Weekend Nuggets: Radio City


Radio City '00

Radio City '00

As the first shows after Big Cypress, these Radio City gigs made a huge splash in the community.  With a 6,000 capacity in New York City, these were the hardest tickets to get your hands on (before the comeback).  Phish did not disappoint, playing two phenomenal shows in the legendary home of The Rockettes.  The defining jam from this weekend was the second night’s “Ghost,” arguably the greatest version ever played.  But there are plenty of great jams to go around over these two intimate evenings.

5.21.00 Radio City, NYC < LINK

5.22.00 Radio City, NYC < LINK



3251307416_fd2bc41136The ticket exchange is off and running!  Successful transactions are officially underway with many more waiting in the wings.  Take some time to scan the spreadsheet- people have the extras you need!

Remember, there is permalink to the board near on the right side of the home page, right under “Recent Comments.”  Also, if you would like to post tickets or a request, you must email ticketexchange@phishthoughts.com for an invite!

Thanks, and happy trading!



badwookieSurrender To the Flow is a tour magazine published “By Phish Kidz For Phish Kidz,” with new editions coinciding with each new tour.  The magazine, which many of you are familiar with, contains Phishy musings, articles, and tour tips about each venue and their surroundings.  The Hampton edition is in its final stages of preparation, and you can help by filling out this fun online survey!  It takes about five minutes and it’s a interesting way to reflect on your last five years.

SURRENDER TO THE FLOW SURVEY (The survey has reached capacity. Thanks for helping!)



“Mike’s” 4.3.98  Nassau

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You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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193 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Radio City”

  1. camman Says:

    i know this is a guilty pleasure, but blink-182 is coming back this summer!!! fuck yea!

  2. spideyguy0 Says:

    cam, that is crazy anoying, but i know it’ll work out for u in the end. as for blink, thats pretty cool news, i might check that out. gettin nostalgic for 8th grade

  3. camman Says:

    yea spidey. i was pissed about the tickets… you all know how i fella bout phish.. but its sweet that the band i grew up listening to in middle school is coming back. i would see Phish over blink any day though

  4. Selector J Says:

    Camman don’t sweat Knoxville. Look at the ticketboard. By the numbers, it’s the easiest show out there. Plus, there are going to be plenty of people unable to trade those extras for Asheville and subsequently The Fox and the value of those extras expires at show time in Knoxville…

    As far as the broadcast goes, don’t worry about ponying up money just yet. I don’t think there is any extra expenses for anybody. It will take some know-how to set up the server but there is free software that can broadcast it on the internet. The only extra equipment, assuming the people trying this have a laptop and a home computer) would be a 3-6ft cable and maybe some adapters (~$10-15).

    If you’ve already got all the other stuff it just takes some ability, some patience, and the will to try it.

  5. camman Says:

    right man.. i had no idea about how to do something like that… but i figure if i was willing to spend money to see a Hampton simucast in a theatre i would be willing to spend the same dough to hear the show from my home….

    i would be willing to try it if i was there, but i wont be…

    my worries have been calmed about Knoxville… it is a pretty sweet arena… ive been check out some pics of it….

  6. Selector J Says:

    I’ve generated some discussion on the taper website. I’ve been trying the hard sell, tempting them with being the legendary audience member that first broadcast a Phish show in real-time. 🙂

    There was one guy went out of his way to be a dick:

    “Gotta love a guy who’s first post is about something illegal”

    complete with an emoticon rolling its eyes… just in case there was any question of his dickishness. (Their website explicitly says don’t post anything about doing illegal stuff.)

    As funny as it is to be a dick to n00bs, the joke’s on him because, as far as Phish is concerned, he is 100% wrong about that and now everyone there knows he was: a) wrong, and b) kinda being an ass.

    It’s not even a gray area with Phish. There is an explicit statement:

    “Broadcast of unreleased Phish recordings via: radio or online is permissible only if it conforms to all the guidelines set forth in this policy.”

    But *everyone* else there has been very cool so far. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted.

  7. camman Says:

    souns good man… i figure your right.. technically it is unreleased phish.. i mean maybe in the future livephish will have the show up as soon as its recorded but its doubtful…i hope it works out man and good luck!!!! keep us posted please!!!

  8. camman Says:

    i totally hope phish rocks some tunes of of Trey’s Shine album and Paige’s Album…

  9. Selector J Says:

    “Broadcast of unreleased Phish recordings via: radio or online is permissible only if it conforms to all the guidelines set forth in this policy.”

    You can go here if you want to read Phish’s whole policy to which that statement refers:

    You know I think Phish would be kind of stoked about the audience doing this, too. It’s just another way in which their audience can connect with them and plus they can tell all the other rock stars how smart their fans are.

    And eventually… the suits will realize there is a nice demand for it, so they’ll commercialize it, and make it available through official channels for every show. And then we… win? Oh, capitalism. You’re so groovy.

  10. camman Says:

    haha indeed selector.. i’ve read the guidelines before… i hate to bring you down man.. but check this out….


  11. camman Says:

    and how long will it take for that whole idea to take flight? i mean it would be wierd listening or watching a concert real-time in the comfort of your own home…. would it do to concerts what itunes has done to record sales?

  12. camman Says:

    haha.. if their are no videos allowed into venues.. then why are there so many damn videos of the band on youtube?

  13. Selector J Says:

    Wow. I take that back… everyone’s a total a-hole over there. They apparently hate Phish and now me… Oh well. I’m sure Phish has some taper site out there somewhere. My goodness, it’s worse than Phantasy Tour.

  14. camman Says:

    haha what site was that Selector? i’m sure the guys on here could figure something out.. it’s seems we’ve got a pretty smart community…

  15. Selector J Says:

    Okay maybe a little premature.. not everyone there hates me. only one guy was, and continues, to be an outright dick.

    And another guy said:

    “Well, too bad this was just another Phish topic in disguise. It would have been an interesting discussion.”

    Which I think is only being a half-hearted dick… I’m trying to give these guys the benefit of the doubt.

  16. Selector J Says:

    and upon further review, there are plenty of Phish fans there.

  17. camman Says:

    hha i’m sorry selector. this seems to be botering you quite a bit… why is it that people are such bigger assholes on the internet rather then in person?

  18. Selector J Says:

    beats me. according to the profile of one of the guy’s, he is 55 and lives in BC, probably just a cranky old dead head. sort of made me laugh thinking about this gray-haired hippie trying to pick fights on the internet.

    it’s just going to take a couple of days for the people who want to, and can, make this work to check the message boards. 🙂 it may not be possible at this point, but i’m guessing there are those willing to try.

    That’s all for me tonight. Goodnight Cam (and anyone else out there).

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