legendary Gamehendge show  in Sacramento, California.



Stash ” 3.30.93 I

A imposing beast from Eugene, Oregon.



6.12.10 (L.Neuhaus)

Antelope > BBFCFM > Antelope” 3.13.92 I

One of two mind-numbing “Antelopes” in a week during spring ’92, this Phishy excursion comes from the well-known Campus Club show in Providence, Rhode Island.



Tweezer” 3.30.93 II

This rather experimental piece contains elements of groove, rock, and abstract jamming.



Feel Good

Harry Hood” 3.12.93 II

The cathartic exclamation point to Phish’s performance in Vail’s Dobson Ice Arena; a smoking and creative old-school version.



Mike’s > Lawn Boy > Weekapaug” 3.1.97 II

To close out the week, here is Markthalle’s Door’s-laced “Mike’s Groove” from Europe ’97, as documented on “Slip, Stitch, and Pass.”

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1,131 Responses to “TTFF: March Madness Mix”

  1. Guyute711 Says:

    And you are almost ready for High Life and the Captain Lycan. I bet you have a good year this year.

  2. ThePigSong Says:

    Happy Birthday Lycan!

    Where’s phoamm for the play-by-play?

  3. Tray Anastasio Says:

    March babies = June Weddings?

  4. Dave Says:

    Cypress R&R = Great rainy Sunday jam…

  5. Lycanthropist Says:

    so far so good Guyute

  6. kayatosh Says:

    I’m back to geeking out over 11.22.94 set II (long ago identified as a hot set by aw and the bb at large). kids and wife been out all afternoon and i’ve been havin a 94 party. 11.22.94 funky bitch jam is an adventure. meditated to it and feel refreshed. cry baby cry. $$$

  7. Guyute711 Says:

    The world moves on a womans hips
    The world moves and it swivels and bops
    The world moves on a womans hips
    The world moves and it bounces and hops
    A world of light…she’s gonna open our eyes up
    A world of light…she’s gonna open our eyes up

  8. ThePigSong Says:

    Thanks to the BB for the Neil Young Euro comp posted last week, digging it tonight.

  9. sumodie Says:

    what? you don’t have enough music? then go get that 2008 Neil Young Euro Comp here:

    see page 21

  10. garretc Says:

    Wow, just read this in Rick Reilly’s latest column:

    Pistol Pete Maravich averaged 44 ppg in college, and people have gone back and examined his game tapes and determined that he would have averaged 55 ppg if the 3 point line had existed back then… Unreal.

    55 points per game! Average!

  11. Guyute711 Says:

    Those MP3’s Sumodie?

  12. ThePigSong Says:

    yes @guyute

  13. Guyute711 Says:

    I get an external and then I get all picky. Does that make sense. Seriously I bought my external last weekend and I have been absolutely rampaging and grabbing so much shit this weekend.

  14. Corey Says:


  15. Gratefulcub Says:

    Woo hoo

  16. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Congrats Cats fans. Up next… Kemba. Good luck.

  17. tela'smuff Says:

    if Conn wins vs. UK the Halcyon wins the BB tourney and Guyute comes in 2nd. If they lose, we have a tie with Garret and TIII, and I come in third.

  18. Guyute711 Says:

    Damn, should have picked UCONN to win it all.

  19. albert walker Says:

    what’s up kids. checkin email figured I’d post a drive by.

    second day straight of the ocean front villa swimming all day and watchin talent stroll the beach while strummin the acoustic. does not suck.

    haven’t booked a return flight yet. may just stay.

    11/22/94 set II will always be in my top couple shows I caught of all eras. that shit is just fuckin ridiculous. Trey’s vocal and guitar solo during Cry Baby cry are just on point. such great flow with the bluegrass sitting perfectly in the psychedelic journey.

    have fun kids

  20. quoz Says:

    Anyone else getting just a bit tired of Red’s soul-blistering rock god routine? I don’t mean to discredit the creative genius that this man has exhibited throughout his lengthy career, but it seems to me nowadays that he is often grasping for the thunder of his youth by throwing out fast licks and running scales in a way that is technically sound but intellectually and emotionally unmoving. It simply troubles me to hear this brilliant musician pulling tricks out of his old hat that don’t quite fit the band’s newfound maturity. I don’t believe that the well of his inspiration has dried up, but I don’t think any of us can reasonably expect it to flow as freely and rapidly as it once did.

    My only wish for Trey in the summer tour is that he will play a bit more sparsely and deliberately. Since the dawn of this new era of Phish, I have often felt that in the heat of the moment, Trey falls back on his signature riffs in a misguided effort to appease the audience (or perhaps to satisfy his rock star ego). I believe he really needs to relax and rely more on his band’s support in order to fill these uninspired spaces. This summer, I would greatly prefer to hear a Reba with only a few divinely inspired contributions by Trey in which every note means something, rather than one filled to the brim with aimless noodling that simply maintains the presence of the Ocedoc in the mix. The man needs to stop trying to pin down his muse with force and should instead lay out and listen for its song. Perhaps some deep meditation is in order?

    All of this is said with the sincerest love and admiration for the man, in the hope that Phish will not yet cease to act as a channel for the voice of the Heavens.

    That, and I want to spark a little controversy for my own entertainment.

  21. phoammhead Says:

    bummed here.

    tarheels didn’t bring their a-game and kentucky looked good.


    that’s why i go see phish = always a winning situation

    summer. phish. can’t. come. fast. enough.

  22. Highway Bill Says:

    @ quoz

    Sounds good to me. Keep him back on his heels and therefore on his toes.

    Expect more (or less).

    Three months……

  23. kayatosh Says:

    re. 11.22.94 set II — psychedelic is an apt description, especially that funky bitch jam – tripped out to that one today; reminded me of the dark stars from the early 70’s.

  24. ThePigSong Says:

    best place to pull 11.22.94?

  25. BrandonKayda Says:

    28min Funky Bitch? What?

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