New Year’s Music

dscf0062Happy 2009 to all!  If one thing can be said for sure, regardless of your angle, 2009 will be better than 2008.  If nothing more, we will have a torrential monsoon of Phish jams to digest and comprehend, something we haven’t experienced for quite some time.  The new year is full of hope– for me personally, and for us as a community– it is all in front of us.  With destiny on our side, things are bound to turn out the way they are supposed to. Here’s to a sacred 2009.

When I got home early this morning, I had a little left in my tank.  Having recently relived the Big Cypress experience through writing, I thought I’d revisit it by sound.  Always my friends at 3am, my turntables and I warmed together for a New Years exploration of Big Cypress.  All music and magic contained in this mix is drawn from the all-night set bringing in the new millennium.  Enjoy the tunes with restoration, relaxation, and maybe a few bowl games.  Happy 2009 All!


^ fixed / edited version…Peace.

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11 Responses to “New Year’s Music”

  1. hawkinbj Says:

    Excellent mix, jammed with it non stop this morning. Great new years wake-up post 🙂

  2. eric Says:

    Sometimes I really miss my turntables…sold ’em a few years back to fund an electric guitar purchase.

  3. shpongleyez Says:

    i still think tryptophish is the best phish mix ever. see if evad will let you post that gem!

  4. Mitch Says:

    whats try to phish?

  5. Mr.Miner Says:

    “Tryptaphish” was a mix i made after much Turkey one thanksgiving…..if I find it,i will post it. i think the only copy may be on the east coast. Also, will edit out that little part where i forgot to turn down the other channel in the mix (at teh very beginning) and post a edited copy tonight.

  6. Mr.Miner Says:

    edited version is now on the site as of 6:20 Pacific

  7. shpongleyez Says:

    I have a tryptophish that you could rip and upload…There is another!

  8. Mitch Says:

    I’ll check that out when it gets posted. Obviously after reading this site daily I have enough music to chock a scented mule but I’ll speak for your daily readers in that I’m restless for more stories. Your site is my daily fix in anticipation for March. Not bitching, just sayin’ I’m bored at work and wanted to read the site today.

  9. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^^ cheers mate:) Miner has holidays as well! There is an archive of well over a hundred articles on the site. you can always read backwards….Have a great weekend all.

  10. lanser Says:

    here’s to going huge in the bro9!!!!!!!! ::takes drink of busch light::

  11. astrnmyd Says:

    I am a little nervous this tour. Keep in mind no Paul or CK5…they were as much a part of the sound and experience as the band and fans…

    not having paul could turn the phirst show into a clusterfux…i was at a string cheese show after they parted with their soundguy and it was a absolute trainwreck…feedback all night…that definately can ruin the groove

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