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In the early months of this off-season from time to time, I will be working on other projects and just post a Jam and Download of the Day. Today is one of those days. Happy Thursday!


Jam of the Day:

Maze” 10.18.96 II

One of the the more interesting “Mazes” ever played.



7.3.99 Lakewood Amp, Atlanta, GA < Torrent

7.3.99 Lakewood Amp, Atlanta, GA < Megaupload

Here is the opening night to Lakewood’s Fourth of July weekend. While overshadowed by the fireworks of the next night, this show has quite a but to offer. The second-song “Gumbo” set a funky theme for the opening frame in which they debuted the actual song, “Meatstick,” rather than the lyrical or melodic teases in Lille, FR and Champaign, IL respectively. From this point on, “Meatstick” swept the nation, culminating in its Cypress bookends. The second set featured not-stop action, starting with the oft-combined, “Twist > Piper.” Following a thick second-set “Moma,” Trey brought “Mountains in the Mist” from his solo band to Phish for the first time. A big-time “Antelope” punctuated the second set.

I. Chalk Dust Torture, Gumbo, Sparkle > Cavern, Taste, When the Circus Comes, Tube, Funky Bitch, NICU, Waste, Meatstick*

II. Twist > Piper, The Moma Dance, Mountains in the Mist*, Run Like an Antelope, Contact > The Little Drummer Boy

E: The Little Drummer Boy, Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home?**

E2: Harry Hood

*Debut, ** w/ Page’s dad, Dr. Jack McConnell

Source: Unknown

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