A Day of Rest

I’m traveling home today, and spent most of yesterday sleeping.  We’ll get back to the Phish tomorrow.   For today, enjoy these photos from this past weekend by photographer, Dave Vann.



Deer Creek - 6.19.09



Alpine Valley - 6.21.09


6.20.09 Alpine Valley

6.20.09 - Alpine Valley


Star Lake 6.18.09

Star Lake - 6.18.09

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127 Responses to “A Day of Rest”

  1. whole tour! Says:

    if you want a toe, i can get you a toe!

    btw 12.29.03 set 2 WON’T LEAVE MY CAR CD PLAYER. seriously, miami 03 was a high water mark for the era.

  2. Stupendous Says:

    I know! 12.29.03 was the diggity! All my friends that decided to just do the last two nights missed it… Me and a buddy roughed it in MIA downtown for two nights without shelter untill the whole group came down and we had
    an apt on south beach reserved.. Good times…Was that the night that everybody left the AA Arena screaming& shouting and drumming on the
    stairway’s rail? Too much energy, I remeber people collectively screaming for no reason as the pounding on the rail got harder & louder…..
    @ whole tour = thanks for the flashback!

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