A Labor Day Laid Back Phish Mix

As everyone heads home for a three-day Labor Day weekend, it is a time for relaxation, end-of-summer barbeques, and friends.  Marking the end of the fourth, and in all probability, the last Phish-less summer for a while; it is a time to kick back and take in the season’s traditional finale.  We may now have less than a year left without the powers of the Phish- and that my friends, is quite exhilarating.

With a Trey tour on the brink of announcement, Mike’s tour raging hard, and Fish and Page about to sit in with other bands, things are good in the land of the Phish. People seem healthy and happy to be playing music, and heading on a crash-course for the same stage.  This is a time to relax and let things come as they may- and as everyone is bound to be relaxing in one way or another at some point during this three-day weekend, I’ve compiled some selections to provide a soundtrack for your barbeques, drives, sessions, and beyond.



1. Mellow Mood 9.8.00 Albany, NY

2,3,4. Disease > Have Mercy > Disease 11.12.94 Kent St, OH

5. Slave to the Traffic Light 10.31.94 Glens Falls, NY

6. Reba 6.13.94 Kansas City, MO

7. Antelope 3.20.92 Binghamton, NY

8. Harry Hood 4.18.92 Stanford, CA

9. If I Could 12.29.94

10,11. Mike’s > Breathe (instr.) 10.25.95 St. Paul, MN

12. Tweezer 7.6.94 Montreal, CAN

13. Simple 11.18.96 Memphis, TN

14. Weekapaug 7.2.1994 Garden St. Arts Cntr, NJ

15. Slave to the Traffic Light 10.6.1995 Vancouver, BC

16. Harry Hood 8.10.96 Alpine Valley, WI

17. Tweezer 11.23.94 St. Louis, MO

18. Bathtub Gin 9.29.00 Las Vegas, NV

19. Down With Disease 12.30.03 Miami, FL

20. Fluffhead 4.13.92 Tempe, AZ

21. YEM 11.18.95 No. Charleston, SC

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