“Times Turns Elastic” Revisited

10.27.08 (M.Copeland)

10.27.08 Nashville (M.Copeland)

As many of you have heard, Trey will be releasing his orchestral collaboration with Don Hart, “Time Turns Elastic,” as an album on May 21st through his own Rubber Jungle Records.  A press-release from Red Light Management, reprinted yesterday on Glide, detailed the evolutionary process of the piece, and added the shining nugget of info that “Time Turns Elastic” will “come full circle when Phish performs it on the band’s upcoming summer tour, interpreting the piece as an epic rock song.”  Interestingly enough, that was the intention all along Trey explained.  “I was living in upstate New York when I started writing this little tune that just kept growing.  I initially thought it would be a Phish song, but after I sent a demo of it to Don, it just grew organically into an orchestral piece.”  Now we are talking!

10.27.08 Dress Rehearsal (M.Copeland)

10.27.08 Dress Rehearsal (M.Copeland)

Before summer tour starts in earnest, Trey will perform the east coast debut of “Time Turns Elastic” on May 21st with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  This special evening focuses more on Trey, and less on the orchestra, than the Nashville unveiling in September where the orchestra played an opening set.  The rest of the show will be comprised of “classic Phish songs and solo Anastasio compositions.”  This will surely be a night to remember, but let’s now turn to the Phish.

When hearing this multi-faceted piece in Nashville, and then again when the acoustic demo surfaced, its potential as a Phish song struck me immediately.  With rich lyrical symbolism, powerful melodic themes, and an ethereal reflection on life- it seemed like a perfect fit for Phish.  Talk about a multi-part compositional epic- it’s been a while since we have seen something of this complexity and magnitude emerge from Trey.  Along with the band’s host of new songs, and forthcoming album, this summer looks to be full steam ahead, with little concern for the rear view mirror.

3.7.09 (M.Walters)

3.7.09 (M.Walters)

Knowing that Phish will be tackling such a challenging piece brings great hope for their future endeavors.  Placed in the context of their renewed commitment to composition, practice and being a well-oiled machine, the addition of “Time Turns Elastic” to their repertoire is wholly fitting.  While its complexity is congruent with their musical mission, the piece’s lyrical sensibility seems distinctly appropriate- time is what we make of it.  And as Phish-time now bends backwards and moves forwards at the same time, this piece is the ideal soundtrack.  Mature in feel and meaning, this will be  a latter-day Phish triumph once integrated into shows.  As we all prepare to return to life as we’ve love it, one of the lyrics resonates as particularly poignant:

And when it’s time the landslide
will free what froze inside
While all around the rocks collide
You finally see the lines
That point toward the light that never dies.

3.8.09 (P.Lucks)

3.8.09 (P.Lucks)

As we discover our initial late-summer ticket fate, moving back towards that undying light, one can only imagine the version of Phish we will see playing come Red Rocks, The Gorge, and SPAC- the possibilities are mind-blowing.  Off to a running start in Hampton, the band has infused the entire community with a child-like excitement for what is to come only two plus months away.  As events continue to unfold, the hype for the future will continue to grow until exploding at Jones Beach on June 4th.  And, hey, that’s only a mere 72 days away!

Listen to “Time Turns Elastic” Acoustic Demo now! < LINK (Roll over link, click play)



fenwayparkThis article from Boston Music Spotlight on March 23rd, continues to speculate about a Fenway opener on May 31st, right after Dave Matthews takes over Red Sox Nation for two nights.  They also mention the god-awful rumor of a Texas festival- let’s keep our fingers crossed on that one.  As anyone can tell you, Phish tour and Texas is like oil and water- despite the great music the band has produced in The Lone Star State.



8.7.96 Red Rocks < LINK

8.7.96 Red Rocks < TORRENT LINK

Phish 1996 (J.Richter)

Phish 1996 (J.Richter)

As we all lament or celebrate our Red Rocks situation today, on Phish Thoughts, we finish our cruise through the band’s 1996 four-night stand. Final night highlights are strewn throughout the second set, including a smoking “Runaway Jim” and a memorable “Colonel Forbin’s” narrative about the indigenous iguanas.  We can now only wait to see what the next four nights at Red Rocks have in store for us!

I: Punch You in the Eye, Sparkle, Stash, Ya Mar, Gumbo, Taste, Lawn Boy, 99 Years*, Ode to a Dream*, Doin’ My Time*

II: Runaway Jim**, Free, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Famous Mockingbird, Possum, Life on Mars?, You Enjoy Myself, Hello My Baby

E: Bouncing Around the Room, Golgi Apparatus

*First time played; with Tim O’Brien on mandolin, bouzouki, and lead vocals. O’Brian is a former member of Hot Rize  ***With “Gypsy Queen” jam

Source: Schoeps64V > Oade > 250 > DAP1 > D(1)

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  1. c0wfunk Says:

    parking will certainly be a problem. I’ll hook you up w/ directions to some “secret” spots not too far away.. We’re thinking about lining up early to do the dash up front.. I know how to cut around that civic center pretty good and can probably get pretty close.

  2. whole tour! Says:

    sounds cool! i’ll be sure to get you my e-mail addy like a week before game time!

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    ^^zing was for Funk’s TN comment

  5. cottle Says:

    If I remember correctly….don’t they serve liquor drinks inside the Civic Center?

  6. c0wfunk Says:

    they sure do!

  7. c0wfunk Says:

    and highlands gaelic ale on tap!

  8. c0wfunk Says:

    class has ended .. see you freaks tomorrow.

  9. cottle Says:

    Damn, I forgot all about highlands…we cant get that in Raleigh. I used to love the Oatmeal Porter.

  10. youenjoy09 Says:

    Portland! +1 ….It looks like the 2 nights at the Gorge will be my first *LIVE* experiences with Phish… EPIC!

  11. Jer Says:

    ^ Portland…outer-NE represent.

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    Portland is in the house tonight…. I’m right on the N/NE border to be exact.

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    Funk, You really think Tennessee gives it self a bad name?

    Not sure what you area looking for a in state, but I’d say a state with top ranking whitewater, the Smoky Mountains (including 50 miles of Appalachian Trail), and killer BBQ makes for a winner. If that isn’t enough, just about any state that has been top 5 on this list for the past 5 years is OK with me.


  14. WHOLE TOUR! Says:

    one word: knoxville
    one date: 6.10.09
    one verb: rage!
    nuff said

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    Portland represent – work downtown – live SE

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