Hampton Here We Come?

Exploding on Trey’s birthday of September 30th, the rumor mill is now officially spinning a million miles per hour.  All sorts of chatter and internet posts about a three-night return run at Hampton Coliseum on March 6, 7, and 8th have the community buzzing loudly.  With a rumored announcement coming tomorrow, almost every hotel in the Hampton area is sold out for those nights already.  This could obviously be due to another event in Hampton that weekend, but it’s more than likely a whole lot of on-the-ball Phishies making preemptive arrangements in a flash.  Very impressive, and I here forth call, “Game on!”

Hampton seems like the perfect place for a Phish comeback for everything except the relatively small size of the venue.  Clearly, they have as rich of a history there as anywhere, and the vibe would be astounding.  Can you imagine the energy in the free-for-all Mothership at the moment the lights go out?! Forget about it.  It will be one of the greatest moments on Phish history.  If last time was “The Comeback,” this time we can call it “The Resurrection.”  Everyone had their own theory on the possibility of Phish ever playing again throughout the last four years, but theories held no guarantees; Phish was done.  But, it just didn’t end right.  So here we go again!

Hampton - 8.9.04

Hampton - 8.9.04

I don’t even want to guess at aftermarket ticket prices for a return at Hampton.  We all remember the ticket scene for MSG 2002, and that is a considerably larger arena.  There is also a whole new generation of kids who have never seen Phish before vying for tickets- it will be interesting.  Regardless of the smaller venue size, the rumors seem to be carrying a lot of weight.  Receiving a call on the golf course today, I first heard about the possibilities, and then came home to a flurry of text messages and emails from all angles and people, all seemingly congruent.  When so many people are saying the same thing, there is usually some validity to things.  I have also heard the 2,3, and 4th, but those are weekdays.  However, if they they plan to play beyond the three Hampton shows, they will be playing weekdays.

I’m partial to the Hampton > Philly > MSG > Boston, three nights each theory.  I like it.  It feels good.  Settling in at four of the Phishiest venues ever, without having to travel between every show.  This multi-night stand will most likely be the predominant model in Phish 3.0, making it easier on everyone who has aged a few years.  But by the time you’re reading this, theories could be moot points.  By the time I wake up in California tomorrow, the paradigm shift could have already happened.  Phish may already be back.  Nonetheless, any sort of announcement in the next two weeks will up the ante, excitement, and significance of Trey’s upcoming tour- that’s for sure.  It’s all very exciting, that is for sure.

Until we hear- still waiting…


I’ve been listening to Time Turns Elastic a lot over the last couple days, and I have to say, I like it more and more each time I hear it, as I familiarize myself with the contours of the piece.  Hearing it live was amazing, but almost hard to process because it was so different that anything I’d heard Trey do.  But as i listen and pick up on the musical and lyrical themes, the piece is amazing me even more.  The “Remastered” copy, linked here, and on the previous two posts, is markedly better mixed that the original, giving a better sense of how it sounded live- the guitar is not so piercing. Definitely download the remastered version, and see how it treats you! I’m wondering what you think of this piece?  Respond in comments!


DOWNLOAD OF THE DAY: 11.22.97 Hampton Coliseum <<LINK

With all of the rumors swirling about an imminent return at Hampton, I’d figure I’d honor the hype and possible announcement with the best start to finish show ever played at the storied venue.  This show, a centerpiece of the legendary Fall ’97 tour, is oft hailed as one of the band’s greatest performances ever.  With a insane Mike’s Groove to open the show- the Phish came out with a purpose.  I need not introduce the second set, it is the stuff legends are made of.  Halley’s> Tweezer> Katy, Piper, Antelope.  Enjoy this classic piece of Phish on a day where we are hopefully returning to the promise land!

I: Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Harry Hood, Train Song, Billy Breathes, Frankenstein, Izabella

II: Halley’s Comet > Tweezer > Black Eyed Katy,  Piper,  Run Like an Antelope

E: Bouncing Around The Room, Tweezer Reprise

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5 Responses to “Hampton Here We Come?”

  1. king william Says:

    that really shows how multi-talented trey really is. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WRITING A REVIEW ABOUT TREY’S SHOWS IN ASHEVILLE AND BOULDER, and there are some good sounding recordings too. Im sure alot of people would be surprised at the great playing and spacy improvisation that went down at these intimate shows.

  2. themanatee Says:

    hampton here came. holy snoopis

  3. Frankie Says:

    Crazy crazy news!!

  4. Los Says:

    Soooooo STOKED!!!! Placed my order, now the waiting game…Could make for a relaxed 10/18 or nervy 10/18…wonder how many tickets they are have for fans…best news in years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cya soon!

  5. Julius Says:

    “the rumor mill is now officially spinning a million miles per hour.”

    huh? rumor mills spin? and if they’re spinning would it be like revolutions per minute or something?

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