Trey Tour Begins

Trey @ Jefferson Theatre (The Butter

Trey @ Jefferson Theatre 2.8.10 (Photo: The Butter Room)

Trey & Classic TAB 2/8/10 Jefferson Theatre, Charlottesville, VA

I: Shine, Cayman Review, Tuesday, Liquid Time*, Drifting, Let Me Lie, All That Almost Was*, Alaska, Mozambique, A Case of Ice and Snow, Last Tube

II: Curlew’s Call, Sand, Valentine, Goodbye Head, Mr. Completely, Windora Bug, Night Speaks to A Woman, Push On Til the Day

E1: Small Axe, Birdwatcher*, Show of Life*

E2: At the Gazebo, First Tube


2010.02.08 Jefferson Theatre, Charlottesville, VA < Torrent

2010.02.08 Jefferson Theatre, Charlottesville, VA < Megaupload

Source: B & K 4022


Initial Thoughts: I haven’t heard the show yet, but am excited to see the debut of “Liquid Time!” After the eerie excursion that stemmed from the song during Festival 8’s soundcheck, everyone has been waiting too see where it would pop up. Using his solo tour to work the song out, one would expect to see the Party Time track in Phish setlists this summer. Impossible to know what happened without hearing the show, it’s great to see “Goodbye Head” back on Trey’s plate after an absence from his Classic TAB tour in 2008. Another elaborate composition > ethereal jam that would translate beautifully to Phish, one must wonder if this is why Trey has brought it back to life. After only playing “Valentine” twice on his pre-Phish tour, one imagined he was stashing it away for his other band. After never making an appearance with Phish in 2009, I wonder if he has also brought it back for pre-summer polishing? A host of debuts only means more potential Phish songs! I’ll get these shows up asap, but that’s all I’ll say without hearing things first.


Hampton '09


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Jam of the Day:

Reba” 12.31.93 I


A classic.



4.25.90 Notre Dame University, South Bend IN – SBD < Torrent

4.25.90 Notre Dame University, South Bend IN – SBD < Megaupload

This early SBD with an abbreviated second set goes out via reader request to Type III!

Soundcheck: Foam

I: Sweet Adeline, Reba, Ya Mar, You Enjoy Myself, Esther, La Grange, Dinner and a Movie, Bouncing Around the Room, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

II: If I Only Had a Brain, The Divided Sky (missing), My Sweet One, David Bowie (missing)

E: Contact

*multiple rain breaks throughout the show

Source: SBD

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  1. gavinsdad Says:

    oh yeah and selector…i’m sure you have lots of JA collector peers but did you know that the pro skater John Cardiel (he rode for Anti Hero til he broke his back…really burly story) is a massive JA collector as well? google around on that. pretty inspirational guy all around.

  2. Comrade Says:

    Trey was on tonight!

    GREAT show!

  3. Phish...Yup Says:

    Seeing that Trey show last night front and center was an absolute blast

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