Shots From the Beach

Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Miner in the Media:

Phish Thoughts: The Book

> Check out this SPAC preview interview I did with The Daily Gazette of Schenectady, New York.

By Brian McElhiney

Phish are really on a roll this summer. In fact, the shows the Vermont-based jam band has performed so far represent the best of the now four-year reunion era, according to San Francisco-based journalist, Dave Calarco. “They came out this summer really with a purpose, it seems,” Calarco said from Phish’s recent tour stop in Carmel, Ind. “The last time they played, which was the New Years’ run at MSG [Madison Square Garden in New York City], the shows seemed somewhat lackluster…” READ ON!

> Here’s a book review of Phish Thoughts in Nug Magazine.

By Marco Alvarez 

I first heard the American rock band Phish back in ‘03 through my college roommate who studied music and played the sax. There would often be music playing in our apartment being that he was a saxophonist, and my other roommate, a guitarist. I never learned to play an instrument myself, but I always appreciated hearing the sound of my friends jamming out or the sound of their favorite artists blanketing over the place with their charm. We all just shared what we liked…READ ON!


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986 Responses to “Shots From the Beach”

  1. Snigglebeach Says:

    Anyone want to play Let’s Make a Deal??

    I have an extra lawn for each night. But what I really want to do is sit in an actual seat for once at spac.

    I’m willing to trade 6 total lawn seats (4 for 1 night, 1 for other 2 nights) for 3 pavilion Tiks. Could make this work for any night.

    Again 6 lawns for 3 pav’s. Let’s make a deal.

    Hit me up at snigglebeach @ yahoo .com.

  2. Gavinsdad Says:

    Lawnfest. Find a big group of college kids for that trade @sniggle. Some will have hit the lottery…but they all would prefer to chill together…that scenario is usually in play in the lots but u have to work for it.

  3. jdub Says:

    Have you checked around on Craig’s List @Sniggle? I got lucky yesterday and snagged a pav for Saurday night for face+fees. Worth scouring, never know what may pop up.

  4. MiA Says:

    I haven’t read that Snow. Is it good?

  5. MiA Says:

    As a note, I don’t think anyone is going to be sitting in their seats at spac.

  6. Snigglebeach Says:

    Got a long ride out there. It’s gonna be a beautiful night so I’m confident someone might bite. I like the idea of looking for big groups of noobs.

    See y’all at spac later.

  7. MiA Says:

    On another note, it’s quaint the term “stub down” with the advent of print at home PDF tickets.

    One doesn’t need an official “stub” anymore to get in the PAV. Just a sheet of paper printed from home.

    I never tried to post anywhere but where my seats said, but I would suspect there is a lot more seat crowding in popular areas (Fob)

    Anyone else experience that?

  8. Dr Pronoia Says:

    Yes and i have been guilty of it Mia

    Snow I found kuhns book very influential in college and then a lot seemed confirmed in grad school from it

    And I totally agree Ramblin – friends and patients w freshly minted doctorates are terrified by their prospects after spending sometimes 7+ years in grad school. And yeah, law firms seem less interested in close readings of Donne than the NY times would have you think. Luckily my degree was clinical psych so I could go either research or practice

    Anyhoo – have a great 3 pack everybody. Looking forward to the highlights

  9. litteringand Says:

    I just talked to someone about SPAC’s purchasing and drinking beer inside the venue. What a fucking joke.

  10. plord Says:

    Should be plenty of extras right? No need to grab a lawn for Saturday from ticketbastard?

  11. Guyute711 Says:

    Have fun in the cage folks.

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    If it’s any indication, Jones Beach was sold out immediately and there were tickets Everywhere…

    have fun at the shows this weekend everyone.

  13. Lycanthropist Says:

    anyone looking for a break from phish before tonight?

  14. sumodie Says:

    Spac lawns will be easy to score, likely under face too. venue is twice the size of JB

  15. plord Says:

    Alrighty then. Still hoping to score pav/balc on lot but will be happy just to be in all 3 nights.

    Packing up now; hitting the road when the kids get back from swim lessons 🙂

  16. MiA Says:

    Great shows everyone!

  17. plord Says:

    Look for the black Orb hat as usual…

  18. GhostPhunk Says:

    see you in a bit plord. If it’s any consolation, I believe the majority of us are on the lawn for Saturday. COMMUNAL RAGE

  19. phoammhead Says:

    after watching the stream the other nite and reflecting on the conversation of the signs . . . i had this thought. on GD tour and at phish shows in the early nineties, if there were signs they were being held by cute girls with flowing hair and tiny dresses and they were signs of “i need a miracle” or “birdsong” or “morning dew” and “fee” and “contact” . . . and they were all colored and artistic and well, you get the picture. seeing that meatstick douche with arms as big as my ass on the front row holding up his sign . . . i’m like . . . really! somebody needs to smack a man like that and say wake the fuck up . . . jeez oh mighty. yeah, the scene has gone to shit when that kinda shit is going on.

  20. Andrew Says:

    The innocence of youth on tour just isn’t as innocent anymore

  21. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Have a great time with the wife this weekend ghostphunk. Happy anniversay!

  22. GhostPhunk Says:

    anyone interested in meeting up for afternoon beers on Saturday? There a rooftop bar I can’t remember the place we all met up at in 2010 but it had a fantastic vibe.

  23. GhostPhunk Says:

    Thanks Palmer! Pumped.

  24. alf Says:

    if anyone is driving through worcester on the way KP has an extra saturday pav & lawn for local hand off

  25. Corey Says:

    Hello everyone. Needing a little concertgoing advice.

    Furthur tonight @ Finger Lakes vs. PHiSH @ SPAC.

    Furthur is actually closer… 40min away. SPAC is close to 4hrs. I have to drive back to Rochester post show, then have a nice 10+ hr drive to Boothbay Harbor early on Sun.

    Seen PHiSH this summer Worcester II, all of AC, and Cincy>Burgett>Blossom and JB I.
    Haven’t seen PHil since the 05/06 gig in VT with the partial PHiSH band. Haven’t seen Bobby since Ratdog 95 (ironically @ spac) post Jerry passing.

    No trees for shade at Finger Lakes. Trees for a lil shade at SPAC. Why trees you ask?
    Well, as @Mia mentioned the other day…lots of kids being consummated this tour.

    Yup. We’re about 2 months in!! Due in late Feb/early Mar. Thought we might make it happen in AC. Guess the Radiohead show @ Great Woods did the trick!! 🙂

    So, ya’ll think we’ll get the most musical bang for our collective bucks at FLPAC or SPAC?

    Dana saw Worcester and AC too. She’s never seen Phil or Bobby live.

    Any thoughts from the hippest board in music?

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