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A gorgeous version from Lowell’s Voter’s For Choice benefit.




3.6.92 The Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH < Torrent

3.6.92 The Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH < Megaupload

The first show of ’92 brought the debut of many Rift-era songs, as well as the first secret language explanation. A nice SBD to add to any collection.

The Music Hall - NH

I: Rift ^, Cavern, Sparkle, It’s Ice, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, The Divided Sky, Guelah Papyrus, Maze*, Reba, All Things Reconsidered, David Bowie

II: My Friend, My Friend*, Poor Heart, Secret Language Instructions*, Stash, Mound*, Llama, Bouncing Around the Room, NICU*, Possum

E: Sleeping Monkey*

^ Debut of the fast “Rift”
* Debut

Source: SBD

992 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. Mr. Completely Says:

    well, I heard this band Phish is going to play some shows

    they’re kind of like dave matthews band I guess?

  2. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    I hear they have syncronized jumping on trampolines and the drummer wears a dress. weird

  3. garretc Says:

    Haha, funny story like that Mr. C! As we’re leaving the Dead show at shoreline (yes, of course that’s the Dead, not the Grateful Dead), I say really loudly to my friends “Well, that was pretty good as far as jam bands go, but it was no Dave Matthews Band!”… Managed to pull a few dirty looks from the rest of the crowd with that one! 🙂

    Thanks BK, I’ll look out for Carini, but it’s possible that won’t be enough…

  4. voopa Says:

    Julia Butterfly Hill FTW!

    Listening to the Culture album AW put up this weekend…JAH RASTAFARI

  5. KWL Says:

    i am totally still on reba jam.

    thanks for the conversation folks, i’m out.


  6. jdub Says:

    Mr. C’s eloquently written perspective on activism followed by Reba bliss. I love it. I couldn’t agree with you more C. I can appreciate what those kids did to just save one tree. How old are those trees anyway, hundreds of years old? Activism ignites change one way or the other. Small bits of activism work well too, like just being a good community member and participating.

    Reba makes me smile.

  7. ThePigSong Says:

    just got back from a Keller show, it was mass fun as usual.
    We got a quasi-fluffhead cover
    then a “fuck you gate-crashers-deer-creek-95” song into “fire”

    the dude puts on a great show, I dragged my wife there on her 12 hours between shifts and we had a blast.

    6:00am comes quick… night ya’ll

  8. garretc Says:

    Segue into Loving Cup = spirit lifted to the heavens…

  9. ThePigSong Says:

    BTW saw you guys are still talking about 11.17.97
    today was the first time since December that I’ve spun a whole show, 11.17 has been my go-to for the last year or so and it definitely didn’t let down (again).

  10. voopa Says:

    Gate Crashers Suck is probably KW’s best song…may qualify for best song ever status.

  11. garretc Says:

    Let the Antelope run! Let him free! Therrrrre it is! The boys were keeping him on a rope for a bit there!

  12. garretc Says:

    They’re killing Tweezer! Absolutely murdering it right up there on the stage! And yet no jury in the land would convict them for it, cause then they’d have to stop dancing…

  13. garretc Says:

    Well, Tweeprise, but the rest of it holds true… Wow, 4/3… Heat…

  14. Fatbunch Says:

    What’s up folks? Been super busy but around. Just catching up on yesterday and today. Way to keep it real Sumodie! Glad some of you are catching the TAB shows. Been a treat to listen… Peace and open minds!

  15. Marshall Says:

    If anyone is still on … Who from the board had their picture taken with Trey at the Miami airport after NEw Years? I remember the story but can’t remember who told it.

  16. Corey Says:

    Hey, is that vimeo video legit!?!?

    I was there too, and missed the first set trying to get the car in…but we danced in the road, then moved a foot, then danced, then moved a foot, then…

    I was up close for the night sets. Don’t recall seeing that happen. I suppose he’s holding and using after the chat, but really??

    Certainly in a place of his own whilst swaying to his own playing…

    Sad if true. They did, afterall, have that J in Maine to set up the torching of the art. That was pretty.

    And, what kind of story/journalist decides to put that video up? This isn’t TMZ. Poor taste, in my humble opinion.

    Regardless, glad that chapter is over, or at least rewritten.

  17. SillyWilly Says:

    Show tonight was hot.

    push on til the morning. a great jibboo.

    met AW and Cal, both really cool cats.

    i had something of a spill. ill tell yall about that tomorrow.

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