Trey @ The Electric Factory, Philly

2.8.10 (K.Lorenz)

2.8.10 (K.Lorenz)

I: Sand, Shine, Cayman Review, Valentine, Alaska, Mozambique, All That Almost Was, Night Speaks to a Woman, The Birdwatcher, Obstacle Of Course*, Let Me Lie, Alive Again

II: Curlew’s Call, Liquid Time, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Money Love and Change, Show of Life, Last Tube, Ether Sunday, Push On Til The Day

E: Sweet and Dandy**, Tuesday, First Tube

* Debut, Anastasio/Marshall; dedicated to Tom’s daughter

** Toots and the Maytals cover

(Thanks to Hidden Track for the setlist!)


Obstacle of Course

The newest Anastasio / Marshall effort, debuted in Philadelphia.



2.11.10 The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA < Torrent

2.11.10 The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA < Megaupload

Source: Schoeps mk41v (dina, fob) > kc5 > m222 > nt222 + mk5 (omni, 51cm, fob) > kc5 > cmc6 > lunatec V3 (digital out)

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12 Responses to “Trey @ The Electric Factory, Philly”

  1. ChefBradford Says:

    Love “S & D”, can’t wait to hear this.

    Made a similar post, wasn’t flagged, never showed up

  2. tubedss Says:

    I’m so happy to see the return of ETHER SUNDAY!!!

  3. Scott Bernstein Says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  4. meetmeatdebar Says:

    cant believe their playing sooo many repeats, there were a ton played last night that were played at 930 and charolttesville. i just thought he’d mix it up more

  5. lambo Says:

    Proper linkage! This tour is shaping up nicely.

    Can’t wait for more new tunes and breakouts.

  6. Mr.Miner Says:

    will get links up as soon as they are available

  7. Tba Says:


    Love you love Lost. Went to school with “jack” and richard albert ie Nestor Carbonell.

    So bummed Nestor found his way onto this show, my all time fave, as he WAS THE MOST BORING KID IN OUR CLASS PERIOD.

    Certainly no actor. Actually the boring way he is on the show is how is was at school. Nice enough guy but yawn. Feel bad dissing his acting but I mean if there is one person i would of bet a million bucks would not act it was him. he was not even in our acting class.

    Matt fox was cool, but a PG while I was a junior, so didn’t know him so well, but played football with him. he was very very good. ‘sides that; All I remember is he always wore cowboy boots, and had a huge copenhagen chew always.

    As for our school, not a fun place, w/out herb I would of shot myself.

    OK, is it just me or is Trey just fucking incredible again, I mean now he is sober his voice sounds so much better, and he just shreds when he wants.

    Going tonight…then TN shows w/ BFF later this month. So so Psyched. Anyway you are the man Miner, as this site gives so much joy to so many people. i know i was a bit criticval/cranky :<) of some of your recent reviews yesterday, but your site you have every right, so you don't need me to tell u that.

    It's just by far the best Phish site online, and most probably the best music site online.

    You need to help other good bands put together a site like this. You have a special knack of "understanding" how to best utilize the net. the lack of flame wars in your discussion groups, and the quality of discussion proves this and then some.

    Bands need to hire you, and then have one huge site with sub links. For instance, especially since herring joined (I like Houser buty not like Jimmy as ARU w/ hampton is my fave 90's band besides phish) WSP, love to see a good WSP site. I later have fallen in love with pearl jam, and a bit of nirvana (liked Cobain's idea of Sabbath and Beatles mixing-to me I have seen Phish shows where that mix was apparent :<)-although I have also seen shows resembling a cross between yes and Zeppelin-whatever phish is phish and they can play any style any time.

    Thank god trey is sober. not saying sober is the way to go for everyone, but it's nice when a performer who has allready seen the other side, gets sober agin, and finds their groove.

    Life is good; at least for today knock on Hood.

  8. Tba Says:

    ps selecting wah wah on the fake Gretsch(spelling) Beatles guitar on rock band 2 (Beatles version is great for singing but the guitar sounds are more limited)and wailing on the extended notes is fun. Yes it’s a video game, but it’s fing fun. Guitar Hero phish is fun too. God I wish every classic group would release like five of their best *live* shows each, then they made it somehow so you could improvise a bit. Although the “sound selection” on the guitar is OK for that. And for those who say play a real guitar, I wish I could, but my fingers and hand eye coordination rythm resemble wonder bread.

    What evryone think of Who SB? It’s so tough to play for 12 minutes, but I thought the visuals were great with the music. Although I was watching on a pioneer 151 with Klipsch 7.1 turned all the way up.

    For anyone who is interested The Who are doing Quadrophenia March 30th in london. I know they did a whole Quad tour in 96′, but this time Pete should be on electric for the whole thing. I saw Who in 2002 at Albert hall-last Entwistle show. Unbelieveable. Last night Jimmy page played as well as Plant, but they did not play together :<( Paul weller's band was headlining-yawn-and we thought oh well no page. then weller goes off, there is a an electric quiet in the crowd, and i see the Orange Brown les paul of jimmy Page, and a chill just creeps up my spine. the God is in the house. he came on and played an instrumental Dazed and confused. I had seen Page Plant, but this was special.

    Soon all the old classics will be gone. Miner you should do a take on the future of rock-will it survive?

    My TN trip probably put the kabosh on March Quad; still hoping for a Clapton extra Feb 27th Nashville; anyone?

  9. Jonathan Says:

    HELP! MAC USER WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT TORRENTS! I want to download the Electric Factory show, but don’t understand how to use torrents. Do I need to download software? Help a brother out.

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    Coming soon…

  11. Mr.Miner Says:

    Torrent is up – megaup will be momentarily

  12. Texas Phish Says:

    So much music to sift through on a Saturday …

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