Shots From the Beach

Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Jones Beach 2012 (George Estreich)


Miner in the Media:

Phish Thoughts: The Book

> Check out this SPAC preview interview I did with The Daily Gazette of Schenectady, New York.

By Brian McElhiney

Phish are really on a roll this summer. In fact, the shows the Vermont-based jam band has performed so far represent the best of the now four-year reunion era, according to San Francisco-based journalist, Dave Calarco. “They came out this summer really with a purpose, it seems,” Calarco said from Phish’s recent tour stop in Carmel, Ind. “The last time they played, which was the New Years’ run at MSG [Madison Square Garden in New York City], the shows seemed somewhat lackluster…” READ ON!

> Here’s a book review of Phish Thoughts in Nug Magazine.

By Marco Alvarez 

I first heard the American rock band Phish back in ‘03 through my college roommate who studied music and played the sax. There would often be music playing in our apartment being that he was a saxophonist, and my other roommate, a guitarist. I never learned to play an instrument myself, but I always appreciated hearing the sound of my friends jamming out or the sound of their favorite artists blanketing over the place with their charm. We all just shared what we liked…READ ON!


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986 Responses to “Shots From the Beach”

  1. punkmug Says:

    Two gnarly Lopes in a row? I’m like MrC and not big on it either. But man, that was smoking. whew.

  2. jdub Says:

    Easily Butter. PYIT>Sally>Ghost, Suzy, Lope

    5 song mini set

  3. MrCompletely Says:

    aight all you gloryhole experts, later

  4. MiA Says:

    i liked antelope when it was like “oh yeah, we’re just starting. i could go all night”

    then it wasn’t anymore. now it is again.

    they sounded like they were having a blast.

  5. MiA Says:

    steve pollack and tom marshall i guess

  6. butter Says:

    that was a great sounding stream, and we got the phatty jam on stream for tomorrow

  7. MiA Says:


  8. kayatosh Says:

    made the mistake of kicking back in an esy chair. slept for most of set II. damnit.

    jam on tomorrow night? do i need sirius or some shit for that?

  9. tela'smuff Says:

    ha. spongy.

    don’t sleep on the DC Lope either. actually, it’s been pretty hot all summer.

    from what i heard via the gloryhole, that show holds up to the midwest test.

  10. MiA Says:

    You didn’t miss anything Kaya. Get the flacs tomorrow.

  11. kayatosh Says:

    for real? what’s the verdict hot or not?

  12. Esteban Says:

    @kaya 7 day trial out on Sirius

  13. Esteban Says:

  14. kayatosh Says:

    thanks, esteban. may have to do it. can listen online, right?

  15. halcyon Says:

    Second half Set 2 Heat Kaya.

  16. butter Says:

    believe u can sign up for a 7 day free trial subscription @Kaya. i would be passed out too if i was on eastern standard. Pacific time is perfect for Eastern stream Phish

  17. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    ist tomrrow and /or sunday streamed ?

    I just got bakcfor movies with kiddos


  18. jdub Says:

    Holds up to Centrum test as well from my glory hole.

    I danced my as off in my office so I’m sure I would’ve been dancing my ass off at SPAC.

  19. kayatosh Says:

    too much partying. never put your feet up. in and out of focus, grouchtour turned elastic.

  20. kayatosh Says:

    carini jam was $$+. sand was its typical dank self. and i heard some of roses. then it all got fuzzy. heard none of sneakin and ghost.

  21. Lycanthropist Says:

    well that should help ease concerns regarding the fourth quarter lull.

    I definitely enjoyed the back half of that more than the top.

    Will revist the whole set tomorrow for sure

    Hot jams in LUALMO and Stash and Psycho Killer Tube

  22. halcyon Says:

    this show made my shift go by blazing. I might actually get off on time this week and actually get a night of sleep!

  23. Esteban Says:

    Night, peeps. Online tomorrow evening for the Jam On stream

  24. kayatosh Says:

    looking fwd. to hearing sneakin>ghost>suzy>lope.

    night, yall.


  25. voopa Says:

    That was some shit! Woohoo!

    I did a Sirius trial for a broadcast sometime ago…’10? Maybe Superball…think I can get another trial? Oh, guess I can use my work email, duh.

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