Bridging the Gap

Phishbill 10.31.96

Phishbill 10.31.96

When Phish concluded 1995 with a peak performance at Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve, nobody in their fanbase could have predicted that the band would return to the same room, two years to the day, and sound diametrically different. In fact, the same could be said for the their two-night MSG stand that nearly bisected these year-end holiday shows in late-October of 1996. There was still no hint as to the band’s oncoming metamorphosis, despite the fact that it would start in just over a week. In just the opposite vain, the band, for the first time in their career, had downshifted into a stylistic neutral following the end of their crowing year of ’95. That’s not to say didn’t play great shows. Virtually the entirety of their short US Summer Tour were standout shows. The Red Rocks, Deer Creek and Clifford Ball runs were stuff the of legend (and still are), while Hershey has come to light over the years as a show on the level with any of them. The only standard performances that aren’t still discussed today were their stateside return at Wolf Mountain, and Alpine Valley. But despite these standout Summer shows, Phish was treading stylistic water. They were riding out the wave of fast-paced psych rock that had delivered them to The World’s Most Famous Arena on the biggest night of the year, but they didn’t quite possess the same full-throttle nature as the previous Fall. Having only played a handful of headlining gigs in Europe while opening for Carlos Santana earlier in July, and with a resultingly truncated US Summer, they hadn’t had much on-stage time to develop a new direction before the start of Fall.

Billy Breathes

Billy Breathes

Phish released their sixth album, Billy Breathes, the day before kicking off Fall Tour ’96 in Lake Placid. And as they set out in support of this album (whose songs were virtually all live staples already), their shows—in retrospect—were pretty uninspired. This may seem hard to believe, but in the 11 shows that pre-date Halloween on Fall Tour, there are but three jams with all-time musical value eighteen years later—Pittsburgh’s “Maze,” Charlotte’s “Simple,” and Tallahassee’s “Mike’s Song” (whose treasure lies in its sub rosa rehearsal of Talking Heads’ “Houses in Motion”). That’s slim pickings for twenty-two sets of Phish, regardless of what year it is! Only two months removed from a stellar Summer run, Phish’s sense of purpose had faded and their shows were suffering.

But then came Halloween. A proverbial shot in the arm if there ever was one, Phish’s musical costume of the Talking Heads on October 31 in Atlanta, forever changed the course of their career. To learn “Remain in Light” for their third Halloween set, the band had to embrace a percussive style of groove-based playing with which they had only flirted. Composed with a far more democratic style Phish was used to up through 1995, “Remain in Light” gave the band a new way of looking at improvisation. This seminal performance was the first brick in the road to the band’s funk-based paradigm shift of 1997.  But five weeks of Fall Tour still remained!

Markthalle—Hamburg, GR

Markthalle—Hamburg, GR

And in these last five weeks, Phish’s new direction began emerge. The tempo of many jams slowed down. Trey became more and more enamored with his wah pedal, playing sparse and chunky chords structures for his band mates retort. Highlights began to bubble up at a far quicker rate—inspiration was clearly afoot—and they sounded far different than the music before Halloween. The thick grooves that we would come to know so well started to seep into Phish’s repertoire slowly but surely over the rest of Fall. This time period represents the beginning of a process that culminate on that fateful night in Hamburg, Germany, March 1, 1997—commemorated on “Slip, Stitch and Pass”—when everything “clicked” for the band, and they had fully realized their new direction.

During a 1998 interview with David Byrne, himself, for Sessions at West 54th St., Page looked back on Halloween ’96 and noted:

It may have had the biggest effect on us because we really learned the grooves and we really tried to get inside the grooves on the album…I took so much away from that. And the groove-oriented playing that we’ve done in the last few years – repetition, pulling things out, putting them back – all that sort of thing, a lot of it was from learning [Remain In Light].

The point of today’s playlist is to bridge the gap between Halloween and the the Hamburg’s March 1st arrival. I have selected tracks with which you can track the band’s stylistic progression over this time. Enjoy the selections. (And forgive the repetition of songs, there were only so many jams they were taking in this direction.)

Crosseyed > Antelope” 11.2.96 II, West Palm Beach, FL

The band was so amped about their Halloween set that they brought “Crosseyed”—and the whole Talking Heads style of jamming—directly to their next show. The results were legendary.


Tweezer” 11.3.96 II, Gainesville, FL

Still with Karl Perazzo, acting as training wheels for their first excursions into full-blown groove, Phish continued their percussive style of play with this “Tweezer.”



Mike’s Song” 11.6.96 II, Knoxville, TN

After a more conventional and high quality “Mike’s” jam (some with Trey on  mini-kit), the band breaks into an extended section of collaborative funk grooves, bobbing and weaving through some straight James Brown steez! This jam illustrates just how gargantuan of a pivot point that Halloween truly was, as only a week later, the band’s jamming sounds completely different.



Tweezer” 11.11.96 II, Grand Rapids, MI

Here’s a “Tweezer” I’ve featured a lot before that sounds like it could be plucked from some point in ’97. Only 11 days after Halloween and the band was already turning the party out with dance music funkier than they had ever played before.



Suzy Greenberg” 11.13.96 II, Minneapolis, MN

In between more torrid musical bookends to this long-form jam, Phish slows down into some serious wah-funk.



Tweezer” 11.18.96 II, Memphis, TN

Gary Gazaway sits in on trumpet for this slowed down and swanky “Tweezer” jam. A cool diversion from the norm, but underneath Gazaway’s soloing, the band is plugging away at thick, collaborative grooves.



Tweezer” 11.27.96 II, Seattle, WA

Within this standout “Tweezer” jam (and even within the composed song) you can feel the oncoming funk train slowly moving in. The pace has slowed and the music is thick. Toto, “Are we still in ’96?”



Mike’s Song” 12.4.96 II, San Diego, CA

In this “Mike’s,” Trey starts in with the wah feel early in the first jam, and then again about ten minutes into this monster “Mike’s” jam, the band shifts into a very forward-looking musical feel without losing the harder edge of “Mike’s.”



2001” 12.6.96 I, Las Vegas, NV

From the first set of Fall Tour’s finale, this is one of the very first jammed out “2001s,” and none had reached this length or absolute smoothness.



Down With Disease” 2.17.97 II, Amsterdam, NL

I can still remember hearing this tape for the first time in college and thinking, “Who is this band?!” with beaming excitement. In this gooey “Disease,” the band is honing in on Cowfunk.



2001” 2.18.97 II, Paris, FR

While this version may sound relatively common place after all these years, in the Winter of ’97, it was blazing a funkwards path.



Down With Disease” 2.21.97 I, Florence, IT

Phish had begun to shift jam vehicles already, shying from “Mike’s” a tad more and leaning towards “Disease.” This version from Florence is brniging the band closer and closer to the goal of their collaborative quest. This one is an under the radar, first set gem.



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  1. vapebraham Says:

    looks tasty, phlorida. dank tank, hop kief – i wonder what audience they’re trying to appeal to?

  2. little umbrellas Says:

    @IrieWalton, thanks for the tips last night! So far your advice is our plan. Got questions though, did you stay/camp at Indian Gardens and did you need a reservation?

    from last night: “In Barstow. Headed to the Grand Canyon (South Rim) tomorrow… With no camping reservations.. any tips?”

    “Bright Angel Trail to Indian Gardens, @LilUm. Then grab a drink on the terrace at the El Tovar overlooking the south Rim.
    Love that place.”

    Any other BB knowledge is greatly appreciated.

  3. Gavinsdad Says:

    Preciate u fleshing this time period out Miner. Always enjoy your catalog insights.

    Van Andel 96 tweez swept steep maze. Now that’s how it’s done.

  4. Stoney Case Says:

    Pro-tip Jtran:

    Head for the high country. Backpacking won’t be as crowded. Fly into Redding. Do the Trinity Alps wilderness. Grizzly Lake.

  5. jtran Says:

    we’re thinking about doing sequoia or kings canyon also @stoney. world cup quarterfinals at 7/4 and 7/5 so can’t get too deep into wilderness. gotta be able to watch those!

  6. little umbrellas Says:

    Also is Indian Gardens a 5 mile hike in the canyon? How’s that work with getting a drink at the El Tovar?

  7. vapebraham Says:

    take this to the dome:

    reggae sounds from the master clinton fearon.

  8. Stoney Case Says:

    You cats posting links to other bands this morning: did you already get through all of miners picks?!

    Don’t be disrespectful

  9. vapebraham Says:


    nothing wrong w/ mixin in some fearon, gd, etc. w/ the phish spinning. what’s your favorite from up top, case?. i’ll spin it for respex.

  10. little umbrellas Says:

    Indeed! Thanks for the great mix @Miner. Been loving these playlists and historical posts.

    On the road. Didn’t plan ;). Adventure times, gonna see this Canyon, not sure how it’s gonna go.

  11. little umbrellas Says:

    Also lovin Vape’s rec. Blasting it in the car as we leave Barstow.

  12. Stoney Case Says:

    Vapes! Just having fun. Watching First Take. Or of Stephen A’s favorite lines. Just felt like working it in. Out east with the little man. Don’t even have speakers so Robummin a bit.

    Those jams all foreign to me except the first two dates. Puff on!

    Still trying to wrap my head around Jtran planning a camping outing around a soccer match…..

  13. BingosBrother Says:

    Drop a square for HST louie. That’s bat country.

  14. IrieWalton Says:

    LilUm, Indian Gardens is about 5 miles (one way) from the top of the S. Rim and is probably one of the better day hikes that can be done without needing to secure a back country permit in advance from the National Park Service (which are grabbed months in advance). The hike will get you about halfway down the Canyon and provide nice views of the Colorado River.

    The El Tovar is the historic lodge that was built in the early 1900s and sits on the South Rim and has a giant covered terrace with views of the Canyon. It’s a great spot to grab a drink after a day of hiking.

    Hit me up if you want further info as I lived/worked in the Canyon for about 6 months back in my twenties: beantownboy35 at ghee mail.

  15. Kaveh Says:

    Don’t be disrespectful

    ^ That is Stephen A alright…

  16. little umbrellas Says:

    Awesome, Thanks Irie. We’re on the road to Santa Fe and realizing we took ‘staying at the Grand Canyon’ too lightly. People plan big for this.
    Adventure! Trying to reassess and see if were up for the hike.

  17. little umbrellas Says:

    Drop a square for HST louie. That’s bat country. ‘We can’t stop here!’

    ‘The drugs began to kick in just outside of Barstow’

  18. BingosBrother Says:

    Sometimes it’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission louie. Murica.

  19. BingosBrother Says:

    Maybe not there though. That’s life and death shit right there.

  20. little umbrellas Says:


    Someone must have given these creatures some alcohol. Where the hell are the golf shoes!

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    right on, stoney.

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    the right way

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    This is stoney style – israel vibration

  24. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Bingos have you kept up w/ the results of the US Freestyle World Team Trials this past wknd? Nittany Lion Wrestling Club had 2 champs in Varner @ 96 kg & Ed Ruth @ 84 kg as well as Taylor in the finals against Burroughs at 74 kg. Your boy Ramos won the spot at 57 kg.

    Firing up this playlist. That Xeyed>Lope is extra crispy.

  25. Jerome Garcia Says:

    I like to interchange @ & at

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