Why Isn’t It Friday Today?

As I sit at my computer, deciding on what to write, historical retrospectives seem almost pointless, because the future is now.  Three days are left until the morning of a new era in our lives, and the anticipatory excitement is completely overwhelming.  The pre-show butterflies have taken flight early this time around, leaving an extra-special, week-long bundle of wonderment and nerves in our stomachs.  With only the formality of a 72 hour of waiting period, the time is finally upon us.

2904046075_1258b89024What began with a Flash video in the wee hours of October 1st has snowballed in hype, energy and enthusiasm, and will finally come to fruition this Friday, in one of the most anticipated concerts in rock and roll history.  As I’ve previously posited, we are witnessing the course- correcting nature of the universe; the powers of fate and destiny flexing their cosmic muscle.  While many fans have posed theories to explain Phish resurrection, my overwhelming response has been- “Does it really matter?”  While the reasons for their return may be manifold, once Phish steps onto a stage together, look at each other and their surroundings, the ultimate reason will be clear- this was meant to be.

512266015_0d99142fbdSay what you will about financial need, ego stroking, and the allure of their former super-stardom- this is part of the master plan- our own spiritual stimulus package, for the band as well.  I’ve always held that if these four guys are alive and playing music, they should always be doing it together- the “hows” and the “whys” become relative.  Once those lights drop, a moment that still seems elusive, that indescribable feeling will return.  And regardless of whether you have been to 300 shows or zero, that feeling will be different this time around- it will be composed of not just adrenaline and excitement, but a rejoicing in the fact that the portal to our mystical world has once again reopened- like the Colonel’s door to Gamehendge.  It seemed like that vibrant world would be closed forever- restricted by yellow caution tape like the scene of a horrendous train wreck- as we were forced into a Phishless existence with no indication that things would ever change.

2926669927_05d2937afaBut then, years later, events began to occur; seemingly random events that have pushed us back to the brink.  Trey went down and then rose again.  Mike wrote an album, started a band, and toured, illustrating his strong desire to still create; after some solo work, Page began popping up for guest sit-ins; members of Phish appeared together at the Rothbury Festival- and then the rumors started.  Trey played a comeback show in Brooklyn, debuting a slew of new material that seemed far too lush and complex for his solo band, then hit the road for two weeks following the announcement.  All of these disparate happenings were stones in the path that has ultimately led us to now.

In the end, the journey that has led us to here is largely irrelevant- what is far more important is that we have arrived.  The past is behind us as lasting memories, with the future lying ahead as dreams unwritten.  If we can make it through these next three days without imploding, our collective destiny awaits.  The importance of the past has fallen away, while the seemingly bright future remains eternally unpredictable, thus leaving us with now- the only time that holds true power.  Bask in this moment, for it will never come again, and its power is immeasurable.  With so many people’s collective energies, hopes, and dreams converging this Friday, we will be launched into the next chapter of our lives, with Phish back to provide the soundtrack.




Hampton Coliseum - 3.2.09

Phish Thought’s roving Phantasy Tour correspondent, Chris Stearns, who wades through the nonsense to find the goods, passed along some pictures that were taken and posted yesterday (3/2) of the snowy coliseum and Phish’s buses unloading in the lot.  The trucks are from a company called Upstaging.  Upstaging is the #1 tour trucking company

Phish's Buses @ Hampton - 3.2.09

Phish's Buses @ Hampton - 3.2.09

in the industry, and Phish has used them since at least 1997.  All Upstaging trucks are red. The band, apparently, has The Mothership booked all week to do full rehearsals with lights and their new sound guy, dialing everything in for this weekend.  They’re waiting!

(Thanks to PTers ScentOfAMelt and sanberdino for the reports!  Thanks to A. Bollinger for pics!)


PHANART: The Art Of The Fans Of Phish

bhm_0057A coffee table book featuring art inspired by Phish has hit recently hit the market.  In the words of project overseer, Pete Mason, “There was a culture and community established at Phish shows that really reflected the positive emotion inspired by the band and we wanted to capture that, through the art, before it was lost forever. I think this book does just that.”  The 400+ page book features more than 1600 pieces of art and over 40 essays, all created by fans of Phish, as well as numerous fan memories and stories collected over the bands 21-year existence. With a purchase price of $59.95, all net-profits from the sale of Phanart will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, a non-profit organization created by Phish fans to support music education. For more details, or to purchase a copy of the book visit www.phanart.net.



2.26.97 Longhorn, Stuttgart, GR < LINK

2.26.97 Longhorn, Stuttgart, GR < TORRENT LINK


Milan 2/97 Poster

This one comes as a special reader request that was supposed to go up on the anniversary a few days ago.  Alas, better late than never!  This Stuttgart show came towards the end of the band’s Winter ’97 Europe run, and is widely known for its second-set centerpiece version of “YEM.”  But the show offered quite a bit more! A very interesting first set featured bust outs of “Camel Walk,” “My Friend,” “Tube,” and “Dog Log,” while integrating the new tunes of “Carini” (then known as “Lucy”) and “Rocko William.”  Not to mention a soaring fourth song “Hood!”  An adventurous “Scent of a Mule” gave way to a proper set-ending “Slave.”  This escapade in Germany was among the most well-loved gems of this early ’97 run, but is often overshadowed by Amsterdam and Hamburg.  Check it out!

I: Camel Walk, Llama, My Friend My Friend, Harry Hood, My Soul, Tube, Carini, Rocko William, Dog Log, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

II: Buried Alive > Poor Heart, Ha Ha Ha, You Enjoy Myself > Kung > Theme From the Bottom, Scent of a Mule > Jazz Jam* > Magilla# > Scent of a Mule, Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Highway to Hell

*Trey’s part of the Muel Duel. #Page’s part of the Muel Duel.

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149 Responses to “Why Isn’t It Friday Today?”

  1. Chalkdustin Says:

    ^I was considering doing that as well. I have to see if people actually like this batch first…things didn’t go smoothly…drink at your own risk!

  2. c0wfunk Says:

    mmm 7-21-97; was right down front for that chaos, a show to remember to be sure (passes the magilla test 😉

    did you guys see they’re building something around the hampton fountain that may or may not be a small replica of the mothership??–>>


  3. c0wfunk Says:

    well I guess the glide server crashed (phishy, eh?) but there were pics there of a frame of some sort of creation around the fountain, along with other pics of some pieces laying about that looked like the unique diamonds of the coliseum… apparently Russ Bennett and his crew, who did the design and site layouts of all the festivals, is in charge out there.. counting the seconds…

  4. wanderin Says:

    Stone IPA, Ruination, Ska Brewing Imperial Stout are the flavors of the week I highly recommend them

    I can’t wait for the spoilers to come out…Thanks Miner and Crew……….to those going Have a Blast….

  5. Uncle Ben Says:

    Hold up, I think I need to leave for a piss break……

  6. Clay Says:

    Got it from a guy down there who was walking around and talking to some guys who worked at the venue…

    The art is going to be part of a pretty elaborate secruity set up to prevent gate crashing..

    Basically there is going to be a facade as seen in the pictures followed by a holding area

    From what I was told

    They will pat down say 100 people at a time…Have them enter a holding area after physically showing someone their ticket, once there you will give your ticket, get it scanned and enter the venue.

    Once the “holding area” is cleared they will allow another group of people through to the holding area and repeat process.

    This will allow a buffer I guess and avoid bum rushing and catapaults over the ticket…

    The dude my buddy spoke with said that “a few hundred” private secruity people will be there are well…Probably the same company the band used at Festies…

    Take it for what its worth…Instead of just having “pens” the band probably thought why not at least make the front entrance into a bit of a piece of art…

  7. matt1w Says:


    i’m on Chestnut Hill… see you this summer at the elephant overlook, i’ll be the guy wearing the summer 97 shirt with a little girl and dog, and possibly a very pregnant wife too. zoobrew is fun but we missed it the past year (ie. kid). went the year before and my buddy won a limo ride as a door prize. its a pretty cool event.

  8. Chalkdustin Says:

    @ Clay

    Thanks for that info, man. Looks like I’m gonna have a rough time sneaking in some grass and a camera and some glowsticks (yes, I’m bringing some, but not the dangerous kind).

  9. full tour: announced! Says:

    last reunion shows at hampton 03, many people bum rushed the doors and many snuck in w/o tickets. someone i know got in that way. so the buffer zone is a good idea.

  10. c0wfunk Says:

    hmm no cameras? Is that right? I always like to just break off a nice nugget, stick it in my shoe, and make a friend inside who snuck in some glass..

  11. famous mockingbird Says:

    Holy shit phriends, I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a show I’m not even going to. Like most people I didn’t get tickets and I straight up refuse to pay some bastard over face value. But all I really want to say is good luck to everyone that is going. It will be the most amazing time ever. I think everyone agrees, Phish 3.0 just feels like its going to be amazing. If your at the show or just weighting to here the no spoilers, its going to be a great fucking weekend. Everyone enjoy myself!!!

  12. Little Buddy Says:

    My wife bum rushed at Hampton ’03. Funniest thing I ever saw. She is like 5′ tall and her little legs were going so fast. Hilarious!!!

  13. Chalkdustin Says:

    Yep, you’re right about no cameras, but how can I not want to capture some of the moments inside…bad idea??

  14. full tour: announced! Says:

    ^ my friend said that a group of like 15 people bum rushed the doors one night. 10 People got yanked by security, but as those 10 people were getting yolked up the other 5 people managed to run past the security. My friend was one of the 5 that made it in.

    That shit takes ka-hones!

  15. full tour: announced! Says:

    must say….the streaming shows over at phishows.com is pretty fucking cool. 1st time i’m ever using it right now!

    Got the greensboro 3/1/03 piper> 2001>wolfman’s>reggae woman cued up. The angular “oye como va” type jam in piper is sick sick sick sick. One of those jams where it becomes more than music, but sheets of patterns and colors. Musical architecture if you will. Creating the box as they move along, then stepping out of that box, then bringing the box back into the picture. Fucking sick!

  16. Cactus Says:

    ^^ I was at that Va. Beach show aswell. I got there late as the fog lifted after the storms…walked in to Ginseng. I’m a huge bluegrass fan so it was a good start even though we were late. It was my little brothers first show…he was 15. He was hooked instantly. Said he remembers Bathtub, Funky Bitch and Loving Cup vividly. I’ll have to say Summer 97 was tremendous. Looking forward to the summer no doubt.

    Rye Rye, Rocco….

  17. Chalkdustin Says:

    Are people bringing grills? Do they allow grills? The dude I’m going with is having a fit over whether to bring one or not……

  18. BingosBrother Says:

    Phish fans in holding pens? Ain’t that America. To think I got into Clifford by taping together extra pieces of wristbands. Poor fuckin kids today.

  19. BingosBrother Says:

    Forge the coin and lick the stamp
    Little Jimmy’s off to Camp Hampton
    Anyone think they’ll be busting people for scalping?

  20. Cactus Says:

    You can’t get busted for seeds….man.

  21. Matt Dennis Says:


    I am going up Saturday for Sunday nights show. Leaving from Boone,NC and going to to Wilmington, NC after…
    I would like to give somebody some cash for a small spot on their hotel room floor.

    I am a male college student traveling alone, play guitar, and was lucky enough to be given a ticket by my fiance for Valentine’s day. Unfortunately none of my friends can go.

    If you would like some cash towards your room – I need a place to crash Saturday and/or Sunday

    email mdenniscapefear@yahoo.com

  22. lot rat Says:

    Been to the needs for duff (96-00). Saranac pale and B & T (only one to successfully bottle one) are decent, sounds like a few people on this site are employede by them, so why knock it. I think SOAM used to get barrals for 25 in the burgh back in the day. The Trail, Trout River, Shed, and other VT beers are the shit. Much tighter than the slop out west, although there are a few…Ruination is barely beer, its like grain alcohol, have 2 and you cant see….smilar to the titanium ale in bezerkely, good goin down, but you aint gonna find your car for an hour afterwards….

    its fuckin comin so sack up…take the highway

  23. skuzzmonkey Says:

    Ever hear the description of chaos theory: “A butterfly flaps its wings?” Well these butterflies are carrying me to Hampton. The car, bags, and everything else are packed and this trains headed out from Birmingham for Hampton; ETA 3:00pm Wednesday 3/4/2009. Video reports from the road can be found at: http://www.mogulus.com/hamptonadvancerecon and twitter: http://twitter.com/skuzzmonkey

  24. Billy Koesoemadinata Says:

    well.. those art stuff seems so interesting. nice pics!

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