12.5.2009 (Graham Lucas)

After a long cross-country commute, I have finally plopped down a hundred yards from Worcetser’s DCU Center—the long off-season is about to come to an end. The band has been here rehearsing since the beginning of the week on the heels of extensive practice sessions behind closed doors, and i f I had to guess, the guys will be raring to go tonight. With all of summer ahead of them, in mere hours, Phish will take the first step—and an important step it will be. Here we are in the first week of June and the entire community is salivating for new music. If my own listening patterns were in any way indicative of the whole, those MSG shows haven’t seen the light of day on many stereos, as New Years Run didn’t give us that warm boost of Phishiness in the dark days of winter to which we are so accustomed. Labor Day weekend at Dick’s seems like a former lifetime as we sit on the brink of the tomorrow’s tour opener, as the excitement has been building for almost a year. With plenty of time to frolic in the lots and amphitheatres of summer, there’s nothing quite like kicking off tour in a grimy old arena with a rich Phish legacy.

I would wager big money that tonight’s show will elevate. Phish knows the situation, and I foresee them coming out with a two-set effort to knock the socks off the New England audience. Could I be wrong? Of course, but I just don’t see them coming out flat tonight. With a rabid Bostonian crowd who will clearly infuse Celtics chants into the show experience, the energy in the room will be sky high for a number of reasons. But first and foremost, the Phish are back in town and it’s time to step into the muthafahkin’ freezaaaaah!!!


“No Spoiler” Downloads—Summer 2012

This summer, thanks to mastermind, Craig Harris, Phish Thoughts’ Free No Spoiler Downloads will continue! If you have the ability to stay away from Phish sites during any show this summer, you’ll be able to live the unfolding experience as it happened. Each set will be downloadable with in a single, unlabled file, so that you can just press play and let it roll. The ETA of the download links will vary according to show locale, but we will always shoot for around 12 pm MST.


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743 Responses to “3…2…1…”

  1. sumodie Says:

    Exactly, Robear

    Band sounded very relaxed & loose, so refreshing

    From my perspective the same vibe permeated the crowd too, even in that stanky danky concrete bunker

  2. robear Says:

    First half of set 2 was some intense communal ecstasy

    ^ right on Sumo! Now I don’t need to wait for miners review 🙂

  3. robear Says:

    So glad you all are there.

  4. locust the lurker Says:

    Anybody got a spare code for someone stuck in the NW with no chance of catching the boys this summer?

    Want to hear this one 🙂

  5. locust the lurker Says:

    this might help: bisonwild[at]gmail

  6. RoosterPizza Says:

    Downloaded and sneaking in a quick listen before a night full of lessons. After lessons, this dude will be listening to this show in its entirety. THe 6:45 mark of the Carini, oh man…evil things.

  7. sumodie Says:

    AW was calling for Tweezer

    we got stuck with Ghost

    meh… 👿

    maybe tomorrow will be better

  8. voopa Says:

    Just heard set 2…really nice! Boogie jam is a keeper, then Ghost, Carini. Friday should be amazeballs, or whatever the kids are calling it…

  9. DryIceFactory Says:

    Set I Highlights: Buried Alive opener (great selection), Jim was slick, Torn and Frayed was probably the best jam of the set, followed closely by an interesting take on Ocelot

    Set II: The whole thing. Top 10 set of 3.0 IMO

  10. DryIceFactory Says:

    Can someone confirm the Guy Forget tease in Boogie On Reggae Centrum for me? Right at 8:20.

  11. plord Says:

    Dry Ice, I don’t know timings but we were calling the Guy Forget in the building.

  12. ElJefe Says:

    Still a pretty ganked Rift…

  13. ElJefe Says:

    Please tell me it wasn’t an in the building stoked over positive review tonight?.

  14. phlorida phan Says:

    Get your tix folks, shit is going down this summer. Anybody else in the building feel that roof shakin bass bomb in the middle of carini, wow, that was like an 8,000 hp nitro funny car launch of the line, total chest impact

  15. acleo Says:

    Got your back locust. Give me an email and it’s yours.

  16. Jtran Says:

    Morning comrades

    Getting into set 2 now. $$$ Carini, wow

  17. m00nshake Says:

    Tearing up some clam chowder at Legal Seafoods now. Last night’s show was great. I wish I could listen to it today but I can’t figure out how to redeem the free download on livephish.com and the WiFi at the hotel is so slow.

    Speaking of clam chowder…



  18. phishnin Says:

    Damn, they really worked on the vocals.

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