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The Final Season


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  1. Lycanthropist Says:

    Id say just about everything is answered except the true relationship between the Mib and Jacob and the true connection b/t universes..

  2. Dr SF Jones Says:

    “Looks like someone got their voice back” gets my vote for the cheesiest and most poorly delivered dialogue ever spoken on Lost (perhaps anywhere), but over-all a pretty excellent episode.

  3. 2dogphish Says:

    DESPISE the Zoey character-ridiculous…geophysicist turned militia leader, please. I totally start to tune out moment she comes on screen because I am in denial that writers would create this stupid, seemingly useless character. But her I am writing about it so…

    Wish Claire had killed Kate-my husband and I were cheering her on to do it. Yes, we are evil-lol. SO over Kate-in my mind she’s like the girl character in Titanic only she runs back and forth on the island shouting “jack” /”sawyer”/I have to go back for him!

    Like all the inside jokes and poking fun at themselves that the shows been doing in these final episodes.

    Finally someone said it-Sawyer! Sayid IS a zombie.

    (Zombie?) Claire continues to creep me out…shivers.

    Have been saying/thinking all along that this whole show is going to circle back onto itself-seems like its all coming together that way & at end instead of crashing, plane will land @ LAX?

    Will Jack be new Jacob and Desmond or Locke be new MIB?

    Time turns elastic with only a few episodes to go phriends!

  4. Mr.Miner Says:

    Will Jack be new Jacob and Desmond or Locke be new MIB?

    ^ Desmond being the MIB? That makes no sense, does it? How would he be trapped on the island, and why would he be evil?

    I think Jack will be the one left on the island containing Locke for eternity…..sticking with my theory.

  5. 2dogphish Says:

    ^ oops, meant jack/desmond new jacob / locke mib

    seems like desmond is acting like/for jacob in sideways plot…

  6. Mr.Miner Says:

    yeah, Desmond seems like the sideways reality Jacob, awakening everyone to their island lives… The greatest part of this show, is that there are what 4 or 5 more episodes, and i have no clue how this is all going to reconcile…..

  7. sanchothehutt Says:

    Miner, I’ve been wanting to ask…how’d you make that SWEET Dharma/Phish logo? It would make a fantastic poster…

    And thank you so much for hosting these discussions on the BB. It’s nice that we all have something more than Phish in common 🙂

  8. KWL Says:

    as i was watching, when sawyer was giving jack an ultimatum and jack jumped off the boat, i thought that at that moment, jack became the new jacob.

    remember the jacob-hurley scene when jacob says someone has to choose? i think jack chose when he jumped off the boat.

  9. sanchothehutt Says:

    ^ Good call, I think you’re right.

    I really think it’ll come down to FLocke and Jack, and FLocke has no idea how right he was when he told Jack, “You’re with me now.”

  10. Lycanthropist Says:

    Yeh I agree

    JAck is definitely on the path to his purpose.

    He has grown on me so much. I am super stoked to see him sqaure off with FLocke.

    I think he is gonna some how invoke the true John Lock on that Smokey Mofo

  11. famousmockingbird tim Says:

    my current theory is that the sideways timeline is like an epilogue and what it’s an epilogue to hasn’t happened yet in the show’s formal timeline. in this light we actually get another season of LOST. but aside from that, it certainly explains why Sun, in the last episode, freaked out in the hospital upon seeing locke/flocke, saying “it’s him, it’s him”. REMEMBER- Sun in sideways world can’t even speak English (however this is the episode where she regains her English speaking powers via Island timeline).

    Sideways is epilogue

    desmond= jacob’s replacement

    – how do we explain christian appearing to michael on the freighter, or to jack in season four (in california), if that was really smokey? i’m not buying it- smokey is a habitual liar.

  12. TheLG Says:

    why do i get the feeling this show is gonna end with jack and locke sitting alone on the beach as locke asks, “do you know how much i wish i could kill you right now?”

  13. famousmockingbird tim Says:

    ^ that would be dope.

    i also like the idea from page one of this discussion about jack’s sideways son and aaron (they’re cousins of course) relating somehow to the jacob/esau paradigm. certainly we’re left wondering what’s the deal with the brown and blond haired kids running around the island tormenting flocke.

    aaron is coming back in a big way, mark my word.

  14. sanchothehutt Says:

    I’ve been telling all my friends that there’s no way the Island is done with Aaron. I think, in some fashion, he’s the little boy we’ve been seeing tormenting Flocke. We’ll see. Next week seems so far away!!!

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