Leg Two All-Stars

8.29.2012 – Oklahoma City, OK (Ryan MacNeill)

During Leg Two, Phish stuck to a very tight second set rotation. When looking to compile a second leg All-Star team, a few songs—“Light,” “Chalk Dust,” and “Tweezer”—jumped right out. But the 4th and 5th spots on the first team (using the NBA model) weren’t shoo-in selections. After a bit of thought, however, here are my picks.

“Chalk Dust Torture” — Already discussed in an article last week, “Chalk Dust” leapt onto this squad with three outstanding versions in its last three outings of summer, including an all-timer in Colorado.  Bursting out of nowhere following two relatively standard versions, “Chalk Dust” broke form in Atlanta in a big way, going unfinished into “What’s the Use?.” The next two versions, in St. Louis and Colorado, went in totally different directions, culminating with Dick’s masterpiece.

“Tweezer” — Also seen in an article of its own, “Tweezer” not only made the all-star team, but also took home the comeback player of the tour. Going 4-for-4 on the tour, “Tweezer” rolled out only great jams this tour, a welcome change from recent runs. From the darkness of Bill Graham’s to the bliss of Kansas City and Charlotte, “Tweezer” covered a lot of territory over Leg Two, and it is great to see the old dog gain this honor in 2012.

“Light” — If Phish had only played the Dick’s “Light” this tour, the modern jam vehicle would have a legitimate place on this squad. But in addition to this version of instant legend, “Light” also produced the moment of the summer, and arguably, the tour’s second best jam in Bill Graham finale. The other two times out, in Atlanta and Oklahoma City, “Light” had its least potent outings of the entire summer, but with Dick’s and BGCA’s versions, “Light” has captured another first-team All-Star selection, and is in the conversation for MVP.

“Rock and Roll” — “Rock and Roll” got the Leg Two party started in the LBC with one of the jams of the tour—a 25 minute, multi-thematic leviathan that showed Bieber his maker. Phish followed up the tour-opening standout with one of their most coherent and transcendent jams of Leg Two in Oak Mountains second-set opener. “Rock and Roll” only came out one more time in Leg Two—an innocuous mid-second-set rendition in Oklahoma City. But in such short tour, two top shelf excursions equals an All-Star berth.

“Golden Age” — The fifth spot on this team could go to any one of three different songs. “Golden Age,” however, gets the nod on the strength of two great jams, in Atlanta and in Colorado. Atlanta’s version is one of the dark horses of Leg Two, and Dick’s versions has gone incredibly underrated due to the monstrosity of the “Light” that followed.

Honorable Mention: 

“Sand” — Despite Denver’s all-timer, Phish infused far less creativity in the three other versions of tour, falling back on Trey solos each time. Losing quite a bit of bite from Leg One, “Sand” still had what it takes to claim an easy second team berth.

“Ghost” — Long Beach saw, arguably, the “Ghost” of the year, and Dick’s version closed tour with a scorcher. But there was a lot of time in between.

“Piper” — Phish never truly let loose on a “Piper” during Leg Two, with its most pronounced version taking place in the tour closer. Another strong, but underdeveloped version came in Kansas City.



12-6-97 The Palace

Thanks to Phish’s home offices, I have five download codes for Phish’s brand new release of a legendary show—December 6, 1997, at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan. This is a top fiver for me, and one of the best shows of 1997. This show has been begging for Fred Kevorkian’s remaster treatment for quite some time, and I’d like to thank archivist, Kevin Shapiro, for finally gracing us with this treasured nugget of Phish history!

To win one of these five download codes (mp3 only, sorry), Tweet me (@mrminer) a one-Tweet description of the second-set opening sequence, “Tweezer > Izabella.” Please use the hashtag #palacegold. I will RT the six winners at 12 noon PST and Direct Message you your winning codes!

Thanks for playing!


Jam of the Day:

Rock and Roll > Ghost” 8.15 II, LBC

The astronomic start to Leg Two in Southern California.



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  1. tela'smuff Says:

    Leg Two honors. can’t disagree. i’d go with Ghost over Golden Age, it’s close either way. that LBC Ghost was pretty special. i’d probably put Hood over Piper in the honorable mentions. The LBC and Dick’s versions were real nice. thx Miner.

  2. vegas wolfmans Says:

    “a 25 minute, multi-thematic leviathan that showed Bieber his maker”

    Why Miner is #1.

    Saw Father John Misty tonight. Highly, highly recommend.

  3. El Duderino Says:

    This year’s CDT’s are what I like

  4. jdub Says:

    Happy Auburn Hills Day!

  5. gavinsdad Says:

    @el dude – the deep south leg 2 is a little glossed over considering the dicks run that followed. i know miner posted some sleepers but you have any choice performances you’d call out? i was just looking at my itunes and i haven’t even dl’d Pelham, ATL or Char.

  6. SillyWilly Says:

    The Oak Mountain RockNRoll is awesome, gdad

    grab that one for sure

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    nice piece, miner. and cool little contest. would love to see some of the more clever entries (even the non-winners)*.

    hey investor types: you may want to keep an eye on my company in the near future. just a heads up and that’s all I’ll say about that. 😯


    *yes I know I can check the twitters myself but it would be a fun post to see them compiled here.

  8. ren Says:

    Nice to see Golden Age make the list. A lot of fresh energy and potential in that tune. How else would Troy impress all his new hipster friends ;- )

  9. Mr. Palmer Says:

    12/6/97 on live phish app. Featured show.

    T3 – bunch of news out this morning.

  10. Gavinsdad Says:

    5 mins into bg3 Sally is nasty

  11. MiA Says:

    Thank you crunchygroove.

    Shower just got more porny.

  12. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    yeah, and I’m in the middle of it being a real estate director. fun stuff!

  13. ren Says:

    MiA’s got his organ clobbering soundtrack apparently

  14. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    looks like my homework project from last night will have to wait. random fall 94 tour stop gets pushed aside for the AH drop no question.

  15. MiA Says:

    So anthemic. No other band could touch this, cover it, whatever.

    That is Phish 100%.

  16. ren Says:

    Stuck in ’94 right now…really enjoying this AUD for the 7/13/94 show that was recommended yesterday.

    I think this may be a case where the AUD/sound of the audience really contributes to the overall listening experience for me. This crowd is fired up!!!!

    Appreciation for AUD’s growing for sure

  17. MiA Says:

    They mixed down Fishmans drums perfectly.

    And crunchygroove ain’t a great source either.


  18. MiA Says:

    Ren. Don’t skip 7/6/94 Reba (at the minimum)

  19. ren Says:

    On the list MiA!- I’ll make sure I hit you up when I get here.

  20. Kaveh Says:

    Morning BBers!

    Nice article @Miner: I would “replace” Golden Age with Sand; otherwise, in my book; right on.

  21. Robear Says:

    Palmer, I was at that George Mason show…

  22. ren Says:

    Cavern>Wilson>Cavern just tripped me out!!!! Saw it on paper and still snuck up on me.


  23. ren Says:


    Really glad to see the “phishyness” for lack of a better word coming back these days in the form of antics and FYF type scenarios. I think there’s a direct correlation here with expectations. As evident in Miners piece today it seems like things have a tendency to get predictable in 3.0 which definitely weighs on the expectations factor. Less predictability at a show reduces the ability to expect. It also brings a looseness/playfulness that can help forge new explorations.

    Phishyness keeps my phish fresh!

  24. kurt } indy Says:

    Hey everybody, its been a long time for me, keep up the good work miner

  25. Guyute711 Says:

    No talk of the final play last night? That was easily the worst call this year. Packers got hosed.

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