Something Phishy in NYC

11.19.08 - Phish Rehearsing Yesterday In NYC

11.19.08 - Phish Rehearsing Yesterday In NYC

It seems that Phish is taking v.3.0 seriously. In reports that have surfaced out of New York City, the band has been in an undisclosed rehearsal space for the past couple days rehearsing a host of material.  Songs that have been run through are “Chalk Dust Torture,” “Harry Hood,” “First Tube,” certain songs off Billy Breathes and some unrecognizable songs (to the casual fan doing this reporting.)  Apparently doing their own thing without much hubbub, they have been playing without recording, and it is if they will be recording anything or not.  So three and a half months out, Phish is already starting to prepare.  It certainly seems that they are approaching the third chapter of their career with dedication and intention.  Reports from the studio have been glowing, saying that the boys sound great and are happy to be working together again.  Get ready folks!!  More to come…..


14 Responses to “Something Phishy in NYC”

  1. Josh Says:

    HOLY COW!!!!! That picture is the confirmation I’ve been waiting for….

  2. TJ Says:

    hip hip hooray!!!

  3. Mathew Says:

    got that this morning from my brother who said he got it from his friends friends who was there, but i want to know if trey got a haircut because it was longer during his tour.

  4. Brian T. Bowman Says:

    they’ve been practicing dog faced boy and sweet dreams melinda till their arms fall off!!

    Glad to here they’ve been practicing. “To hear it…”

  5. Cameron Jackson Says:

    Yes, they boys are booging down. i hoped they would practice before the shows… but this soon, wow… i guess their about to tear our faces off next year. after all. their hands are faster the guns….

    summer festival ’09 in our favorite maine town? i sure as hell hope so!!!!


  6. go_phish Says:

    Thank you (for the update) Mr. Miner.

  7. Matt Says:

    Oh my fucking god… cant wait for hampton!!! thanks for all the sick sbd shows, i download everyone you post! i love this site!!!!!

  8. Dabchick Says:

    zing! although I won’t be able to make it to Hampton, this is a great portent for the future. Let there be music.

  9. waiting for full tour announcement Says:

    i’ve been beyond down since i got shut out of hampton. This picture made me smile, but i still feel depressed as hell that some scalper hacked the system and got my ticket. I’d pay that scalper the $500 bucks he’s asking for the sunday show, but that would be wrong. After all, big cypress only cost $150, and it was more than 3 hours long.

    thanks for the pic
    waiting for full tour announcement

  10. Natorious Says:

    Thank you Mr. Miner

  11. Dabchick Says:

    Don’t sweat the loss of Hampton. I’m right there in that ship of fools with you, along with a bazillion other highly qualified people who should have made the cut.

    Hampton will be magical. And so will the first 3.1 show you get to see! That goes for everyone.

    Cheers! (and here’s to a simulcast! :))

  12. eric Says:

    As awesome as it would be to go to Hampton, now that some time has passed I’m definitely looking at the bright side. As awesome as Hampton will be, Hampton is only the beginning, no where near the peak… Summer ’09 should kick ass.

  13. J.Campion Says:

    I’m still trying to find a way to make Hampton work….

  14. Dannyboy Says:

    Good attitudes of those not going to Hampton. Believe me, in my mind me and my crew should be there, sadly only 2-3 are. I’m over it. There is more to come!

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