Weekend Nuggets: Catching Up


The time to shuffle up and deal is nearly here again!

We are extremely happy to announce the Phamily Poker Classic 2!

The Phamily Poker Classic 2 is once again a Texas Hold Em Event and will take place on August 10th at Harvey’s casino in Lake Tahoe. This is the same casino that is hosting Phish’s August 9th & 10th shows. This installment of The Phamily Poker Classic will be limited to 10 tables including bounties as the whole tournament will be played during the afternoon of the 10th. The blinds and chip stacks will be structured so that nobody will miss a note of Phish.

This tournament will once again benefit our favorite charity The Mockingbird Foundation. The entry fee will once again be $120 and at least half of that amount will go directly into the prize pool along with a slew of great non-cash prizes that will be raffled off throughout the tournament. We anticipate a large number of exciting non-cash prizes to give away! The remainder of the buy in will go to the expenses for the tournament and for the donation to the Mockingbird Foundation.

And, as an added bonus, we are very happy to announce that every tournament participant will receive a special event poster that has been custom-designed by Jon Lamb (Like Minded Productions)! Twenty (20) of these posters will be printed on archival quality paper that will be signed and numbered by Jon Lamb. The top 10 players will receive the numbered poster in the edition that corresponds to where they were knocked out (e.g., the tenth finisher will receive number ten). Posters numbered 11-20 will be auctioned off by The Mockingbird Foundation after the tournament. Poster tubes will be available for purchase at this event.

Tickets for this event will be limited to 100 players and will sell out very quickly. Tickets will be available to the general public beginning Monday May 9th at 9am pacific time. Tickets can be purchased by clicking the “buy your seat” link on the left of the page.


Utica DVD Giveaway


Fan Greg Doucette has recently started a Phish video blog where he is compiling footage from throughout the band’s career. To celebrate the launch of his site, Greg is holding a giveaway of the soon-to-be-released “Live In Utica” DVD/CD box set. All you have to do to qualify is “like” his Facebook page, and by 5/23/11 at 11:59 Eastern no matter how many likes there are, Greg will select one lucky winner at random!



Share Away...

This week, a sharing function was added to the bottom of every post on this site. With a couple clicks of the mouse, you can now share your favorite articles, reviews, and playlists on over 300 social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. The button is located at the bottom right of the page of each individual post (you won’t see them on the home page. So when you read or hear something that tickles your fancy, click away and share it with all your friends. Stay tuned for more site updates in the weeks to come!


Jams of the Weekend:

During post-hiatus, “Harry Hood” began to develop into an exploratory jam vehicle.  But after these two versions from Charlotte and Camden’s, the song would never reached similar heights.

Charlotte 7.25.03 II



Camden 7.31.03 II


VIDEO OF THE WEEKEND: “YEMteca” 12.31.2010 II


1,396 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Catching Up”

  1. Mike in Austin Says:

    See, that guy just can’t handle his high.

  2. bob dylan Says:


    ^way to be on the forefront hoosiers. (annoyed emoticon)
    thanks “my man mitch”

  3. bob dylan Says:

    and now for something completely different cause i dont wanna leave on a sour note


  4. sumodie Says:

    Apparently Pearl Jam will celebrate its 20th year by hosting a festival event Labor Day weekend -some rumors point to Alpine Valley….

    …but I suppose Dick’s Stadium in CO is possible too

    thanks for the GD ’70 recs today, BB -grabbed 5 shows off etree for the pod…6.24.70 will likely be first

  5. ae Says:

    thanks vegas, raiding your mediafire now. lots of stuff i either saw or almost saw at jazzfest last weekend.

  6. SantosL.Halper Says:

    I have now come to terms with the fact that ’96(among other years/tours) AUDs>’10 hastily released SBD (thanks in part to Palms 10/22/96 rec for sealing the deal). Maybe it’s just me but the recent SBDs just don’t capture IT.

  7. SantosL.Halper Says:

    Remasteres excluded

  8. voopa Says:

    I thought the SBDs were stepped up for ’09 leg 2, and again for Indio. They vary, but overall have been good since RR. And of course, the remasters are $$$.

  9. bob dylan Says:

    ive got the alacs and i’m not complaining.

  10. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    What’s up? @BK, you stayed up too late for me last night. Know I’m getting too old when I can’t stay up late enough for someone with a three hour head start. Got to catch some free jazz soon though. I’m going to put on Cecil Taylor’s solo album Indent at work tomorrow. Let’s try again soon.

  11. Mike in Austin Says:

    The 10/22/96 is getting well deserved love.

  12. goat Says:

    say what you will about the quality of 3.0 sbd’s, personally, i’m happy with them, especially the remasters and the KP matrix work, but compared to the ’03 boards, they are tits.

  13. BrandonKayda Says:

    Hey @Tzara’s

    And yeah, we definitely should.

    Trying to write an essay at 1am…must. stop. using. internet.

  14. SantosL.Halper Says:

    Kp’s crush. Newer SBD’s have been progressing, but the $$$AUDs seem more “authentic.”

  15. goat Says:

    definitely agree with the “authentic”, i went through a phase of, for the most part, only seeking boards, but as of late I’ve been having a bit of a renaissance with aud recordings. i’ll attribute it to listening over headphones or at home over speakers with pretty decent fidelity. that’s why matrixes (matrices?) are the shit.

  16. goat Says:

    hearing the crowd lose their shit adds so much (i.e. Went Gin)

  17. BrandonKayda Says:

    Man do I have a strong urge to listen to the Great Went right now. Night 1 Set 1 is $$$. I don’t care what the band thinks.

  18. BrandonKayda Says:

    Trying to keep on a PH haitus until tour

  19. SantosL.Halper Says:

    @goat, that exactly where I’m at. See MSG ‘First Tube’ can’t get that energy from a 11th hour SBD.

  20. goat Says:

    good luck bk, i think i made it about two weeks last year…

  21. Selector J Says:

    @aw Promised you this one a while back…
    Revolutionary Dream – Pablo Moses

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