The Final Night

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  1. George W. Kush Says:

    SO after an intensive 36hr period, I just finished Lesh’s “Searching for the Sound.” A few preliminary thoughts before I go to sleep and further digest that 40+ year whirlwind account:

    -I have a new appreciation of the energy and fervor of the “primal Dead” years that I have mostly tuned out of my GD listening due to preference falling on the 1970 onward material, usually faltering around the post-coma years/sound for multiple reasons too mundane to list. The book implores me to dig into the 65-69 stuff, as this was where the bulk of the storytelling/focus fell. Seems like an era of amazing mystic energy between certain groups of humans in geographically tangential places.

    -Pig was the band leader. After his time, the core structure shifted and twisted in a state of flux with all eyes and musical connections attached to Jerry as the reluctant bearer of the great inertia necessary to propel that music.

    -Bear ate meat. If you didn’t like meat or milk. You can go to hell

    -recollections of post hiatus (’75 onward) seemed more rushed than I had anticipated. Maybe due to Phil’s admittedly more drinking and blackout periods. His evolution into Family Man Lesh is definitely self-glorified but lends a nice romantic touch to the book and personal cultural development to Phil as a musician and human.

    -Billy the K is a One Man Gang

    -Bobby is a spittin-ass rockstar who grew a beard and donned a black tshirt after Jerry died in attempt to recover from his pink Lacoste cut-off jort days nailing Bunnies (and maybe playful young boys) in the “hospitality” section of band hotel room blocks.

    -Phil in ski-mask attire in some early 80s photos is representative of the band’s alpine mogul skills when not on stage

    -Micky was always a Napoleon-complex add-in. Best Dead is single-drummer Dead.

    -The Pyramid “gag” seemed to be a significant International Relations success at a time of great world turmoil. Music derived from locales of central cosmic energy.

    -The GD just wanted to play music to make the dancers dance and reveled in doing so. The rest, politics, finance, promotion, excess, schedule, fame, was all an afterthought to that group of musicians. That toxic stew was heaped upon them slowly and gradually after Pig’s death, due to multiple extraneous circumstances, and ultimately snuffed out the original spirit of the gig.

    -shyness and introvertedness in the keyboard chair gets bad results.

    -You Play, Motherfucker!

    Great tale from Phil. Haven’t had such a pleasurable emotional and can’t-put-down read in recent memory. Searching is highly suggested to anyone here with an inkling of GD interest. also didn’t know that the Trey/Page shows were Phil’s first “& friends” shows after his major liver surgery. That energy comes thru all the players big time on those tapes as most know.

    Looking forward to Sum 14 with a renewed energy after this read.

  2. George W. Kush Says:

    oh, and that floating Persian rug is not a comfortable ride through space

  3. George W. Kush Says:

    and to tricots my Dead ramblings, I will add this wonderful gem for the weekend BBers.

    7-12-76 soundcheck

    if thats not a funky disco Dancing to get your piggies a-wigglin, don’t know if even Bootsy himself can help you at this point.

  4. George W. Kush Says:


    **durn, now quad scrib

  5. the Baker Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Pres!
    Do I use ARCHIVIST to find Phil&Friends with trey?
    Gotta a date for a Baker?
    April? ’96?
    ….’precise IT…thanx

    How did your $16 admission’d “portraits-display” go at your library today ?

  6. George W. Kush Says:

    dough! i believe its 4.15-4.17 ninety nighn

  7. the Baker Says:

    Gratcious, DubYa

    *currently waiting for this DICK’s ’12 LIGHT to blow-up*

  8. the Baker Says:

    ^thanx for the Stengel-nod earlier!


  9. the Baker Says:

    Stoney Case,


  10. the Baker Says:

    …I truly COULDNT IMAGINE still waiting for “an answer”…

  11. little umbrellas Says:

    The Late night BB. Good Shit. Lot’s of thoughts. Just finished unpacking the van. Carmel wedding gig. a success.

    Also really enjoyed Searching for the Sound.

    (the recent Livebait 9 is great, for Baker.. New live bait time?)

  12. the Baker Says:

    G’day to ya LilUm’s!
    What was your encore last night?
    Glad to hear The gig was a Hit!

    *collective-unconsciousness thought: of all the Ike& Tina talk 24-36hrs ago LEADS to an Amazin’ walk-off Grand Slam home run by the Metropolitains’ oft maligned “homegrown” product IKE DAVIS yesterday afternoon@ not-Shea*

    I’m currently finishing up Bangor2…live bait #9 in a spell, thanx!

  13. the Baker Says:

    Did you get THIS on your phone yet?

  14. the Baker Says:

  15. Dr Pro Says:

    Goddamn I’m sick of these wisco heartbreakers

    At least as a cubs fan they never get close to the big game. Wisco is good enough to make those rose bowls etc but then always lose in the most heartbreaking way

    Makes winning the pool bittersweet. Don’t think there’s room for mind babies in my baby-filled life, but count me win for other BB delicacies. I’m thinking wings and some of these West coast newfangles — concentrates, commercial edibles and whatnot — my retro ass hasn’t experienced yet

  16. Ulysses S. Wingsuit Says:

    Bug, Sand, Lifeboy and Meatstick have never been played in the same show, or even the same run.

  17. nogoodpah Says:

    I remember pulling in late to this Providence show. I entered the arena through thick red curtains. The musty smell of dankness and spilled beer, the light beam and washuffizidrivemeafirenze. my face. The night set in. The FUNK grew to epic proportions. Trey said something about dancing to the funk and if you don’t like it, then ‘take off.’ The FUNKIEST Cavern ever. The hiss of nitrous in parking lots. The night the FUNK drove old dixie down.

  18. bobby weird Says:

    personal anecdotes brought on by GWK’ Searching thoughts:

    roughly 10th row for 7.4.86 Rich Stadium show, close enough to notice Phil drinking several St. Pauly Girl’s. went on SPG kick for a while thereafter.

    also took great photo of Garcia in red. haven’t located that photo in a couple years. i will share it when i do. cannot believe i only took one! then again, considering my young age and early experience with L, guess i’m lucky i was able to get one at all!

  19. bobby weird Says:

    ^ also sported red, white and blue wristbands after that show as well i’m afraid to admit. was man crushing on Phil something fierce back then.

  20. bobby weird Says:

    and just like that, memories confirmed! 10:15 wristband!

    springs dormant memory show was pro shot and hiding from the camera overhead crowd swings. so scared of that cam!

  21. MiA Says:

    Bug, Sand, Lifeboy and Meatstick have never been played in the same show, or even the same run.

    I was praying all night for the Lifeboy drop 12/31/99. Also wanted if I could also.

    Did not want HYHU > Love me or a Boogie On encore.

    Actually didn’t want a night one set one daylight Ghost.


  22. George W. Kush Says:

    just took a look at for first time in a while. Whomever does their web design has a nice intent but it is sort of a clunky page. and not intentional clunky like Page in Gin. Still think I like the old news-list style of the ooooold Easy, simple, clean.

    Interesting to see that Mann is sold out both nights but smallest venue less than half of the Mann capacity (Portsmouth, 6500) still has tickets available both nights. Usually nTelos is first venue to sell out on summer listings. Both runs are mid-week…curious indeed…

  23. the Baker Says:

    GF’s r&r–>-7…sunshine dayDream…Amazin’s looking to Sweep!

  24. Stoney Case Says:

    Nice review GW!

  25. phishm Says:

    I take a night off and next to nothing is said. What’s up folks? Way to hold things down Baker. Good thoughts. Almost time to say bye to my kids for another week. I’ll miss them, but I will get more sleep and probably get down to much more Phish. Had a good birthday at my parents yesterday. Turning 41 is like turning any other age. No big deal. Anyway, keep it real BB. Don’t be strangers and if something comes to mind try sharing it. It’s what all the cool kids are doing nowadays.

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