Miner’s Picks: June ’09

6.2.09 (W.Rogell)

6.2.09 Jones Beach (W.Rogell)

At this point, we’ve had plenty of time to listen, re-listen and process the shows that went down in June.  While I believe that June represented step one in a much larger process of musical redevelopment, Phish left us with quite a few highlights from their first tour in five years.  We’ve looked at some of the more powerful moments that took place during June, and now we will turn our ears to the best and brightest from Summer Tour- Leg One.  Below you’ll find each track with a blurb about why it is included.  The tracks progress chronologically so you can listen to the musical development over the tour.  Without further ado, I present to you eight hours of June 2009 highlights in:

“MINER’S PICKS : JUNE ’09” < Torrent

“MINER’S PICKS : JUNE ’09” < Megaup.


1,2.”Tweezer > Light” 5.31 Fenway II

This first real piece of improv of the summer got the tour underway in earnest.  Phish always chooses a jam to welcome everyone back home again, and this year, “Tweezer” was it.  The band segued out of the darkness into “Light,” introducing one of their most exciting new songs.

6.2.09 (W.Rogell)

6.2.09 (W.Rogell)

3. “Timber Ho!” 6.2 Jones Beach I

This bust out got nasty quick, as Phish dove right into a tasty psychedelic jam which peaked and wrapped up in tight fashion.

4. “Reba” 6.2 I

The most divine and blissful version of tour.

5. “Harry Hood” 6.2 II

This ethereal and experimental version of the song left everyone in the crowd with the feeling that something extremely powerful had just happened.  Taking the jam where it has never gone before, Phish showcased their spirit of innovation early in the tour.

6. “Ghost” 6.4 Jones Beach II

This rendition, tucked away in the first set, gets glossed over due to Ashville’s highlight version.  This one may be just as good- a true diamond in the rough.

7,8. “2001 > Slave” 6.5 Jones Beach II

This cathartic climax to the three-show run put an exclamation point on the band’s most poignant 3.0 performance to that point.  The unexpected, late-set drop into “2001” brought the funk in a rainstorm, while the “Slave” was a climactic version to behold.

9,10. “Seven Below,” “Fluffhead” 6.6 Great Woods I

This set-opening combo just about blew the roof off of Great Woods’ pavilion.  With the Phishy energy of New England dominating the show, the band responded with this one-two punch that fed right into the crowd’s enthusiasm.  Both songs deserve attention- “Seven Below” for its searing improv and “Fluffhead” for its adrenalized, near-perfect, precision.

6.4 (W.Rogell)

6.4 Jones Beach (W.Rogell)

11. “Fee” 6.7 Camden, NJ I

When Phish took the ending of  “Fee” out into a type-II adventure as the second song of the show, you knew this night would be special.  This is another tour highlight that has generally been overlooked due to its set placement, but go back and listen- you’ll be floored.

12. “Sand” 6.7 II

The longest jam from June also is in the running for the most exciting.  Taking their vehicle of groove to a whole new level, the band added melodic themes throughout, taking the piece to unforeseen heights.  The slower funk was left behind for a more driving beat, creating an uptempo highlight that certainly belongs in the upper echelon of June’s improv.  An instant classic, this “Sand” began a second set that was one of the strongest of the tour.

13. “Tweezer” 6.7 II

6.2.09 Great Woods (G.Lucas)

6.6 Great Woods (G.Lucas)

Right when we least expected it, Phish dropped into this standout “Tweezer.”  Closing a second set for only the second time in history, this version saw the band coherently rip apart one of the jams of June.  The signature of this piece is when Trey loops his “commando” lick and builds the jam atop of it- some truly top-notch Phish.


14. “Ghost > Fast Enough For You” Asheville 6.9 II

This “Ghost” has been talked about quite a bit, and was certainly a June highlight, as well as the high point of this show.  Taking a path less traveled, this version entered a less straight-ahead groove, and climbed to a rolling peak rarely seen from “Ghost.”  Another top-notch version here, and “Fast Enough” couldn’t have come in more perfectly.

6.9 Asheville(Lanser)

6.9 Asheville (Lanser)

15. “Maze”  6.9 II

This second set “Maze” ratcheted up the intensity in the intimate Asheville Civic Center, creating a raucous show highlight.  Trey dug into some twisted territory, crafting a “Maze” that edged beyond its standard incarnations.

16. “Undermind” 6.10 Knoxville I

Mike slaughtered his  part in the second-only rendition of “Undermind.”  This catchy tune is bound to get into some more extensive jams in the future, but this version provides some ear candy in the meantime.

17. “David Bowie” 6.10 II

While this mid-second set “Bowie” remained within the song’s structure, it was certainly the tightest version we’ve heard in a long time.  Kicking off the rest of a set that featured many old-school jam vehicles, this “Bowie” was the version of June without a doubt.

18. “Stash” 6.12 Bonnaroo Late Night

“Stash” was the first jam that the band took outwards at Manchester’s massive festival.  After a string of contained songs, Phish loosened into some eerie music, serving up some southern psychedelia to the masses.  With improvisation that began to reach the dark side, Phish began to uncover their mystical ways with one of their classic vehicles.

6.10 Knoxville, TN (Lanser)

6.10 Knoxville, TN (Lanser)

19,20. “Kill Devil Falls > Free” 6.12 Late Night

The tour’s first truly exploratory jam came out of Phish’s most straight ahead new song.  Launching into some high-paced improv, the band growled out of the composition and into one of the lasting “type II” memories from the month.  Splashing into “Free” to resolve the madness, the landing point boomed from Bonnaroo’s speaker towers, completing the over-sized excursion.

21-24. “Tweezer > Horse > Slient, Antelope” Bonnaroo 6.14 I

Perhaps the Phishiest nugget played at Bonnaroo, this combo of old school favorites stood out right away.  The “Tweezer” featured extremely cohesive group playing and some of the nastiest phrasing by Trey, creating one of the most enjoyable moments of the weekend.  After the “Horse > Silent interlude, the band picked right back up with a blistering “Antelope” that punctuated the segment.

25-27. “Rock And Roll > Light > 46 Days” 6.14 II

6.12.09 (D.Vann)

6.12 Bonnaroo (D.Vann)

This unlikely combination of songs were spliced together beautifully to open Bonnaroo’s final set.  Getting into some deep ambient space before transitioning into “Light,” “Rock And Roll” was already a highlight in the making.  Taking “Light” far beyond its Fenway debut, Phish used the new song to explore various musical milieus before landing in some funk grooves that decelerated and stumbled into to “46 Days.”  A slowed-down, shredding festi version made this odd song choice far more palatable, and served to end this improvisational sequence quite well.


28. “Halley’s Comet” 6.16 The Fox II

This extended rock-based version of “Halley’s Comet” kicked off The Fox’s second set in promising fashion.  Though the band remained completely anchored to structure for the majority of the song, Trey went off on an improvisational series of licks that certainly entertained.  The band did slip into an ambient section towards the end of this version, seemingly moving into deeper territory only to be given the kibosh by a seemingly premature “Runaway Jim.”

29. “Tube” Star Lake 6.18 I

6.16.09 (D.Vann)

6.16.09 (D.Vann)

The most exciting and extensive “Tube” from June saw Page annihilate his clavinet while the band engaged in accompanying dance rhythms.  This up-tempo version added some spice to a rather bland first set, and while the spotlight was no doubt on Page the entire time, everyone else chimed in with similarly infectious patterns.  This is the best “Tube” we’ve seen spring from Phish 3.0, with many more to follow.

30. “Harry Hood” 6.18 II

In a tour that featured standout “Hoods” throughout, this Star Lake version held a particular poignancy and was the last rendition of June.  Mike, Trey and Page played meticulous, interlaced lines throughout the jam, crafting an inspiring build that definitely stood out among the powerful versions of the month.

31. “YEM” 6.18 II

6.20 Alpine Valey (D.Vann)

6.20 Alpine Valey (D.Vann)

Phish nailed their signature song as the closing piece of Star Lake’s second set.  While the tour hosted multiple versions of the Phish classic, none were tighter and better executed than this one.  A certain exclamation point on the night, Phish sent everyone away smiling after this final throwdown.

32. “Split Open and Melt” Deer Creek 6.19 I

A supremely twisted and psychedelic tale, Phish unveiled this monster in the middle of Deer Creek’s first set.  Taking a dissonant path outwards, this complex “Spilt” reminded us of versions past, taking the audience on a sonic ride though a dark, alternate space.  “Spilts” are always polarizing due to their overt madness, but you can take this version to the bank.

33-35. “Oceans > Drowned > Twist” 6.19 II

Following an hour-long rain delay, Phish came out and threw down the gauntlet at Deer Creek.

6.18 Star Lake (M.Stein)

6.18 Star Lake (M.Stein)

36,37. “Tweezer > 2001” 6.19 II

An unexpected shot of rhythmic adrenaline in the middle of the most exciting set of tour.  It doesn’t get much better than “Tweezer > 2001.”

38-40. “Crosseyed > Disease > Bug” 6.21 Alpine Valley II

This opening triumvirate of the June’s last show was one of the most impressive improvisational segments of the tour.  Taking both “Crosseyed” and “Disease” into incredibly purposeful and interesting ambient realms, the results were sublime.  While the “Crosseyed” smokes, I find the most impressive improv to stem from this “Disease.”  “Bug” was the soft-pillow landing pad for this excursion.

6.16 The Fox (B.Kisida)

6.16 The Fox (B.Kisida)

41. “Piper” 6.21 II

Some of the more open-ended and exploratory improv of the tour, Phish seemed to hit an improvisational sweet spot during this “Piper.”  Navigating this jam as one, the band quickly responded to and built off of each others’ offerings.  This was the last great improvisational piece before we meet again at Red Rocks- which is now only about two weeks away!

Winged music note=====

Jams of the Day:

Ghost” 6.4.09 Jones Beach I


Featured in the above compilation.  Check it out!

If I Could” 6.2 Jones Beach I


I totally forgot to put this on the compilation.  The gorgeous jam out of “If I Could” was one of the the more delicate and poignant moments of summer. Download this and add it on to the mix!



7.15.1994 Jones Beach Wantagh, NY < TORRENT

7.15.1994 Jones Beach Wantagh, NY < MEGAUPLOAD

phishFifteen years ago today, Phish played the first solar powered show with power collection, storage, and distribution provided by Greenpeace!  The show was chock full of ’94 goodness setlist with a very unique second set.

I: Rift, Sample in a Jar, Divided Sky, Gumbo, Foam, Fee, Split Open and Melt, Golgi Apparatus

II: Letter to Jimmy Page > David Bowie, Bouncing Around the Room, Reba > It’s Ice > Y-Rushalayim Schel Zahav, Dog Faced Boy, Julius, Setting Sail*, Runaway Jim

E: Sleeping Monkey, Rocky Top

*Fish announces this as a new sing-along written by Tom Marshall; First and only time played

Source: Unknown

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  1. uncle matty Says:

    funny story: out of all the concert tees worn by stoners in my high school, g&r always got singled out. in fact, there was an all-out campaign by the entire administration where as if you got caught wearing one to school, they would make you turn it inside out and if you refused, you would get an automatic out-of-school suspension! it was really the one where that vendor chick just got raped by that robot thing. remember that? they were all suspect after that (some questionable metallica ones[alcoholica], dio and ozzy with all that satan crap, and the most disturbing of them all- cannibal corpse!… ah, high school….

  2. guyforget Says:

    When is Tenacious D gonna take the stage with Phish and rock our fucking socks off?

  3. guyforget Says:

    i had the black appetite album cover t-shirt. wasn’t allowed to wear to school per mom. it was like 5th grade…

  4. Stupendous Says:

    I had to get Appetite on tape (since I was a vinyl fan) so I could hide it from my mom easier…was one of the first albums i remember having a sticker
    pre-parental advisory explicit lyrics-sticker that said that the album contained
    language not suitable for some listeners…

  5. Cactus Says:

    November Rain would sound tremendous as a phish cover.

  6. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    the queen is dead by the smiths is an amazing album from the 80’s

  7. quazi motto Says:

    ok, where is the talk about what album they will play on halloween? And being phish is phish who really knows (except for the tiny men inside fishmans head) where this Festival will be at. They are in a new place and have already done things no one thought of. so when phish books Disney land for the kids and does a festival there don’t be surprised. I wish the talk of Indio never happened. we found a sweet place with a pool and would like to swim……

  8. Stupendous Says:

    ^^^You could still swim in FL ; )

  9. quazi motto Says:

    yes yes i concur

  10. snigglebeach Says:

    I honestly cannot think of any album that i ever bought while it was current (so no Zepp or Who) that I can still listen too top to bottom. Everything about that album, vocals, guitar, drums, is perfect. I doubt they were ever really as good as that album makes them sound, must have had a genious engineer. Trey singing Mr. Brownstone????

    Also just want to remind people November Rain is not on A for P. that is diff album. I have heard Disco Biscuits cover that. pretty sick (not full version)

  11. SJC Says:

    I’m w/ you Sniggle. Appetite kills it. The only other album that I can think of that I can still listen to cover to cover that I bought when it was current is Rage Against the Machine. But not even close to the caliber of Appetite IMO.

  12. hossmaster Says:

    I think hearing Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold would be a sweet live tune. Long and definitely psychedelic.

  13. tmwsiy Says:

    Hey c0wfunk I was in your ustream room for tuesday night jam. I mostly just read this blog and not post. there was some nice peaks in the jam, looking forward to next week.

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    I know this is a stretch, but I’ve got 2x Friday and 1x Sunday extras for RR… anyone willing to trade me a couple extra Sat. RR tix?

  15. oneshowatatime Says:

    ^ if so, email me at boris.spider@gmail.com


  16. uncle matty Says:

    pretty much, the whole jam part of “mikes” IS “stranglehold”. i think mike mentioned somewhere it was his inspiration…

  17. themanatee Says:

    just got back from the carrie brownstein (sleater kinney) phish experiment here in Portland. A lot of people showed up at the Moon and Sixpence in the NE part of town and flooded Carrie with cds, inspiration, and Phish talk. She was super open to the music, praised their ethos of performing different sets every night and was blown away by many different aspects of the band (number of songs, festival history, etc…) very cool woman with a very open mind. a group of us discussed Phish eras, the “scene”, why the hiatus? , lack of females at shows, halloween, generational demographics, etc… put in a little plug for phishthoughts.com as well…. lets see if she takes up a miner addiction.

    maybe time to listen to sleater kinney?

  18. voopa Says:

    Yeah, Mike’s was based on the Stranglehold jam, but I can’t see them doing Nugent.

    How ’bout The Cure’s “Disintegration”?

  19. Robear Says:

    thinking that California left the map with four hot-air balloons. One balloon for each band member to return later with the state?????

  20. voopa Says:

    While I’m still up, may as well grovel for 2 or more Shoreline Pavs…cheapest 100’s are on ebay for $200/pair…would like to pay face…

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    Voop, I don’t have a pav, but I do have one Shoreline Lawn… not much of a help huh? Sorry. Any takers? Shoreline lawn….

  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    “Estranged” by GnR off of Illusion II would be the ultimate Phish cover. If you know the song, you agree…

  23. Matt Poirier Says:

    Just wanted to put in a late comment on the latest Minor’s picks. Thanks for adding the “If I Could’ to the bottom of the list. What an amazing version. The ending segment is masterful. After obsessing over the end-jam for a while, I went back to some old school versions to seek out a version that could compare to this one. Unable to find one as of yet. ***Can you reccomend any other versions of this caliber???
    MINOR, been reading almost daily for about six months. Thanks for all of your efforts and recomendations….. Peace

  24. T.S. Eliot Says:

    Camden Sand = Win.

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