Weekend Nuggets: Shoreline ’99


Here we have Phish’s memorable two-night stand from Shoreline at the beginning of Fall ’99; the second being Phil Lesh’s extended sit in with the band.  The “Sand” and the “Piper” that preceded his entrance were the musical highlights of the night.  Other highlights from 9.17 include the first set “Ghost,” and the one-two punch of  “Peaches,” “Moma.”  Look out for 9.16’s “Stash” and “Antelope”- both first set scorchers.  With four strong sets strewn with spectacular moments, Phish treated the Bay Area right.


9.16.99 Shoreline, Mountain View, CA < LINK

9.16.99 Shoreline, Mountain View, CA < TORRENT LINK

I: Ya Mar, Chalk Dust Torture, Farmhouse, First Tube, Carini, Dirt, Vultures, Sparkle, On Your Way Down, Beauty of my Dreams, Stash, Train Song, Billy Breathes, Run Like an Antelope

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Mountains in the Mist, Limb by Limb, Prince Caspian, Julius

E: Misty Mountain Hop*

*With Warren Haynes on guitar.

Source: FOB Schoeps CMB1+MK4v > SX-M2 > SBM-1 > D8


9.17.99 Shoreline, Mountain View, CA < LINK

9.17.99 Shoreline, Mountain View, CA < TORRENT LINK

I: Mozambique, Guyute, Ghost, Lawn Boy, Peaches en Regalia, The Moma Dance, Water in the Sky, When the Circus Comes, Get Back on the Train, David Bowie, The Squirming Coil

II: Runaway Jim, Sand, Piper, Roggae, You Enjoy Myself*# > Bass Duet*, Wolfman’s Brother*^ > Cold Rain and Snow*^

E: Viola Lee Blues*$

*With Phil Lesh on bass. #With Lesh on trampolines. ^With Lesh on vocals. $With Warren Haynes on guitar.

Source: Schoeps mics (no other info known as of 9/24/99) -> 44.1 KHz



“Cold Rain and Snow” w/ Phil 9.17.99

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