The Final Night

“Oh Kee Pah > Yem” Part 1

“YEM” Part 2

“YEM” Part 3



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  1. phishm Says:

    And enjoy the tunes. I will too. Pyramid 2001 you say? Good thoughts. Think I’ll cue that one up. You should too.

  2. phishm Says:

    This is a Boogie On that I’d be happy to have them play to me.

  3. MiA Says:

    ^ah … The good ol “forced Boogie jam for Shap’s wife’s B’day” Boogie.

  4. BooVT Says:

    Happy B’day, Phishm.

    My son’s hockey team lost the league championshipship game today, 3-1, letting up an empty-netter in the last few seconds. Another 8 month hockey season in the books. It’s a little bittersweet. I will miss it, but I’m a little relieved it’s over, also.

    Baseball has already started, so there’s no time to mourn the loss of hockey.

    I picked “He’s Gone” from 1/18/79 to help soothe the pain…

  5. Ulysses S. Wingsuit Says:

    Mr. phishm, I’ll bet you don’t feel a day over 42!

    Beat L.A.

  6. Stoney Case Says:

    Well done BooVT. There’s a grip of old hockey players on here. Respect for coaching up the little ones.

  7. MiA Says:

    Fantastic BooVT. League championship within 1 is as close as you can get to winning. Nothing like a close game. Great you are out their coaching. #nextyear

  8. phishm Says:

    Who you calling old Stoney? JK of course. I not only am old, but I feel old as Voopa pointed out much correctly. That’s a physical thing. My mind is fully in tact and young as ever (Debatable of course). Unfortunately to fix the physical thing I take a lot of things that affect the mind. Good thing my mind is resilient and can take it as the rest of my body seems to need it. Never listened to this show before. Absolutely mesmerized by it. 2nd set is great. Give a listen if you happen to be indulging in such conveniences that I mentioned and have nothing better to do.

  9. P.S.H.S Says:

    Dothraki haze x Valerian hash plant, and a glass of Dornish wine. Ready for some fucking DRAGONS!

  10. MiA Says:

    Praying for naked Maergery. Gets Oberlyn’s whores instead.

  11. the Baker Says:

    Happy Rotational Anniversary!
    Hope the kids made Dad some pb&j’s or Mac ‘n cheese 😉

    Gluck w/ the Dragons

    Good job “giving”…enjoy the off-season!

    GMORNING bb,
    Time to Bake

    *lazylightning55’s FallTour Jam-Comp to begin*


  12. phishm Says:

    For your baking you should listen to this show. It is that good. Just getting through the YEM. Trance like Phish shit going on. Love a good buzz that mixes well with a good show.

  13. the Baker Says:

    ^thanx “Old man”!
    Is that the Hampton/Winston-Salem run that was officially released?

  14. the Baker Says:

    P.S. Glad to hear about your brother & you doing the DTE show…I’ll be in canandaigua the night before; so I’ll be sure to “send IT” out to ya in the mid-West…I’m SOOOOO stoked for t00r, especially after an Absolutely picture-perfect, sunny-Spring day in NorthCentral PA today!

  15. the Baker Says:

    Will you be returning to BillPort anytime “soon”?
    Definitely shoot me an email before your arrival…we’ll “meet&greet” over a pint at the BullFrog!

  16. phishm Says:

    Worcester. Bring that vibe along. Shit will get real. I can just feel it.

  17. phishm Says:

    I’m thinking pass that vibe along would of sounded cooler. don’t let anyone know, but that’s what I’m going with.

  18. the Baker Says:

    I sometimes “who’s Out there” lurking at night whilst I toil with the dough here…I’m sure ewe’ve had your times of wonder, as well!

    Anywho, bye for now…cheers

  19. the Baker Says:

    *i’m doing SPACE FUNK for the next almost 3-hours…thanx LilUm’s!

  20. phishm Says:

    Trust me when I say that the Ghost from the show I just posted is insane.

  21. phishm Says:

    And the encore is My Soul. Wow, what a show. Not sure what to listen to next. Thinking another masterpiece from that Fall tour.

  22. the Baker Says:

    I’ve been HITTING the 2001-Sand-Slave from 10/20/13 “daily” for a couple weeks now…TODAY I just started@ Paul&Silas& was delightfully “stupiPHied”.

    phishm, Hampton3-2…do IT !
    *zero disappointments

  23. the Baker Says:

    TWEEZ-Age-PIPER is simply titties…

  24. phishm Says:

    And seriously Boo, I’d absolutely love to coach my boy’s hockey team. Unfortunately he doesn’t play. Maybe someday, but it’s not looking good. Actually I’m good with that as I’m good with what makes him happy. I’m just saying that it would be cool if playing hockey made him happy. Up to this point it doesn’t so I’m good with it. Just sayin that it would be cool if it did.

  25. phishm Says:

    and I’m sure your boy is down now. It will just make him work that much harder for next year. Sometimes losing isn’t such a bad thing if it brings the added motivation to prevail the next season. Use it as a building block. IMO of course.

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