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Thus far, the Northern Exposure Tour has exposed the fact that Trey is back and happy unleash his cosmic fury on us nightly once again.  What has also become greatly apparent is the reverence that Trey has for Tony, Russ, and Ray.  Often seen as a backdrop to Trey’s power, he has gone out of his way each and every show to discuss the musical contributions that were collectively written, and have progressed to Phish songs.  Paying tribute to his second songwriting “voice,” has been a thread running through the first weekend of shows….

Roseland – photo: Col. Forbin

…Resiliency is one of the most admirable qualities of the human spirit.  The ability to get back up when life has knocked you down, or as Trey sings in Let Me Lie, to “use [your] brakes when [you] go downhill,” inspires us, though it  is not always as easy to personally replicate.  Over the last four nights, I have been incredibly moved by Trey’s model of resiliency and personal strength.  As if addiction wasn’t enough of a monster with which to grapple, he had to fight his personal battles largely in the public eye of the Phish community.   Possessing an incredible humility, when he hit bottom, he never stopped creating music and pulled himself back to place happier than before; an example of pure personal resilience.  Persevering through an arrest, a drug program and a fourteen month relocation, Trey took a bad situation and turned it into something positive.  Garnering a new sense of enthusiasm and joy for life and music, he has again began to crank out new inspiring music.  Seeing him so happy on stage as he navigates the musical universe with us again has been heartwarming.  We can all learn something here…

…so far Trey hasn’t played Backwards Down the Number Line or Greyhound Rising- two of the songs that highlighted his comeback in Brooklyn.  Potentially holding them for the second half of tour, or for his other band, it will be interesting to see if these two songs pop up soon…I cannot wait to hear Phish play, “Light.”  It was a song made for the four of them to play- that much is clear.  I bet we see it as a second set opener in one of the three Hampton shows…A huge Mr. Completely should present itself in Providence or Boston…Trey’s voice sounds so strong and clear these days, something that can be heard noticeably during his acoustic pieces of tour…during the acoustic Sample in Wallingford, I thought of how massive the swell of energy will be when Phish drops the first 3.0 Sample…wow…

…Finally, I want to apologize for the delay in the Burlington show. I realize few were there and many want to hear it.  I hope it is up soon.  I’m trying to work out the kinks of facilitating this immediate turnaround of the shows for the first time, and since I’m not a taper, there is only so much I can control in this situation.  Rest assured that I will get you every show on Phish Thoughts as soon as I possibly can, I WANT YOU to hear what has been happening. The Wallingford second set should be up soon as well.  Hopefully this process will smooth out over over the next few shows. I appreciate your patience…


I found a copy online until I get my source up. (Thanks to Maniah)..

10.16.08- ROSELAND BALLROOM, NYC photo: Col. Forbin


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