Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 Leg I

Bethel Woods - (Michael Mesenbourg)

As I sat at my computer yesterday, I pondered how in the world I would come up with “Miner’s Picks” for such an extensive Summer that was strewn with so much spectacular music. Summer 2011 was the first tour of Phish’s Golden Age that truly held up to tours of old. The creativity was back, new jamming styles developed, and Phish pushed the improvisational envelope like never before since their return. Back in 2009, many fans doubted if the band would ever achieve the heights reached this very summer. In 2011, the band wove timeless music again—music that not only brought us back to a place we once knew, but also brought us forward into spaces yet discovered.

Summer 2011 brought all that and then some. Beginning with the very first show in Bethel on May 27th, things felt different. The band’s confidence and risk-taking was front and center  in a way we had rarely seen through 2009 and 2010. After catching up to speed in the first two years of their return, Bethel began a summer of reinvention—a process we’d been waiting two-plus years to witness and left us with a trail of amazing highlights. Today I will focus on the opening leg of summer tour and list my favorite jams of June in chronological order. (Many selections have audio accompaniment, as it is Friday and all…)


“Kill Devil Falls” – 5.27 I, Bethel, NY

In the very first set of tour, one of my least favorite Phish songs blew up into, perhaps, the best version ever. Putting an improvisational focus on the usually rock-based piece illustrated the band’s willingness to take their music to unconventional places.



“Boogie On -> Waves > Caspian > Crosseyed” – 5.27 II

With this segment of unwavering psychedelia, Phish officially announced “Game on!” for Summer 2011.”Waves” remains one of  my favorite jams of summer.


“Cities” – 5.28 I, Bethel, NY

In this first-set version, Trey layers a well-phrased and snarlng solo over the whole-band funk—the spark of a standout show.


“Halley’s Comet > Runaway Jim” – 5.28 I

The jam that everyone had been waiting for—the return of “Halley’s Comet”—rolled out in dramatic fashion, as the band crafted one of my top jams of summer with a prowess and focus applied to the song unseen in ages. This “Halley’s” stands on the top-shelf of summer offerings, and then bled into the reinvention of “Runaway Jim” with the debut of its new “plinko” section. This combo left fans wide-eyed and wondering what type of musical steroids the band was on.



“Bathtub Gin -> Manteca -> Gin” – 5.28 I

Official Bethel Print (Stout)

And just when this first set couldn’t get any better, the band dropped a jam that stood out as brightly as any in the entire show. Closing the frame with a groove-centric “Bathtub Gin” that built into a full-blown “Manteca” and then back into the “Gin’s,” Phish absolutely tore the summer wide open with a version that had the venue buzzing at setbreak.



“Backwards Down the Number Line” – 5.28 II

Though the entire second set stood out in context, as we moved through the entire summer, this is the piece that deserves the most attention. In a summer where “Number Line” didn’t entail much adventure, this morphing version (that still doesn’t totally depart from the theme) contains a meditative musical conversation that shines above most other summer versions.


“After Midnight” 5.31 II, Holmdel, NJ

To open the main event of the first post-Bethel show, Phish employed “After Midnight” as a jam vehicle for the first time since Big Cypress’ sacred reprise of the song in the wee hours of the morning. And when they did, they spun a groove-based-then-melodic gem that showed us Bethel’s jams were no anomaly



“Drowned” – 5.31 II

If “After Midnight” set the improvisational tone for the second set, Phish used “Drowned” to take it much further. Passing through gorgeous and abstract realms of sound, the only version of summer was a highlight for the season.



“Down with Disease -> Fluffhead > Bowie” – 6.3 II, Clarkston, MI

One of the most compelling segments of music in the entire summer. the opening leg, I think we’ve been here before.


“Sneakin’ Sally through the Alley” – 6.4 II, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Hyper-funk turned-dissonant psychedelia—the standout jam in a very popular show.



“Tweezer” – 6.5 II, Cincinatti, OH

Though Phish wasn’t too kind to “Tweezer” this summer, they still eked out two stellar versions, and this is the first. Focusing on whole-band groove, the band locks into an infectious jam that seems to have flown way under the radar this summer. The antithesis of Denver’s melodic mind-meld, this version gets downright dirty on the dance floor.



6.18.10 - Raleigh, NC (John Crouch)


“You Enjoy Myself” – 6.5 II

This summer “YEM” became a “rarity.” Appearing only 4 times over 34 shows, this version from Cincinnati is the unquestionable champion. Departing from generic “YEM”-funk, the band closed a dark-horse two-setter with a sparkling rendition of their classic.



“Rock and Roll” – 6.7 II, Mansfield, MA

An improvisational monster—one of the most impressive pieces of June. I wrote about it here.



“Golden Age > Mike’s > Fast Enough > Weekapaug” – 6.8 II, Darien Lake, NY

The opening sequence of Darien Lake deserves a place on this list. The first quasi-jammed out “Golden Age” was backed by one of the strongest “Weekapaugs” of the summer. “Mike’s” is still missing in action, a nostalgic shell of its former self.


“2001 > Harry Hood” – 6.8 II

In a show focused on groove for most of the second set, this combo fit this theme quite well. The most impressive “2001” of the season included prominent “Golden Age” and “What’s the Use?” sections, creating a mash-up of aural delight. The “Hood” departed from its normally intricate rhythms as Fishman caught a groove and band went with it in a divergent and interesting rendition.


“Stash” – 6.10 I, Camden, NJ

This mid-first set version stood out as one of the strongest pieces from Phish’s 2011 visit to Camden. Though never veering far from the theme, the band, nonetheless, engaged in an intricate and extensive exploration through the song’s darkness.


“The Curtain With” – 6.10 I, Camden, NJ

Phish closed the set with this cathartic masterpiece. Playing as a single entity, the band reached mind-bending realms of musical cooperation, resulting in a piece a version that needs to be heard to be believed. Truly awesome.



“Down with Disease > Free” – 6.10 II

This two-song combination seemed to be a single song for the beginning part of the summer, but I’m not sure any of the early-tour “Diseases” that weren’t played in Michigan plunged the depths of this one—a huge momentum builder to kick off the second set. Growling and uncompressed Trey came out to play as the band got serious in New Jersey.



6.11.11 - Columbia, MD (Brian Ferguson)


“Piper -> Velvet Sea” – 6.11 II, Columbia, MD

This “Piper” brought the most intriguing jam in a set that traveled a little bit of everywhere. Within an improvisationally-light two night stand, this excursion stands out as one of the most impressive at Merriweather.



“Wolfman’s -> Boogie On” – 6.12 I, Columbia, MD

Getting creative in both halves of this funkified combo, Phish would place its most significant jam sequence of the night in the opening set on this evening.


“Light Up or Leave Me Alone” – 6.14 I, Alpharetta, GA

Page and Trey absolutely tear it up in this always welcome bust-out and no-brainer highlight of Alpharetta.



“Down with Disease > Maze” – 6.14 II

This sequence opened Alpharetta’s second set in style, as “Disease” found ambient musical textures and “Maze” brought the experimentation to a blistering head.


“Rock and Roll > Ghost” – 6.17 II, Charlotte, NC

One of the most enduring sequences of the opening leg featured two exploratory excursions in a row, and—by far—the “Ghost” of the summer.



6.12.11 - Columbia, MD (Moshe Cohen)


“Reba” – 6.17 II

Out of nowhere, the band dropped into this second-set “Reba.” Feeling the flow following the set-opening “Rock and Roll > Ghost,” the band slayed a jaw-dropping rendition that peaked for what seemed like ten minutes.



“Split Open and Melt” – 6.18 I, Raleigh, NC

Phish got deep in this late-second setter, descending into a sinister sonic dungeon and saving a piece-meal set that had started to fizzle.



“Slave to the Traffic Light” – 6.19 II, Portsmouth, VA

The resolution of a set-opening combo of “Crosseyed > Walls,” this version of “Slave” bled a purity and a majesty that I’m not sure was touched by any other outing this summer. On the closing night of June, Phish left us with an nugget of soulful magic for the break.



“Sand” – 6.19 II

Though Phish crushed every single “Sand” of summer, this version brought leg one’s jazzier versions to a head. Standing out from the pack, this jam moves away from its traditional contours into some unadulterated funkscapes. The band is locked into some experimental and next-level grooves that just might put this version over the edge as the “Sand”of summer. Add some addictive stop/start jamming and a “Sand” reprise to the mix and we just might have a winner.



“Light > Number Line” – 6.19 II

This compact versions of “Light” that came late in tour’s final show, reached some musical depth for one of few times in leg one. With this version, however, the band warmed up the gears of the traditionally intergalactic vehicle for a monstrous second half of summer. The band even displays some musical forethought before moving into “Number Line,” making the always-choppy transition far less so than usual.



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  1. SillyWilly Says:

    Haha, I’m working on a breach of contract assignment right now

    Homework over springbreak, that’s why I’m all:

    Fuck the rules.

  2. Robear Says:

    We need a tougher, feistier MiA, to make up for the missing Gobblin.

  3. voopa Says:

    Hob nobblin’
    Wit’ ‘de goblin

  4. SillyWilly Says:


    just about done reading DJ’s Language Older than Words

    got much time for reading these days?

    really good. as good as Culture of Make Believe

  5. dorn76 Says:

    The idea of “honoring” a contract would seem relevant here.

  6. dusty Says:

    Funny…I grew up bow hunting and thought using a gun was cheating.

    No worries MiA. Philly kid here…balls busted since birth.

  7. locust the lurker Says:

    Anyone have a link to or a list of those leaked leg 2 dates?

  8. lumpyhead Says:

    Robear Says:
    April 3rd, 2012 at 9:42 am
    it’s a bad joke of epic egotistical proportions, that Phish does not have AJ Masthay do ophishal prints.
    fucking people and their egos

    what do you know about this issue that I don’t know?

  9. tela'smuff Says:

    @Robear – Dick’s appears to be on Labor Day weekend. i remember making comments on West Coast dates last year and getting torn up over it. it’s hard to fly to the east coast for shows with kids and house repairs, etc. I don’t get how or why Phish doesn’t just do a three night stand at Shoreline, Chula Vista (or something similar), and then the Gorge. problem solved. instead they saturate the east coast with shows. rant over.

    Top 3 Cincinnati Performances:

    1. 12/4/99 Split Open & Melt
    2. 2/22/03 Bathtub Gin
    3. 8/6/93 YEM>Cocaine Jam>YEM>Halleys Comet>Slave (first in 241 shows)

  10. voopa Says:

    8/17 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
    8/18 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
    8/19 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
    8/20 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA?
    8/22 Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre, Oklahoma City, OK%
    8/24 Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham, AL
    8/25 Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, GA
    8/26 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC
    8/28 Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, MO
    8/29 Toyota Park, Bridgeview, IL?%
    8/31 Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
    9/1 Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
    9/2 Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO


  11. Robear Says:

    lumpy, do the math:

    1 talented artist + willingness to work for Phish + already lots of well loved Phish lot prints + lots of crappy ophishal posters = someone must have some reason for not commissioning Masthay

  12. lumpyhead Says:


  13. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    @ Dusty

    when you a perched on a rocky outcropping waiting with your bow for some javelina and find yourself being stalked by a 200LB mountain lion. You better have that gun handy.

    Just sayin…

    I too bowhunt.

  14. Robear Says:

    If things go as planned, which means ex. on the east coast, me with both kids in the fall, during school year, Dicks will be out. No one to watch my son for a stretch that long. I think school starts in the last week of August in Cali. Probably the 27th. Phuck man. I guess that leaves me open to consider start through St. Louis…. Lots of one night stands.

    Also Telas, you didn’t get ripped by me last year for complaining about the west coast trusty / baller tour. I thought the routing sucked compared to the rest of the summer.

  15. Guyute711 Says:

    Honor in sports? Ridifulous!!!!!

    Win if you can
    lose if you must
    but always cheat

  16. dusty Says:

    Robear…I’ve over it. Phish can’t do west coast right…so better not to try. Jaded again here.

  17. butter Says:

    yea, gotta get mine earlier too Robear, kids b’days and back to school make Labor day too stressful for me to see Phish

    my plans:

    Woost 2pack, CA shows

    long shot OK Zoo, Oak Mtn, ATl

    suppppppp fockers!!

  18. Robear Says:

    dusty, approaching the point of no return over here. if it weren’t for waterwheel, i probably couldn’t even get into Bill Graham.

  19. IrieWalton Says:

    It’s no Greensky, but the new Trampled by Turtles album is streaming for free all week at the following site (love these guys):


  20. MiA Says:

    Go take down that Javelina with your bare hands and pointy sharp stick, and also simultaneously ward off a Mountain Lion stalking you…

    Then you have my respect as a hunter.

    I used to hunt grouse. Always said they had a 50/50 chance. You practically have to step on one before the flush, and when they do, they flap straight up into your face wings flapping. With the distinct possibility of me getting flustered causing me to shoot vertically at my own face like Daffy Duck, and blowing the bill of my cap off with a 20 gauge.

    Go hunting without shoes on and no sunscreen. That’s getting back to nature.

  21. litteringand Says:

    2/22/03’s Piper>Weekapaug and Tube are the biz as well

  22. alf Says:

    yeah, golf definitely teaches you honor. after all, there’s no elitism, racism, sexism, or excessive alcohol consumption in golf course club houses the world over. and the honor we-call-penalties-on-ourselves (winter rules don’t count) bullshit has nothing to do with the most privileged in our societies patting themselves on the back. nah, not at all.

  23. kayatosh Says:

    I knew there was a reason I don’t do golf in any shape or form.

  24. kayatosh Says:

    and hunting

  25. jerseyjim Says:

    not sure if any BB’er live in Westchester, but this might be worth a visit or tour. My buddy Mike writes about beer and baseball…


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