Something Phishy in NYC

11.19.08 – Phish Rehearsing Yesterday In NYC

It seems that Phish is taking v.3.0 seriously. In reports that have surfaced out of New York City, the band has been in an undisclosed rehearsal space for the past couple days rehearsing a host of material.  Songs that have been run through are “Chalk Dust Torture,” “Harry Hood,” “First Tube,” certain songs off Billy Breathes and some unrecognizable songs (to the casual fan doing this reporting.)  Apparently doing their own thing without much hubbub, they have been playing without recording, and it is if they will be recording anything or not.  So three and a half months out, Phish is already starting to prepare.  It certainly seems that they are approaching the third chapter of their career with dedication and intention.  Reports from the studio have been glowing, saying that the boys sound great and are happy to be working together again.  Get ready folks!!  More to come…..

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