Fourteen years ago tonight, Phish stepped on stage in Albany, New York, and finished one of the most creative and well-loved tours of their career. Each and every night brought a new musical assault on the audience, and this night would be the last. Following a gritty and exploratory second set of Albany’s opening show, the band threw down a celebratory set of anthems to conclude a tour that fans still celebrate to this day.

The meat of the second half is a full throttle romp through “Ghost,” “Mike’s” and “Llama.” After “Ghost” had been such an extravagant vehicle of groove throughout the tour, Phish gradually built this jam into a seething excursion that favored a shreddier path. And as “Ghost” wound down, Phish wound up another heavy-hitter of the season, “Mike’s Song.” Splashing into ballistic Fall ’97 stop/start funk around the comical, in-jam banter, “Bring In the Dude!” the guys alternated solos during the breaks and absolutely blew the roof of The Knick with adrenalized musical fury and one of the more energetic band-audience exchanges in memory. The end of such a legendary tour would not go quietly into the night.

Building the jam into dirty, clav-painted rock textures, the band then took it way down before bursting back into the piece at a breakneck pace. Taking their head of steam into an aggressive jam that saw its way out of “Mike’s” structure, the band was playing not like it was their last night of tour, but as if it was the last night of their lives. Building into a quickened pattern, Trey took the idea and turned it into a scorching mid-second set “Llama.” Phish finished the set with the more uplifting playing of “Weekapaug -> Catapult -> “Weekapaug” and “Harry Hood,” and although Fall ‘97 was finally over, the community was shits and giggles after a month of the best music we’d ever heard from the band. And New Year’s Run was only two weeks away…

I: Ya Mar > Axilla > Theme From the Bottom, Ginseng Sullivan, Strange Design, Sample in a Jar, Vultures, Tube, Good Times Bad Times

II: NICU, Punch You In the Eye, Ghost > Mike’s Song -> Llama, When the Circus Comes, Weekapaug Groove -> Catapult -> Weekapaug Groove, Harry Hood

E: My Soul, The Squirming Coil


Jam of the Day:

Ghost > Mike’s -> Llama” 12.13.97 II

Phish brought it home in Albany and this sequence provided the dark meat of the set



Sand” 12.13.99 II

And while we are celebrating anniversaries, this big-time “Sand” dropped in Providence 12 years ago, tonight.

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  1. Tom Says:

    I was I was old enough to have been able to catch these shows now that I am so close to Albany

  2. Tom Says:

    3:30am’d. I wish*

  3. mike in austin Says:

    Mornin’ folks. Great write up as always Miner.

    This is a Ghost to wake up to.

  4. angryjoggerz Says:

    All the young phishies slept in their beds
    while visions of round rooms danced in their heads

  5. mike in austin Says:

    How is Tuesday AJ? Is the future good?

  6. angryjoggerz Says:

    no spoilers!

  7. angryjoggerz Says:

    haha, yeah, great day. Last day here, work is done, my boss is happy, my china side people are happy, so i am happy. Going to see my friends tonight and might just have to get a bit drunk. Hope it is a great one for you as well.

  8. Eriic Says:

    was going to school @ SUNY Oneonta during these Albany shows. Ended up selling my text books before finals to attend. Well worth it, readicculus two night stand!

  9. Guyute711 Says:

    This is still the venue I have seen more Phish than anywhere else, they always throw down in Albany. Eriic, you do not know Woody from Tep Oneonta do you? I think he was out of there by then though.

  10. gunslinging parrot Says:

    1st Show! What a night I had…Went with a buddy of mine who at the time I thought was crazy for be so obsessed with one band, little did i know he would turn me in. Good write up Miner, thanks for sharing!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

  11. bob dylan Says:

    I’m down with the UIC disease

  12. Luke Says:

    Has there ever been a bad Albany show. Every show i’ve seen there has been awesome

  13. bhizzle Says:

    Am I the only one having difficulties with these two jams playing entirely?

  14. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    And New Year’s Run was only two weeks away…

    that is probably the best line of the whole fine thing

  15. Gavinsdad Says:

    Wonder how many kids got their first shows Fall ’97

  16. Ya Boi Says:

    No mention of the Ya Mar???

  17. ae Says:

    friend just bailed on 12/28 – i have two crummy seats available, PTBM, section 411. anyone on here need them before i post or go thru the tkt board?

    ajepstein 1 at yahoo

    morning everyone.

  18. BingosBrother Says:

    @ae : I think HarryHood was lookin.

  19. Guyute711 Says:

    Yeah HH was looking yesterday I think. I just texted my buddy who may want them as well. I’ll have him e-mail you if he does.

  20. angryjoggerz Says:

    Night 4 of my Bond festival on HBO China. Strange living. I dig Bond, though.

  21. BingosBrother Says:

    The Dude answers?!/YEMblog/statuses/146248976121864192

  22. Robear Says:

    Yo! Havent been this excited for a Phishing run since IDK when.

    Been riding a wave of pronoia the last 3 weeks. Seriously, every time things look dark and bleak, an awesome opportunity or solution, unseen just minutes before, reveals itself. It’s been a humbling reminder to stay strong and look for the best in any situation. The latest piece has been getting my daughter into the best school on the coast, a school with a long waiting list, we were able to circumvent.

    Hit the 12/12 and 12/13/99 shows. Thanks miner, will be nice to spin those.

    Got out of last weeks funk with the following playlist:

    12/7/99 Halleys > 12/31/98 Ghost, Tweezer>Cities

  23. P.S.H.S. Says:

    this sand was the second of the month for me, and a monster at that. dec 99 and sand are like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly or, socks and shoes

  24. Robear Says:

    Pronoia, I have the BB to thank. It feels like I have a group of friends from Seattle, to Boston, to Germany, to Beijing. We all pull for each other! Blessed.

    I have access to 3 12/29/11 tickets. Need to trade for 3 12/30/11.

    May have an extra or two as well. Will check and notify @harryhood

  25. BingosBrother Says:

    War On Drugs covers Touch of Grey. Very good fuzz drenched version.

    We will get by Robear.

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