Reader’s Picks: Nathan Tobey

8.24.12 (Ryan MacNeil)

8.24.12 (Ryan MacNeil)

All selections and text by Nathan Tobey

Free” 11.22.95 II, Landover, MD

After a terribly (and amusingly) botched “Rift,” the band comes out with a “Free” that is one of the best versions ever played. 33 minutes of dynamic improvisation that features an especially strong performance from Page. At about the 21 minute mark, the jam moves into a quiet, breathtaking sequence featuring Trey whistling that evokes memories of the 12/29/94 Bowie.



Down with Disease” 12.12.95 II, Providence, RI

Thrilling. This jam is an adventure comprable to some of the very best jams from this peak period of Phish. It may just be the most interesting “Disease” the band has played (no offense to 11/12/94 or 6/25/97).



Stash > Ghost” 6.19.97 II, Vienna, AT

Most of you know the Paradiso Wormtown “Stash”—meet its lesser-known little brother, the Vienna “Stash.” A great but straight ahead “Stash” seems to be winding up only to dissolve into a extended funk jam that will have you dancing by the time “Ghost” arrives.



Antelope” 7.29.97 II, Phoenix, AZ

“Antelopes” that venture into true experimental improvisation are few and far between—and this is the best of a very short list. This Desert Sky “Antelope” goes far off the beaten path into a beautiful jam, before finding its way back to close things out.



YEM” 7.26.98 II, Dallas, TX

97-98 is known as the funk period, but Phish always had some funk — mainly in the form of YEM. So, what better vehicle for the cow funk treatment of the 97-98 period? This “YEM” got that treatment. At 29 minutes, the funk goes on (just about) forever—without a dull moment.



Ghost” 9.12.99 II, Portland, OR

I love ’99, but it’s true that the band could sometimes be sloppy or disconnected that year. This is not one of those times. 29 minutes of plugged in, focused playing that shows off 99 at its best—a combination of subtle textures, abstract soundscapes, and powerful grooves.



Down with Disease” 3.8.09 II, Hampton, VA

There a lot of reasons to love the reunion run, but the jams are not usually considered one of them. That’s true for the most part, but this is a huge exception. A 22 minute adventure with a gorgeous Trey-led segment that starts about mid-way through, followed a section of stunning Mike soloing, and wrapping up with a Fish/Trey race to the finish. This one flies under the radar. It shouldn’t.



Simple” 11.16.94 II, Ann Arbor, MI

A 34 min masterpiece that every fan should hear. Like most of the rambling 30+ minute jams of the era, it breaks down at points, but there are several sections of thrilling, jaw-dropping playing that could each have sustained an amazing jam out of “Simple” by themselves. The jam ends with delicate, gorgeous outro followed by a huge ovation. Perfect.



Twist” 7.18.03 II, East Troy, WI

This dark horse “Twist” comes out of nowhere late in the second set at Alpine to create a dark, swirling jam that reaches some menacing peaks before returning to the theme.



Bathtub Gin” 8.7.09 II, George, WA

Unquestionably the best “Gin” of 3.0—and one of the very best jams of 3.0, period. The creativity is pulsing in this jam as the band locks together for 18 minutes of adventurous improvisation that—like the very best of Phish jams—sounds almost composed. This is a jam that stays with you.



Piper” 7.8.12 II, SPAC

Any “Piper” played at SPAC would be overshadowed by the epic, essential 6/19/04 performance. But this “Piper” holds its own, and then some—it’s a stunning, tight powerhouse of a jam that features a thrilling peak from Trey. My favorite 3.0 version (though 10-30-09, 6-27-10, 6-15-12, 9-4-11 and 12-30-11 are all must hears).



Frankie Says” 12.28.03 II, Miami, FL

My nominee for best “Frankie Says” ever. A stunning jam that came out of nowhere in the first frame to set  the tone for an exploratory night of powerful Trey-led, Hendrix-inspired jamming.

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  1. voopa Says:


  2. RoosterPizza Says:

    Big party going down tonight. Little rooster’s first birthday, grandmother’s birthday (same week), and homecoming for my brother in law and his new born baby; he’s taking over the family bakery. I had a huge day on the research front, so I’m about to blow the fucking doors off the hinges. Herb is my governor for drinking, so without that…

  3. MiA Says:

    My favorite users picks so far. Well done.

    Frankie Says is a must hear “Give us the HEAT!” Exchange will forever be in my mind.

    Have a great Friday everyone!

  4. stapes Says:

    Love this Frankie Sez. Miss the unexpected first set explorations of that time.

    Happy Friday all!

  5. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Well done Nathan. Well done.

  6. marcoesq Says:

    Morning all. Great picks here, Simple was on my list..guess I’ll cross off. Such a beast

  7. btb Says:

    33 minute Free? How liberating

    Morning, tis almost June

  8. marcoesq Says:

    2yrs ago today we saw the Best, IMO, Drowned of this era and the only jammed out After Midnight since Cypress. Here’s hoping that PNC can deliver the goods again this year.

  9. BingosBrother Says:

    Thats not the heat!

  10. btb Says:

    Selfish posting, but regarding the Chicago Run I’m still in search of sleeping arrangements not limited to:

    1) Spare Bedroom
    2) 4’x7” plot of floor space
    3) van / RV
    4) rooftop
    5) backyard / tent
    6) stinky basement
    7) your in-laws house

    The wo0k Blazer appreciates your kind consideration.

  11. Guyute711 Says:

    Would you sleep in a shit tent?

  12. Kaveh Says:

    Thanks for the list today Nathan; much appreciated. Jumping right in with the DWD.

    Happy Friday BBers.

  13. btb Says:

    For Phish? Yes.

  14. MiA Says:

    I was wrong. That was the HEAT.

  15. phoammhead Says:

    LULZ, G7.

  16. phoammhead Says:

    yeah . . . friday, foolz!

  17. Mr. Palmer Says:

    4 years ago the 3.0 journey began for me at Fenway…

  18. Kaveh Says:

    4 years ago the 3.0 journey began for me at Fenway…

    ^ Indeed.

  19. marcoesq Says:

    Me too. I remember being ecstatic walking out of the Fenway field. Those plastic chairs all zip tied together.

  20. Kaveh Says:

    ^ I was ecstatic walking in…never been there before; classic stadium.

  21. MiA Says:

    It is Lumpyhead’s Phishiversary and the first time we met. Great weekend in Boston.

  22. sumodie Says:

    Some actual photos of unfinished Charter One can be seen by scrolling down

    Fantastic skyline view

  23. Guyute711 Says:

    Ugh, 2 days ago was the one year anny of Ween breaking up. That shit ain’t cool.

  24. marcoesq Says:

    oh no, they almost had to cancel guster

  25. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Hopefully they get it done.. Would be a dick punch to end up in the UIC sweat box..that place looks great.

    Construction + Politics + Chicago = probably not the greatest combination to meet a deadline

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