Detroit Rock City

Just arrived in Detroit – 1 mile from Cobo Arena, and all is well. The fire starts tonight! See you in a bit.

NO SPOILERS – Fall Tour Schedule

Cobo Arena – Detroit, MI

Welcome back! Phish’s fall tour sits mere hours away from reality as people funnel into to Motown. Much like Indio, we plan to have No Spoilers links up for each show the following day by about noon. The technique here is to just live your virtual tour a day behind – you will listen to the first show on the 19th vs the 18th, and then you can just keep on keepin’ on, following the tour all the way through Charlottesville. With many of our tapers-in-alliance hitting sporadic shows, this will be a far easier and stress-free way to run No Spoilers. If there are situations that we can get the links up the same night, we will certainly make all attempts to do so, but in terms of expectations, we are going to say high noon, give or take.

If there are tapers hitting up specific shows and would like to help get mp3 torrents posted that night, shoot me an email at to discuss. Talk to you from the road.



Jam of the Day:

Piper > 2001 > Chalkdust” 11.4.98 II

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