Phish, Almighty

7.27.13 (Eric Battuello)

7.27.13 (Eric Battuello)

Dreams do come true. On so many levels. Last night Phish redefined what is possible in live music with their finest accomplishment of their career—the Tahoe “Tweezer.” But really it was the finest accomplishment in all of our careers, because the audience—the Phish community— was as much a part of this feat as any. Even the people that weren’t in attendance. I just respun the jam for the first time and Holy.Fucking.Shit! Tears streamed down my face as I listened back to the night of my life. That is the best thing that has ever happened on planet earth.

7/31Official (J.Soto)

7/31 Official (J.Soto)

The reason I see Phish is in pursuit of what happened last night. Not only was it the best jam of the band’s career, it was “Tweezer”—my favorite jam by—oh—about infinity miles. “Tweezer” is Phish. The Freezer is our home. And home has never felt as special as right now. Anyone who has ever doubted that Phish would be back and better than before—put that in your pipe and smoke it. Sculpting a piece of music  far beyond anything they’ve ever done, the band wielded powers greater than we’ve ever dreamed last night. It was simply incomparable. And where the heck do we go from here?

Just the sheer numbers on the Tahoe “Tweezer” are ludicrous. Thirty-seven minutes and not even close to one single dull moment. The seventh longest jam of Phish’s career, and the longest since IT’s “46 Days” in 2003. But 37 minutes of 2013 Phish is unlike 37 minutes of music from any other era. There was no vamping, searching, or meandering—just straight musical genius encompassing Harvey’s like a fucking sharknado. ‘Nuff said. Staggering to the core would be the understatement of the century.

7.30 (E.Battuello)

7.30.13 (E.Battuello)

The thing is, beyond “Tweezer” and beyond Tahoe—the new apex of Summer ’13—the Phish universe is in a place of unparalleled glory right now. Things have never been this great. The band’s level of improvisation is off the charts and more proficient than at any time in their past—and they just keep getting better. Trey has not been shy about saying that right now is his favorite time in Phish history, and I whole heartedly agree. 2013 has brought us to a point in this arc few of us saw coming. Everything that has come before this—the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s—have been stepping stones to now—2013, the year that dreams come true.

After the first half of “Tweezer”—one of the more evil jams I have ever heard—wrapped up somewhere around the half way point, I took a bow, thanking the band for what they had given us, and thanking powers that be for allowing me to have been present for such a ceremony. But little did I know, things were just getting turnt up! Sitting in a sort of musical purgatory between the Hades-laced soundtrack we had just heard and the heavenly passages that awaited, the guys chilled out with no sense of unease or urgency to get anywhere at all. And that is the sign of a band that believes in itself and trusts that the music will take it where it needs to go. That is a band that has let go of their egos and bought into each other hook, line and sinker—forever. Pun intended.

7.30 (E.Battuello)

7.30 (E.Battuello)

When the band—on a dime and all at once—made a change for the skies above, nothing in the universe could hold them back. Playing the most inspiring music that we have ever heard, soon the crowd got involved, elevating the experience to a whole ‘nother level. As the band hit a break in the mind-bending jam, the crowd let out a “Wooooo!” The guys immediately picked up on this, altering the jam in order to create breaks for the crowd to respond—and the rest is history. The interplay between the band and audience reached a level unseen before, driving each other higher and higher into a cosmic and communal bliss. After a set of “Woos!” the band would tear into music so cathartic and inspirational that it will make you cry. This is IT like IT has never manifested ITself at a Phish show before. This was a whole new level for this psychedelic mind game called Phish. This was life like we’ve never experienced it before. Or was it a dream?

7.30 (E.Battuello)

7.30 (E.Battuello)

And then the band moved beyond this monumental and never-ending peak, capping “Tweezer’s” apex by jamming on Traffic’s “Dear, Mr. Fantasy,” a genius move considering the opening lyric of the song—“Dear Mister Fantasy play us a tune/Something to make us all happy.” Finally, in a move that obliterated whatever pieces of anyone’s brain they still had left, Trey coyly slid in the “Tweezer” lick back into the mix, bringing everything full circle with a stop/start cadence to facilitate a final set of  “Woos!” Forget about it.

At this point, the band melted into “Tela” and everyone exchanged hugs, looks of disbelief, and generally celebrated life before refocusing on the elusive bustout. At this point, it was all gravy. Nothing else mattered. But of course, Phish finished their set. In fact, it all flowed quite perfectly, as “Twist” emerged out of “Tela,” and the most impressive “Architect” to date shone brightly deep into the set. A beautifully placed “Bouncing”—a song that always surfaces when things really go down—set the table for a colossal, wide open “Antelope” to close things out. And then the “Woos!” returned! In “Antelope’s” post-jam segment, and then again in “Tweezer Reprise,” the band created breaks for audience participation, reminding us of the peak experience that just went down.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space

After the show, I took a photo of the asphalt on which I was dancing last night, for that was a place of unforgettable power—a few square feet I will never forget. And when every one has their own square feet of space, everyone can get down together. It’s simply the best when all your friends are together with enough room to openly take in the divine goods with a reckless abandon. The west coast is the best coast for this very reason, and Phish is showing how much they love the region’s wide open GA environs. But lo and behold, we are about to take this indoors! Are you serious? Bringing this larger than life music into the confines of Bill Graham is going to make for quite the intense experience. Are you ready? Because the band certainly is. Rest up folks, because who knows what’s next?

First Set Notes: Meh. But who cares.

I: Chalk Dust Torture, Camel Walk, Sparkle, Back on the Train, It’s Ice, Brian and Robert, Yarmouth Road, Kill Devil Falls, Lawn Boy, Ocelot, Stash

II: Tweezer, Tela > Twist > Architect, Bouncing Around the Room, Run Like an Antelope

E: Julius > Tweezer Reprise

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1,513 Responses to “Phish, Almighty”

  1. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    nice frankie. i’ll be back in montreal at some point. actually, possibly shooting a music video there in the next few months….

  2. jdub Says:

    Trey has clearly stated he gets off on the crowd getting off.

  3. Frankie Says:

    Good harvest pbs! Diru du ciel has a great selection… Really love their stout on tap péché mortel… Like a dessert…

  4. Frankie Says:

    I guess you had that…

  5. phishm Says:

    I liked it. Night all.

  6. sumodie Says:

    Great show


  7. jdub Says:

    Woo hoo.

    Time fer bed. Peace all.

  8. Frankie Says:


  9. sumodie Says:,766,199/Phish-mp3-flac-download-8-2-2013-Bill-Graham-Civic-Auditorium-San-Francisco-CA.html

  10. tba Says:

    thanks bobby, ironically at shows I don’t say two words even w/ best friends while music is going; more and more I’ve become hush hush during music at a show in person, although always been that way, but guess comments on a board while watching ppv are benign, and its kinda cool as the best shows get my mind racing anyway, so I tend to power post on this bb when i do, and to be fair, while it’s rare I post, yes i get a bit long winded, so I wasn’t upset, just my number one rule online: no flame wars or any pissing people off if at all possible, even if I’m being cool. So sick of the negativity on the net, and why I love Miner’s BB, people are above petty hate here, so refreshing. Told Miner few years ago; best behaved board online I’ve ever seen, and w/out censorship.

    But back to my head quickly, I try to at least throw in something interesting, to pay for my therapy :<) anyway thanks again, and sorry to even get all insecure, so ode to Jessie Pinkman, night bitches….

  11. RoosterPizza Says:

    Red sashes ftw

  12. avila Says:

    Who invited all the talkers tonight?

  13. btb Says:

    It didnt rain!!!!!!

    Had to move away from rage side….too many wasted wo0ks talking up a storm.

    Overall an ok night. They didn’t really connect to my ears. 7 below had some good moments. Sand was fun. Im a vultures fan. Reba and hood were both meh city. Maybe its me….im tired.

    night yall.

  14. SillyWilly Says:

    thought the show was pretty good

    at home with jtran.

    having a Pliny. eating lasagna. being wooks.

  15. MiA Says:

    Trey’c comfortable about playing the technically complicated stuff. Impressive. Some flubbiness too. Had a good time.

  16. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    somehow, in spite of a bunch of shit, i loved it.
    the second set just worked/won me over. great ride. ups and downs.
    they’re so on it… just straight up on it. can honestly say i loved that set.

    and who did invite the talkers?

  17. Nissl Says:

    Back from this show and back in the saddle after several months of not following Phish too closely. Wonder if anyone remembers me at this point. Anyway, pretty good show I thought. Surprised just how positive people are being here and in other venues, though, to be honest. Lots of stuff being worked through in the band/crowd collective unconscious lead to some raw/weird moments and stutters in the flow alongside lots of good improv and strong peaks. Which I’m 100% cool with, but I usually expect lots of internet complaining after a show like that.

    Wish the crowd would tone back the interaction a bit. I know SF crowds like to participate and give back but we really didn’t need to woo in a half dozen songs and clapping at the end of Coil is just bad form.

  18. PigSong Says:

    Page 58 has ‘best 3.0’ comments

    Page 59 has ‘ well, it was fun’ comments

    Guess I should at least catch the setlist..

  19. RoosterPizza Says:

    Post Tahoe Tweezer woos need to take a dirt nap.

  20. PigSong Says:

    Tahoe tweez, fuck man. Really love so many segments of this thing. So many ideas, so little idle time.

  21. PigSong Says:

    Haven’t heard any of the new “Woo” – appears to be another choice the band has made. Depends who you ask whether its the right way or the wrong way.

    I need an ALAC of this tweez.

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Tweezburger knows what’s up.

  23. Berkeley Head Says:

    Caveat Emptor: still raging… and rightfully so considering it was Page’s night.

    It appears Phish is still on that killer wave they caught in Washington.

    The first set is to the second set what tough is to beat.

    The first woo was the nailest nail on the chalkest chalk board (albeit seemingly fan organic.) I quickly came to terms with this though… moved on and somehow managed to keep any and all woos in a vacuum from my live experience. Seriously… I lucked out.

    I read hear that MiA called the Punch. Well that’s because MiA is a clever sob and knew that Trey (also a clever sob) would play his woo pedal Set II and pick an opener with crowd participation… “Hey!”

    So you’re with your buddy and he tells the best joke ever. You quickly come back with a re-set variation equally as funny. Your buddy re-set your re-set and you’re really only still laughing from the first two. At that point you look at each other eye to eye and say “ok now it’s stupid…” and move on.

    There was sac-religious clapping during Page’s piano part. Fuckers.

    I wish they would have chosen Page Night on that beautiful piano in Tahoe where the audience would have heard their own heartbeats in attention. But I also wish I could fly.

    I love Vultures and I felt like one from atop my perch swooping down during that song. I was a more handsome… nicer bird than a vulture in my mind’s eye though.

    Please help us Obi Wan Miner, you’re our only hope. Are you able to make an anti-woo public service announcement? I can’t lie… some of the woos sound so atrociously contrived on the re-spin.

    Uh oh… Went negative on a fucking great show. Eject

  24. RoosterPizza Says:

    Wooing in the composed portion of Vultures is not a choice by the band. Vultures don’t fucking woo. Wooing is for farmhouse, bouncing, and Tahoe Tweezer.

  25. Fly Says:

    The Tweez was just so completely epic it is obviously aftershocking. All of the Woos are still Woos to that fucking life changing Tweezer, so it doesn’t bother me so much.

    If there are Woos in Fall Tour, well, that could become a bit of a nuisance. Or a Woosance.

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