The Final Night

“Oh Kee Pah > Yem” Part 1

“YEM” Part 2

“YEM” Part 3



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  1. dorn76 Says:

    Wish I could’ve been hung up at home like that all day, @LU.

    If life were easy.

  2. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Been going back to some ’92-’93 for my listening pleasure.

    4/21/92 Tweezer

    4/16/92 Mikes H2o Week…

    then ’93 stash from today’s date…

  3. little umbrellas Says:

    It takes Saturn 10,832 Earth days to complete one orbit around the Sun. So Ra is actually about 3 and a third years old.

    I like to think that since he was born on Saturn and has passed on, that in his death he has gone farther out… like out to Galaxy 42 and is representing our Solar System as the Ambassador of Arts & Culture to all the distant civilizations in preparation for our eventual meeting.

  4. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Fair enough. Awarding joint credit for DC ’95 Reba rec to Robear & telas.

    Snubby 100% concur qual is less than optimal for Quick question: fav grub had whilst in Austin?

    Dear Daptone: pls bring this shit stateside!

  5. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    i jumped on the 6/19/95 bandwagon. thanks for the rec. i haven’t listened to this show in a while. when i was collecting tapes, this was a go to. spun the hell out of it. i was so stoked to finally see shows at d.c. in ’98 (my only time there). a magical place (although i heard the area around the venue has changed, is this true?)

  6. Stoney Case Says:

    In as kind a way as possible, for everyone that has typed “You can’t expect Trey to shred like he used to in the 90’s”

    go listen to that 6/19/95 Reba and phuck yourselves! Not a fast note played. Just a guitarist with perfect tone, playing in perfect time with his bandmates. Slow, deliberate, each note meaning as much as the one before and after.

    I pray Trey finds the inspiration he’s been searching for. Hoping against hope that he gets his Head Off a Hardbody and back onto the ‘Doc. One of them. Pick one. Stick with it. Steve Kimock you’re not.

  7. dorn76 Says:

    Can we see him in the virtual universe?

    Jayzus the innernet is a time suck….

  8. little umbrellas Says:

    @Dorn, I’m headed up for some days of the old snip snip snip, usually requires 14 hour daily playlists. If ya get a moment sometime, would be stoked to get a dropbox with the JF14 Disease, Light and Sand. Just grabbed that Wolfmans.

    :: the flight home involved a window seat and a listening to the NYE 98 Wolfmans while looking out above the clouds. Sky views and Phish, great combo.

  9. butter Says:

    yea dorn,

    thought Trey was dishing some floaty flamenco licks in Wolf and 46 in a tasteful NOLA spirit

    those guys are such contrarians, no guests – horns – no Trey sit ins elsewhere

    thought Kill Devil opener was speaking about the 18 year gap from JF’s and how better behaved we’ll be this time — and to this version of Phish 3.0

    “this time its gunna be different”

    when “Party Time” was the clear NOLA opener

  10. butter Says:

    Trey isnt Phish anymore Stoney

    its an equitable experience now

    listen to Fish lead Phish thru that Disease jam

  11. Stoney Case Says:

    Trey isnt Phish anymore Stoney
    its an equitable experience now
    listen to Fish lead Phish thru that Disease jam

    Butter, I disagree. I’ve always given credit to the foursome. I never considered it Trey’s band with quality backers.

    Solid drumming is not enough to inspire the type of cross-country treks that Phish lore was formed on.

  12. butter Says:

    ftr – i havent spun JF and dont really plan on spinning live shows i attend anymore till maybe a few years have passed

    i’m going back to my rule of spinning anything but Phish while on tour or seeing shows


    worked for me in the late 90’s. all reggae or GD back in those days while on tour

  13. little umbrellas Says:

    ‘Pick one. Stick with it.’ I Like this Stoney Case post.

    Jerry certainly felt this was important for him. When on an Odyssey of space and time, it helps to know your tools like the back of your hand.

    Woodshed Snubed. Back to the shack with you!

  14. butter Says:

    i mean he is the band leader still

    but for the most part the high flying guitar acrobats are done

    see MSG Carini – that is your top shelf PHish now

  15. butter Says:

    i just feel everyone that wants Trey to be this or that will be disappointed

    roll with the punches, were all older now. i agree, the music doesnt inspire me to drop everything i’m doing and tour.

    but its still the best dog and pony show going and i want to hit the whole theoretical west coast tour and am trying for 5 or 6 of Summer

  16. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    “iā€™m going back to my rule of spinning anything but Phish while on tour or seeing shows”

    ^ i do this also. last summer when we got to my cousins apartment in s.f. (coming from tahoe) he had the clifford ball dvd on. one of the first things i did was eject it and put on egypt ’78. he gave me a real quizzical look as if saying, “what’s up, asshole?” i said, “sorry man, but no phish except for the shows, we (my little family and i) are on tour.” he knowingly laughed.

  17. Stoney Case Says:

    Butter, again, not even talking high-flying guitar acrobatics. Talking about being ready when it’s go-time.

    It’s gone from “DOn’t have expectations for Phish”

    to “Expect a tame festy set”

    to “Who cares if Trey sounds completely off for most of the show, it’s about the other three. Besides, it was a one off, first show of the year”.

    I hope you all understand I’m not mad! These are legit observations. I’ll quit if it’s too hard to talk about. There’s a new trend in the Phish online world:

    “Convince yourself it’s all good, and it’s just about the good time. Music secondary.”

    I can not subscribe to this line of thinking.

    Just spinning this ’95 Bowie. Not a fast/shreddy run in the entire 20 minutes of jamming.

  18. little umbrellas Says:

    listen to Fish lead Phish thru that Disease jam

    ^that’s how it felt to me

  19. tela's_muff Says:

    Stoney – you’re suffering from “I’m listening to ’95 Phish” syndrome. haha. Trey finds his inspiration on the West Coast. i’m with Butter, just waiting until the Fall.

    this 6/19 Bowie immediately drops into deep space. i can vividly remember thinking in my newb head that this was Phish’s version of the GD’s Space. I had no idea how it all worked yet.

  20. Stoney Case Says:

    tela, i could put on Dicks 12 and say the same things!

    If anyone thinks the following is negativity or hate, they’re an idiot that doesn’t understand either:

    “Trey had an off night at Jazz Fest. He did not sound warmed up, ready, or in the zone for most of the show. I think he will come around by summer. The performance at JF is still worth noting. They are professionals with a 30 year reputation.”

  21. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    “i just feel everyone that wants Trey to be this or that will be disappointed”

    i love phish as an entity- i am not a trey fan boy. however, i understand that trey’s guitar prowess of ’92, ’93, ’94, and ’95 is what turned a lot of people on to phish. those looking for shreddy trey are looking in all of the wrong places. and if a guitar god makes phish for someone, then it maybe time to jump ship.

    in my opinion, as long as what trey plays contributes to making phish sound interesting and weird, i support what he does. my only want from trey is that he continues to interestingly contribute on a consistent basis and embrace improvisation.

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I had no idea how it all worked yet.

    hey, let me know if you ever figure it out. some days I feel like I’m nowhere closer now than I was back then. šŸ˜

  23. Stoney Case Says:

    What Stoney wants from Trey:

    Be ready for the shows. Pay attention to the guitar tones.

    If that’s too much to ask, tell me now, I’ll quit.

  24. vapebraham Says:

    I’m with stoney. trey is starting to stick out like a sore thumb.

    spinning 7.3.97 ghost (31 mins).

  25. ren Says:


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